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Vermont Today

Today was a special day for the Mrs. and I as we got to spend the better part of the day with our grandson David. David is a Junior at Champlain College in Burlington, VT .Below is our hotel room’s view across Lake Champlain to the mountains of NY state.


David is an aspiring media specialist in the art of sound mixing. ( At least that’s how I would describe it.) The art he creates and how it’s done is not even within the parameters of my understanding. Here’s a picture of David doing some sound mixing for Grannie and Pop Pop.

Here is a great article that might help you understand some of what a Media Specialist does.

It was a grand day to drive from Albany to Burlington. We got off the beaten path at Lake George and followed Rt 9 north the entire length of the lake up to Ticonderoga. Now there is some history for you. The below photo of Fort Ticonderoga is courtesy of Wiki Media.


For all those of you who are fellow graduates of Blogging 101, I hope to continue to learn and grow from following you in the Blogging World. I’ve enjoyed being here with my fellow 70 something partner. I look forward to commenting on you and I hope to continue recognizing you once this road trip ends. No more road trips until December when we’re off to Ireland for a week.

Keep those eye glasses clean Michelle.

Enjoy your Sunday,

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Relating to the 10 Rules of the Writing Road


With no category for those 10 rules in my notes, I’ll just call them the above.

One of us, that would be another Blogging 101 student, Tlizzy, commented on a community blog where we could get to know each other better. So I thought I’d grab that list of 10 things I have no clue where it came from and expand on each topic a bit and how it expresses me. Thanks for today’s inspiration young lady.

So many of us in the great abyss of the blogging sphere are mystery people with vagueness as an identity. I’m one who’s pretty much out there in the open with my identity here as well as FB and Twitter.


Read often; I’ve definitely fallen off in that aspect for the past three weeks. I have been in and out of Francine Prose a little ,“Reading like a Writer.” It’s called ‘A love letter to the pleasures of reading” by USA TODAY. I finished 10:04 by Ben Lerner, an interesting read. I finished it just a bit prior to this 101 thingy. Starting Friday night, James Patterson & Maxine Paetro’s  “Unlucky 13.”  Geez I do hope I pass this class.

Write daily;  On year two of this enlightenment.


Seek feedback (preferably from more experienced writers); I asked for that in the recent assignment requesting us to do so. It is something I shall continue to do as I blog. With the Pope here, it’s good to be humble and ‘God Bless America.”


 Abandon ego;  From Mr Webster – the defeat was a bruise to his ego: self-esteem, self-importance, self-worth, self-respect, self-image, self-confidence. I don’t feel we need to abandon all. Let us be honest within our selves and what we pass along to others. If a tree falls in the woods and no one is around to hear it is there a sound? Much like our written word in this medium, Let us not get too full of ourselves or the word will not be heard. Lets just throw narcissism out.

 Proofread everything; Something I continually try to do.


 Observe the world;  Follow the Blogs, read, travel and experience. Something I’ll do soon, heading back to VT, NH, MA and CT and view the fall colors and smell that dry leaf scent. If you’ve lived amongst it, you know what I mean.


Take notes constantly;  Continually trying to expand the organizational content I put to paper.


Emulate your favorite writers;  I’m just trying to be me and have my readers feel or see what I’m writing. Once many years ago in a Law class, ‘Laws of Arrest & Search and Seizure” by Arnold Markle, (now deceased,) I learned the following. Make the Jury see your testimony through Rose Colored Glasses.


The Free Dictionary states that seeing through rose-colored glasses is being cheerful to an excessive degree, being very optimistic about the world. Seeing through rose-colored glasses is blocking out negative things and seeing only positive.

That is what I try to do. There are many authors out there who’s work I love to read . I don’t try to be them, I try to learn from them and most importantly, enjoy them.

 Revise, revise, revise; Something I’m  getting better at. Thank the good Lord for “Spell Check.”


 Embrace structure;  When I first started Blogging 101, I was all over the place, I was Attention Deficit Disorder. I think it was a road map issue with too many buttons, badges and bows. This referral, that referral just where does the old man go? It has improved immensely. It’s definitely something I have to continue working on.


