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MishMash on the first day of Fall

The other morning Ben and I were going for our morning walk. The Dew, as it often is, was quite prevalent. We here on Maryland’s Eastern Shore are quite familiar with high humidity, especially during the summer months. When I saw this web at the entrance to an old farm (Circa 1733) I thought Halloween, one month early.

Entrance to a Circa 1733 Eastern Shore farm.

The start of autumn and the fall equinox are celebrated in cultures and religions around the world with various fall traditions, holidays, and festivals. Fall festivals: Mabon, Navaratri, and the Snake of Light. Fall Months. In the Northern Hemisphere, astronomical and meteorological autumn runs from September to December.

For the Rooster, Autumn is his favorite month. Having resided for twenty years in New England, the change in the colors of the hard-wood trees, and a crisp morning to start a fire in the stove is special to me. It’s time for children to go Trick or Treating. The tradition originated with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, when people would light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off ghosts. Fall is a time to bundle up on occasion, put an extra blanket on the bed or, just break out your favorite quilt.

Quilt by the Hen

Good job Mary Agnes. Grandson Kevin and his new bride Marissa check out their wedding gift

Tis the season

And then there was football. If your from the Eastern Shore of Maryland there are only two choices today, the Commanders, whoever they are, and the Ravens, as in Baltimore Ravens. There are still a few who like the Colts, the scourge of fans, so long ago, mostly forgotten. May you feel the shame of so many losers at the Brick Yard!


Don’t forget to check on the elderly.

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  1. Happy autumn! It’s my favorite season, too.

  2. Definitely looking forward to cooler weather. The quilt is beautiful

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