I share with you the following post from Grub Street. Until the year 2000 Spam was a constant in my diet. I could eat a Spam sandwich any number of ways. My favorite sandwich was hot Spam and fried egg on a torpedo roll. The last time I ate one of those delightful breakfast sandwich was in September of the year 2000. Yep, seventeen years ago and I remember it well.
The Mrs. and the Rooster were going out on the pontoon boat for a breakfast cruise. It was a beautiful early fall Sunday and a trip north on the Wicomico river was our adventure on this day. I would be served not one but two of these delicious delights, wrapped in aluminum and still warm. With coffee from a hot thermos, it was a perfect breakfast for a perfect morning for great day for a cruise with a grand lady. I would pay for this indulgence within 24 hours.
I would awaken the following morning with Afib, Atrial Fibrillation, a condition I’d had for a number of years. Only on this day the old ticker was beating far beyond faster than I could count. Herself would drive me to the doctors office where after a quick look-see I was directed to cross the street to the hospital where they would be awaiting me as a direct admission.
I would spend this day undergoing numerous tests, Count Dracula would appear often and take blood and I was scheduled for a Cardiac Cath for the next morning. That Cath would prove I had a blockage and the need for Open Heart Surgery. One day later I would have that surgery and no thanks to a life of Spam, I’m here writing about it today.
Since those wonderful sandwiches on that gorgeous fall day, Spam has not crossed my lips.
Perhaps the perpatraitors in the story of the Spam Bandits are health fanatics trying to save the world. Live long, eat healthy and exercise. Have a great day, and thanks for following The Rooster. Oh, and stay away from Spam, that’s why I delete mine.

Hawaiian Grocery Stores Reportedly Overrun With Spam Bandits


As good as gold. Photo: Roberto Machado Noa/LightRocket via Getty Images

Hawaii is under siege by Spam bandits. Individuals in the state have pulled off a series of brazen canned-meat heists. The thefts have become so common, the Washington Post reports, that some shops are protecting the mystery-meat gold by locking it in plastic cases usually reserved for pricier items.

At a Safeway on Oahu, a customer spotted a man who grabbed eight cases of Spam and made a beeline for the exit. In another instance, three women at a Longs drugstore filled shopping carts with 18 cases of Spam and bolted — but were thwarted by a customer no doubt compelled to defend Hawaii’s Spam supply. Meanwhile, the Honolulu Police Department has offered $1,000 for a Spam thief, and his alleged accomplice, who attacked a security guard that tried to protect his employer’s Spam. (Where’s America’s most badass service-industry professional when you need him?)

These Spam-burglars aren’t part of some noble Robin Hood–like pursuit. Instead, officials say the thefts are due to the state’s thriving Spam black market. Tina Yamaki, president of the Retail Merchants of Hawaii, tells the Washington Post that the heists are “organized retail crime” and not driven by a need to eat or feed a family.

As with all heists, you want to track the wares. However, it’s unclear where this hot Spam is being sold, but it might be out of the back of cars, which is also fitting. And with Hawaii’s insatiable demand for the “pork” product, can they really put a lid on this canned-meat black market now that it’s been opened wide?