So what do I see I’ve done with this post? I just threw E.B. White’s (SIMPLICITY) under the bus.


2,580 Characters

My gift to you today comes from SunSweet in the form of a recipe.


4 strips bacon
1 large shallot, thinly sliced
1 lb fresh green beans, ends trimmed
1/2 tsp each: salt and dried marjoram
1/3 cup dry sherry
1/2 cup Sunsweet Amaz!n Diced Prunes
Freshly ground pepper to taste


Cook bacon in a large skillet until crisp; remove and drain on paper towels. Drain all but 1 Tbsp of bacon grease. Add shallots and cook for 5 minutes over medium heat to soften. Add green beans and seasonings; cook and stir for 5 minutes more or until green beans are crisp-tender. Add Amaz!ns, sherry, and cook until excess liquid has cooked off. Season to taste with pepper and crumble bacon over top.

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1 + 1 = 2 + Faith = 5

For years, Jeff and Kristin Phoenix dreamed of being foster parents and helping children in need. However, God had something else in mind beyond their dreams. Unfortunately, the journey wouldn’t be easy. Watch how God used their faith to shine a light through some dark moments for them and their children, that gave them hope:

Kristin’s mother and father are long time friends and supporters of many good things in the greater Washington, DC area. Kristin is proof positive that the Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. The Rooster and his family are proud to put the good works of these two dedicated foster parents out there in the great abyss of the Blogging World.

You can follow this story on Facebook @: Kristin Phoenix (Burning Brightly) Making the world a better place, 3 children at a time.

If your driving in the DC area  tune into 91.9 for some uplifting music and dialogue. Check them out on the Web @:

The Rooster and Company Love you.


Blogging 101, Day 9 – Writing Venues

Blogging 101, Day 9 Assignment

Today’s assignment: write a post that builds on one of the comments you left yesterday. Don’t forget to link to the other blog! That would be http:\\ and

Today I’m on my oldest daughters porch in the village I’ve previously mentioned. Here’s a site or two you can go to and gain a bit of knowledge on this tiny little hamlet.


This is my home office, situated in a building we call the Annex. At one time it was a garage, It is heated and air conditioned. The old overhead door was replaced with French Doors. It has a full bath, 4×8 work shop and Directv for those Football Nights. Yes I have the NFL package. We also have a sofa bed, fridge, freezer and micro wave. When company comes we are in the Annex and the guests do the house. The only IT I have is using my iPhone 6 as a personal hot spot. Slow! So I compose here and transmit at other venues.

To be politically correct I live in an area that was once designated as Trinity. It had a church and small school at one time. It’s on some older maps should you wish to search for it. As far as a mailing address, it’s 21822 which encompasses rural areas in 3 counties. No rel town per say, just a Postal mail route.

The Meanderings of just kind of grabbed me yesterday. Day 9 of Blogging 101 is how this post developed from Big Erik. He kind of has that multi tasking writing quality I feel I’ve brought to the table also. When I went to his Music sub-catagory and read his Bass piece, I felt an instant bond, but not for myself, for my grandson. My grandson David is a Bass player and an inspiring undergrad at a school in Vermont. He categorizes himself as Sound Designer/ Motion Animator/ UX Designer/ Hungry College Student. Never mentioned the Bass though. Guess the fishing is not very good up there.

I’ve forwarded your site to him Erik. You can catch him on Twitter at

Somewhere on either Big Erik’s or Megan”s site the place where we write was mentioned. As for me and my writing, It’s all over the place, geographically speaking.. This is in light of the fact that high speed internet does not exist in rural Wicomico County, Maryland. I can construct using my Mac Pages off line, but when it comes to up and down loading it’s travel time. That Verizon MiFi just doesn’t do the trick.

My usual venues for putting the final Blog up consist of the following. Daughter #1 where I am now. Did I also mention their dog, a Yellow Lab who goes by the name of Lady Liberty is a ward of mine when she and her husband are out of town, And that my friends is quite frequently. The husband is “Where in the World” and right now that would be Nigeria where he would be.

