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Monday October 28, 2013

imageYesterday saw the Combine back at work in the field surrounding our property. All day long the residual dust from the Soy Beans was blowing in the air. It was nice to see an open field once again. The hiding places for the Feral Cats, Fox and other critters who like chicken for a meal are now gone. A clear field of fire for the 4/10 now exists.

Last year saw the field covered with corn, early in the season while the corn was short, it made a nice surround. As the corn grew, claustrophobia began to set in. Before long the only view is to the street. It also made great cover for the ever stalking wild life.

On occasion we might see some winter wheat or a rye cover crop. During the dog days of winter it’s nice to see green fields, it’s great for the Psyche.

So, the week starts anew, cleaned the Chicken coop today, new chips on the floor and in the laying boxs.  The wife gave blood, organized an old friends, (no longer with us in the now world), sewing supplies and made a fine Pot Roast dinner with Sweet Potatoes.

Tonight we have Seattle & St.Louis on the gridiron. Yesterday of interest saw the Giants down my Eagles, a boring ass game. Of interest was Detroit pulling out their game against Dallas. That was one for my son in law, who at the moment should be in Iraq. And how about Andy Reid and the Kansas City Chiefs, good for you Andy.

The sun is set, chickens are locked up and safe for the night, dishes done, Dog and cat fed. Time to put the Blog to bed, Night All.