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The First Time, a share from The Mad Hatter


I remember the first time I tried it I was only a lad o’ sixteen And though she was younger than I was She was much more composed and serene. It was doon in the byre on the straw At the end o’ a fine summer’s day The air was scented wi’clover And the smell […]


I awoke early this grey dreary day as the bucket above was still emptying it’s self. We’ve been inundated with 4.6″ of the wet stuff so far. The guru’s of weather are saying it will continue through the day. All the best laid plans of mice and men are now on hold.

So what does one do early on a rainy Saturday Morn? Catch up on your reading Rooster and pass along someone’s chicken scratch that catches me eye. The Mad Hatter is one of the many Blogger’s whose work I follow and he is always entertaining. So I pass along his poem to gain a smile on this rainy Saturday Morn.

Just click below and enjoy.

via The First Time — The Mad Hatters

“Don’t Trust Them,” an Explanation

Image result for be aware of your surroundings

In my most recent blog post photo description I said: “Our granddaughter Abby headed back to Mississippi State University for her senior year. Our local Village Bulletin Board had a fair-well posting for her. “Don’t trust them Abby.”


“ Don’t Trust them Abby” was not referring to the wonderful good-by on the message board or the folks in Allen. The sentence “Don’t trust them Abby.” is a grandfather to granddaughter reminder for personal safety as one goes off alone. Obviously this writer could have presented that brief saying differently as it has raised a few questions.

So, let me explain.

Four years ago our granddaughter Abby was going off to Mississippi State for her freshman year in college. We had a long conversation about personal safety prior to her departure, grandson Tommy was also in attendance. The term “Don’t Trust Them” was in reference to someone offering them something that sounded too good to be true. Since that time, quite frequently in fact, we use that phrase when departing each other’s company. It’s a subliminal message and they both know it well, and it’s just a reinforcement of awareness of your surroundings. Be Safe, if the hair’s rise on the back of your neck, something is not right.

The people of our little village are a close-knit lot. When we first moved here 29 years ago we were welcomed here with open arms. We will always be come here people who have lived here longer than anywhere in our 70 some odd years. We’ve acquired some sand between our toes while here and it serves as a constant reminder, that it is here where we belong.

Not only does the Village miss you when you leave, they even welcome you when you move back after many years living two states to the north.


Thank you Allen. in one of their blog posts had “10 Ways To Improve Your Situational Awareness.” If your interested in survival, prepping and homesteading there is lots to learn from their website. And if you’re in need of a subliminal message “Don’t trust them” is one way to go.

Have a great weekend, if you live in the Mid-Atlantic, get your umbrellas out.




Just a bunch of pictures during July of 2017

Photos below:   Our granddaughter Abby headed back to Mississippi State University for her senior year. Our local Village Bulletin Board had a fair-well posting for her. Don’t trust them Abby.  Silhouettes was a great song from back in the 50’s. My wife and daughter Kathryn make even greater silhouettes as the sun sets on the Wicomico River on Maryland’s Eastern Shore.

No Barber Shop in Allen, MD, just a Post Office to meet the locals each day and have impromptu gossip over the going’s on in the Village. The three men in the photo, the Rooster, Lee  and Bob  have been meeting and solving problems of state for close to thirty years. We keep our opinions to our selves and just enjoy getting together on an infrequent encounter.

A summer sunset at the local yacht club and the sky after a good two inch drenching with lightning and thunder are closed  out by our dog Ben, still so much a puppy at nine months.


Photos below:   Son in law Jeff, Pappy to his granddaughters and two of my four greats, is all smiles during a visit in Oklahoma City. That’s Mia in the center and Ana. Today was Pappy Day Care.

Nephew Tim and girlfriend Lauren are all smiles after fishing in Alaska while visiting Tim’s mom in Soldatna. The bear print was observed while Tim’s mom was out on a walk recently. Why it makes sense to carry when walking in the woods.

So that’s all for this post, like I said, just some pictures. Summer’s been keeping me busy, reading blog posts by a lot of you out there. I’m keeping an eye on the pool at the Yacht Club for a few days for the Pool chairmen who’s out of town. Feeding some Guinea fowl, a goat, two cats and a hound named Duke for their master who’s out of town. With Abby back at MSU I check on her family’s Yellow Lab Libby several times and still manage to get to the gym three days a week so these old bones keep working. Last but not least is our one acre piece of property with the grass growing, gotta get that cut and whacked.

When the day ends I might hoist a Leinenkugel Summer Shandy to close out the day or perhaps one of Stella’s new Cidre. Most nights the Mrs. will join me with a glass of Chardonnay.  Thank you Lord, life is good.

Just one final note: The Philadelphia Eagles Camp is officially open. Let the games begin!


A Month Gone By.