Earlier I posted a picture of my writing haunt over the Wicomico River at daughter # 2’s condo. During good weather, this is with out a doubt my favorite location. Water seems to have such a great relationship with writing. There is no white noise but on occasion the throaty chugging of a tug pushing a barge brings pause to this writer’s pen. When the Bass fisherman are plying their lures in and out of the piers and bulkheads, I find myself glancing up often to hopefully see them hook the big one. Do you remember Henry Fonda in the movie “On Golden Pond?” “Walter” was the name of the big one he was seeking out. It’s hard to believe that film came out 34 years ago. It would be Henry Fonda’s last picture.

on golden pond

There is one occasional negative factor at the condo and her name is Roux. She’s a skinny little de-clawed grey tiger cat who just harasses the hell out of me. She will lure you in to pet her, smack you repeatedly and then attempt to bite you. Often when I’m on the balcony she will intertwine herself around and about my legs and then attempt to bite a chunk out of my calf. After several years of frequenting this abode I only recently learned that at one of her favorite attack sites, her treats are hidden in a close by drawer. Now ‘ you think my daughter and grandchildren would have clued me into this important information long before now? The fact that a Roux is a mixture of fat and flour used to thicken broths and soups just doesn’t strike me as something to name a pet. Perhaps they’re wishing the skinny little varmint will gain some weight.If you’re into cooking and don’t know how to make Roux, check this out

I’ve also used Barnes and Noble, Panara, Rise Up and Starbucks quite a few times to get my blog out. If your in the Salisbury, Maryland area and have a hankering for a cup of Joe, give “Rise Up” a try. If it doesn’t suit you, head over to Starbucks for a Pikes Roast.

So, when I’m any where other that home I can be Speedy Gonzalis, when I’m home the motto is “How slow can you go?” No streaming at this house. There is a small family cemetery across the street and I often wonder, did they die waiting for an internet connection. I’m guessing not, some sites date back to the 1800’s.

I can write a whole lot more on this getting the Blog out there stuff but for the sake of Brevity, I’ll end here.  E.B. White wrote a lot about ” Brevity” Her’s another site I follow on that subject. Big Erik for a great site as well as the referral site

And Megan, thanks to you also for a lot motivational content in your Blog.

Oh, and as for daughters #1 and #2, that’s just birth order, they’re both A+ in my eyes. Love you ladies.


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A Post from the past



I’ve had my 2’nd cup of Joe and was outside putzing when the rain drove me inside. Well, not actually, I walked. Can’t do my outside stuff so here I am delivering another post. I’ve included a few links to help familiarize you with the area and a few of it’s inhabitants, enjoy. Don’t forget, Blogging 101 week II resumes tomorrow. This is a rewrite from a post I made on our competitive site Blogspot a year ago.

September 28, 2014

On Thursday, during one of my walks on 15 beautiful acres along the Wicomico River, the great fisherman appeared. I’ve often equated the mighty Blue Heron with the Air Force C-5. As the C-5 seems to glide effortlessly just short of a stall, so the Blue Heron replicates that airborne beauty. With Dover AFB so close we get to do a lot of comparative studies.



My photo with an iPone 6, above photo courtesy of flicker stock.

The otherwise solemn fallen pine from a storm gone by, becomes a picturesque resting place for the Heron to search for a seafood meal below. This fellow could have been a descendant from Michener’s Heron that walked the shore in search of a Blue Crab meal so many years ago.

Maryland is a unique state with a wide range of topography. From the sand and the ocean to the mountains of the west, it has what you seek in natures beauty.

Through time I hope to share my state with you as well as Connecticut where we spent twenty years prior to moving to Maryland in 1988.

Have a great day all you Blogging 101 classmates, we’re back at it tomorrow.

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Sam’s Corner / Remembering

 A Day of Remembrance by LT Samantha Davies, USAF


I was in 6th grade. My teachers kept trying to compare what had happened to the Oklahoma City bombing, which I was too young to remember. Classmates kept getting pulled out of class and all I could think of was when is my mom going to leave. When school finally ended that day, I walked out and my mom ran up to me and gave me a big hug. At the time I thought nothing of it. She explained to me what had happened that day and she was waiting to hear when she would be tasked.

