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Rooster LogoThe Rooster is someone who’s been around the block a few times as he scratched his way to being a Senior Citizen Blogger. He’s a frustrated writer living on the Delmarva Peninsula where some folks answer with “that’s just the way it is,” when doing things. He’s been prodded like a meandering steer by his Hen and peeps to put it all into words. ” As The Rooster Crows” has given him that forum.

From childhood years in Jersey, service in the Corps, and being part of The Thin Blue Line in CT, there’s a wealth of material to put into print. Upon retirement as a Detective in 1988, the Rooster and his Hen have been a “Come Here,”  always a Yankee, living among a people who resist change from every quarter. “Well, that’s the way we’ve always done it,” leads to many stories to put in the blog. Some of these folks have kin that dates back to pre-revolution, and their tales continue to be passed on.

The Rooster has fluffed his feathers with presidents, generals, politicians and more. He’s worked for the man who took a bullet with Ronald Reagan. As he crowed each day since 1988 while his feet scratched the sand, stories emerged from the village’s flock. His peeps are unique and so is this land. He wants to share it.

There’s no stores, barber shops or a traffic light in this tiny Berg, only a Post office to spread the word. So follow this Rooster and his Cock-a-Doodle-Do, and the next posting you read, might just be about you.

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