How do I not post something for a month, busyness is the answer. Graduations, confirmations and obligations filled the bill. Passing miles beneath our tires as we make multiple trips to Connecticut sharing time with family and friends is part of the equation.

On the slim occasion I’d haul out the Mac to check email, blogs, weather and news, I’d get that look. I’m sure there’s a few of you out there that know what that look is, right? The look is usually accompanied with that one word, “really.” Just amazing how one word can say it all. Back goes the computer into the bag and it’s social interaction time. Not time for a Blog Rooster.

Speaking of Rooster, not me mind you, but the faithful protector of our flock for the past nine years. Casper was his name and he has passed to that great chicken coop in the sky. Casper was the most gentle of all our roosters over the years. He would alert the girls when trouble circled in the sky or lurched outside the fence line. He was pampered and lived the good life here on God’s little acre. Old age finally caught up with the old guy.



We have a grandson entering the National Guard, delaying college for a year and earning the education incentive$. Another grandson graduated from College. He is now a Creative Media graduate working in NYC. We have a set of twins going in diverse directions, Oregon and Delaware for higher learning. The twins are adopted grandchildren. They have a brother whom I’ve mentioned in the past and he will be a senior at the Air Force Academy this year. Another road trip coming up in May of 2018. I have a brother who got engaged, congratulations Rick. A granddaughter busy with a traveling softball team and another who is a gymnast who does gourmet baking, that’s just in Connecticut.

Back in Maryland we have a granddaughter who returns to Mississippi for her senior year @ MSU, a grandson entering Salisbury University and a granddaughter who just finished her first year of teaching.

Although we have not spent time with them of late, we have our eldest granddaughter, the USAF Captain and her Captain husband and four great grandchildren out in OKC. Time with them gets spent Face Timing via electronic media.

As any parent and grandparent knows, we swell with pride for those who grow after us. In all we’ve been blessed with three children, nine grands and four greats. We are so fortunate.

Once back home in May from VT and planted on the sand of the Eastern Shore we had the great Irish wedding of our good friends Ed and Alexis O’Leary as they married off their daughter Maddie to John Vilkus. I previously put out a post on this event. That was two weeks of the entire clan here on the shore visiting from such places as Kilkenny and Galway in Ireland and the Queens own London. They are a wonderful lot, an entertaining group full of song, fun and frolic. It’s never all about you, it’s always all about all of you. The Mrs and I have been fortunate in the past to share their family home in Kilkenney in years gone by. It was nice we could offer up a bed or two for this grand occasion. They and some tag along’s even spent an afternoon with us picking crabs and partying late into the night while being entertained with song by the one and only Famous Seamus. Our extended family is loved by us all.

Then there was the 4th of July, which in our little community is a large event with a parade, food, fun and games. HOT is the normal weather occurrence. The event has been taking place in the village for over thirty years. When the organizers say “You all come,” they all do. The local Boy Scout Troop color guard leads it off, followed by all those politicians leading our county and state representatives, sheriffs & troopers, Those running in local elections always make an appearance to garner votes in upcoming elections.


We have kids on bikes and every other mode of transportation, 4x4s, mopeds, getting pulled in wagons and just walking and looking patriotic in their Red, White and Blue. The Buffalo Soldiers always make their appearance and this year a local car club entertained us with a host of tricked up cars. Farmers and their equipment, so vital to this economy, roll out to show their stuff. Some of the tractors were from generations past. Horses and pets also grace the parade route.


And no parade would be without the local Fire Company showing off their pride. As the blare of the sirens echoed and those watching were greeted with tossed candy and Tootsy Roll lollipops, pride swelled in us all. This was America, and this is Allen and it’s our birthday. Thanks to the Lions, the Allen Asbury Methodist Church our Fire Company and all who volunteer from our community for a another great Birthday celebration.


Mother Hen, Chics and Grandchick in their parade viewing attire on the 4th.

After the parade everyone gathers at the Community Hall for hot dogs, burgers, home-made ice cream and good old down home eating and socializing. A baseball game usually occurs across the street. The wee ones will enjoy the bouncy house and someone is always selling one thing or another. Eventually the crowd will dwindle, folks will head off to other celebrations and perhaps go into the big town of Salisbury for Fireworks.

When the sun sets, and the lights are turned down low, the far off sound of sky rockets at night bursting in the air reminds us all that we are one.

Oh, I totally forgot to mention that the garage, turned into a workshop, which became the Annex and hosted many gatherings is now a guest house and has a new porch which was finished last week. Been busy, please excuse the absence. We even have indoor plumbing.


Image result for the russians are coming

This is purely political satire and does not represent the views of this writer in any direction other than great vacations on Cape Cod. Thanks to Metro Goldwyn Meyer for a great movie.

Kate Smith said it best,