I went back to school the next day, unlike a quarter of my classmates. As I was sitting in home room a friend came up to me and said, “I saw your mom run up and hug you yesterday. I just wanted to let you know how lucky you are and how I wish my mom would do that.” It took me a minute to fully comprehend what she had just said and I had no response for her. A few years later, that same girl came up to me in the middle of the school’s 9-11 ceremony and told me that my mom’s display of love and my not caring that she was hugging me at school was her memory of 9-11.

Every year on this day I remember that conversation. I am so appreciative of the family I was raised in and that we have no fear of showing our love for each other. Today we need to lose that fear and hug those we care about a little tighter.

The way we triumph over evil is through love and showing that love. I urge you all to go out and ensure those you care about know they are important to you. I also urge you to make someone you don’t know have a little better day, even if it’s just a smile or “Have a good day”.

The History of 9/11

(Sam’s mother retired as a Major from the United States Air Force. She was the EEO Officer for  512th  Airlift Wing at Dover Air Force Base, DE at the time of her retirement. The retired Major is presently a Doctor of Nursing Practice working in the Health Care industry.)

Thank you both for your service.



Blogging 101, Day 4 / A Father travels, and his Daughter reflects, Each a One Percenter

Where in the World?

As we read this account of Jeff’s whereabouts, he is either in flight towards the west coast of Africa and specifically the country of Nigeria, or he’s already there. This being a four-post stop, it will be a lengthy one. At least the beer will be flowing in Frankfurt when he gets there. Jeff will make stops in Lagos and Abuja in Nigeria.

Check out the State Departments Web Sites for info on our role in Nigeria, Frankfurt and Moscow, his stops along the way.


















Did you know that Nigeria was Africa’s most populous Country? Do you know how many countries there are in Africa? Check it out @:


Sam’s Corner

A Toast – To a fallen graduate

A team from the U.S. Air Force Honor Guard, Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling, D.C., removes the remains of Air Force Col. Gilbert S. Palmer, Jr, from a caisson Nov. 1, 2011 at Arlington National Cemetery. Palmer's aircraft crashed on Feb. 27, 1968 in an unknown location. His remains were identified earlier this year. (U.S. Air Force photo/Steve Kotecki)

It is a sad and beautiful thing to watch news pass between graduates in sync or even before the news. In a world where we are all connected and yet apart, it gives us a space to grieve with others in a unique way. People take shots and post the pictures of empty glasses and the rest of us understand.

This week, August 25, 2015, a 2010 graduate from my school was killed in a Green on Blue attack in Afghanistan. Just typing that is shocking to myself. When you go to a military school or when you even just join the military, they always talk about the “ultimate sacrifice” but it always feels more like a myth for some of us than a reality. And it is true, we have far less deaths in war now than in past wars, and in the Air Force in particular we tend to be less directly in harm’s way than our Army/Marine brothers but it does not make it any less real when it does happen.

Too often I have seen my Facebook page littered with the status updates “a toast” – a way to honor the fallen. Whether it is from a training accident, a suicide, or combat, it is always shocking and saddening to me. I believe the last name placed on the USAFA Graduate Memorial Wall – a wall that contains names of all graduates killed as a result of hostile action during a state of military conflict – was Capt David Lyon, Class of ’08, killed near Kabul, Afghanistan by an IED in December 2013. I know our fellow West Point graduates have far more recent names than us.


I have yet to have anyone close to me pass in these manners but these names are not lost on me either. These are men and women I went to school with, a relatively small school, where even if you didn’t know someone, you probably knew of them – especially in the classes directly above and below you. I didn’t know Matthew, but I know many people who did. I feel for him and his family right now, as does everyone in the Long Blue Line.

One of the most memorable formations at the Academy was the one we had every year for the graduates that have passed that year. The next time they have this formation, among the names of the graduates dating all the way back to our first graduating class who have passed, they will call for Capt Matthew Roland. And they will respond “Absent, Sir.” I can only hope that each cadet will dwell just a second longer on that name, and what that means for each of them as they graduate.


I’m not sure why I felt compelled to write this. In a way, I feel like I can humanize this for others. People may see articles “2 Killed in Afghanistan” and skim them, pass over them, or not really be affected by them. Maybe they will read this instead and pause for a moment instead and think of my fellow classmate.

LT Samantha Berthiaume – Davies is a 2012 graduate of the USAFA on active duty  and a 01%’ER. She is also our traveler in Nigeria’s daughter and my granddaughter. – There is a good article over on Blogspot, my old home I might add. The Blog is by Sgt. Eric Williams, a Military blogger. Check out the following if interested.



Day 3, Blogging by the river


This is my desk for writing today. I share this space with a cat that comes out and terrorizes me from time to time.

Where in the world?

I’m guessing El Jefe, that would be Jeff for those that don’t try to inject Spanish, is in Frankfort Germany on a Lay-Over in route to Nigeria. He’ll pop back to Frankfort for a short stop on his way to Moscow later this month. Now I’m only guessing this and I could never for the life of me feel this way but: Does this short maintenance thing actually smell like Leveraging a couple of days in a Biergarten for Oktoberfest? I’ve been this mans father in-law for 26 years and trust me when I say, “He is a Leverager.” Have one for me buddy.

Yesterday I get a text from Jeff, he’s at IAD. He sends me a picture of someone I’ve known since 1971. There, but for the Grace of God and Facebook did they meet. The person he met is Jim Dick who grew up right around the corner from our old home in Connecticut. Jim, like Jeff also works for the government and travels around the world frequently like Jeff. Jim recognized Jeff from Facebook and introduced himself. Just recently I mentioned to Jim that sometimes their paths must cross. It’s a small world. Jim is on his way to Poland and then back to Octoberfest. Now he claims he does not schedule the meetings, Obviously he took Leveraging lessons from Jeff.


photo by:

I’m thinking Jeff should start an online company, he could call it, I just bet he’d make a buck or two.

The First day of School


This is my grandson Thomas , who I got the privilege of driving to school yesterday. Tommy is a Junior at ‘The Salisbury School.”

Palmer golfing outing

LtoR – Patrick, Peter, Mark, and Tommy Palmer. Uncle Mike and Aunt Debbie Wessels with the hats. A great, before it’s Back to School Event at Green Hill CC.

This, That and Other Things.

A wise man once said: “Stop following your dreams. You’ll never catch up. Instead, write what you know and you might find that you and your dreams end up in the same place anyway.” (Mitch Hedberg)

What is really deja vous about that quote is that my wife, Mary Agnes, has been saying that to me for ever. Perhaps I better listen.

If it Shouts interest, Take a Peek


View at

I’ll close today’s post from ‘The Rooster” with this:


Blogging 101, Day Two: Take Control of Your Title and Tagline Inbox

IMG_1278 IMG_1222

Good morning everyone from the Eastern Shore. Once again I’m at my daughters working on day two  of Blogging 101. I’m out on her balcony which overlooks the Port of Salisbury, MD. If you have to write, this is a nice place to do it.

I’m hoping these photos shows up in my blog this time. the two images I inserted at the end of yesterday’s blog missed the boat somehow.

Yesterday I was having an issue understanding tags, I’m feeling I kind of got it now.

My Blog, “As the Rooster Crows,” got it’s name due to the fact We’ve had a backyard flock of chickens for over 15 years. Since 2008 I’ve blogged on Blogspot at http:\\ Please feel free to travel there and see a little of this that and other things. That blog is titled “As the Rooster Crows in Eden” Eden is actually a Zip Code, 21822 and actually encompasses 3 counties on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and the Delmarva Peninsula. Those  counties are Wicomico, Somerset and Worcester. If you like history and like to read pick up “Chesapeake” by James Michner.

My name and IRL information. Way back in the day, late 1950’s my nickname was Fidel. For those that don’t know Fidel Castro was up in the mountains of Cuba starting a revolution against Juan Batista the leader of Cuba. Some folks started calling me elfidd and I have just kind of hung onto it. thus we have, http:\\ and it will lead you here to this site. Just look at this history lesson your getting out there in blogging land. Thanks WordPress for the new motivation.

So I, Lee Fiddler, am “The Rooster,”, and your host on this blog. Our Rooster at home is “Casper,” like the friendly ghost.


Casper, ever so noble and gentle and loves his five red hens. You will know when first light appears each day as this rooster crows in my backyard.

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