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Rooster & Family Happenings on 3/22

From Sam in the Netherlands

The Crazy Davies at Christmas, Neuschwanstein Castle, Bavaria, Germany

Today is day 23 (I think) of Dax and Zoe having no school and day 5 for Mia and Ana. A quick recap of some of the best moments from the week. Some you may not think are great, but all made me laugh as they happened.

Zoe is standing in nothing but underwear stomping her feet, yelling for spicy water.

Dax is running as fast as he can (which isn’t very fast) to find the perfect hiding spot, only to run back to where I’m counting and ask for help.

Ana is getting mad at me for not explaining her homework the way her teacher does. She walks away, saying she’ll take care of it. After returning a couple minutes later, it is completed correctly.

Mia is so excited to video chat with her best friend from school after I set up a virtual play date for them.

The best group moment was as we sat in front of our projector screen and “rode” Splash Mountain, Space Mountain, It’s a Small World, and many more. Of course, we put our hands up and yelled, and turned to match the ride, because that’s what you do when you have to create your own fun.

What this week has taught me is that though homeschooling is something I said I would never do and this virus has ruined a lot of plans we had in the coming 3 months, it’s going to be ok. I hate that my kids understand that this virus has the power to disrupt what is normal. I also love that it has taught them how to innovate fun and how to become better friends with one another.

I would love to see what your best moments of the week were!

Daughter Kathryn

SALISBURY, Md. – Peninsula Regional Medical Center in Salisbury is taking steps to prepare for an influx of COVID-19 patients and questions. “We know right now in this time of high anxiety and wondering what’s really out there and what information should I listen to, people are trying to understand where they can get the right answers,” said Dr. Kathryn Fiddler, vice president of population health at PRMC.

Friday nurses set up shop at PRMC’s brand new call center. The hospital tells 47 ABC they are now taking calls seven days a week, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. The health professionals taking calls are able to answer questions about COVID-19 and provide advice on how to stay healthy. “They can understand how their symptoms are, whether or not they should call a health provider, also whether or not they should isolate at home,” said Dr. Fiddler.

Outside in the parking lot, a large tent was set up in case the hospital needs extra space in a patient surge. PRMC’s chief nursing officer tells us this tent is one of a kind for the region, and will be shared by multiple other hospitals. “Currently we have a cleaning crew here. The tent came packaged very tightly and very neatly, so we need to undo that and with that comes a lot of opportunity to clean. We want to make sure that when we do we have the availability and they need to open it that it’s absolutely 100% ready for our patients, and we want to ensure that it is clean to start,” said Sarah Arnett. When the tent is ready, it’ll be equipped with temperature control, running water, and can hold up to 20 patients.

Because the tent is right underneath one of the hospital’s helicopter pads, the pad is shut down temporarily. Hospital officials say helicopters will land on another pad on the other side of the campus. Hospital officials also say that the city of Salisbury helped to organize everything. The city donated weighted barrels and concrete barriers to help keep the tent safely in place and out of the way of traffic.

PRMC says they’ll continue to monitor the volume of calls and what types of questions people are asking so they can adjust staffing at the call center as needed. If you have questions about COVID-19 or are worried about symptoms, you can reach the call center at (410) 912-6889.

Husband Jeff went into DC for a few days last week, now he’s ordered to stay home. He Telecommutes, and gets to throw a line in the water and fish at lunch time. Now Yellow Lab, Lady Liberty has a dog walker 24-7. Life is good on their side of the river.

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Sarah the Deliverer


Hi everyone! I have been “working” from home since last Tuesday which isn’t saying a whole lot since most restaurants are closed or only allowing carryout. The club and retail business units are helping make up for our losses. Cameron drove home from Alabama instead of Spring Break and Blaire is home working at the nursery. Sydney is in San Diego workout from home. Ray is working at the nursery, Tommy can’t go any further than 60 miles away. Greg is laying off all non-essential workers in anticipation of shipping across state lines being suspended. I’ve only had a couple of freak out moments and then I take a walk and get those endorphins working. My closet is super organized In descending rainbow 🌈colors and I’m enjoying cooking and cleaning and wearing prairie dresses. Currently at MVA for Poppy and then Porch time visit with them. Love to you all😘

I’ve delivered some fresh produce from How Sweet it is for my parents who are under self quarantine for the next Two weeks. My sister and I want to still see our parents without putting them at risk of exposure to the virus. We call it “Porch Time”. Enjoyed warm sunshine and a lovely visit while maintaining 6 feet distance apart. Best to everyone in these challenging days ahead. Thank you Kathy Fiddler and all of our healthcare workers at PRMC for working so hard to keep our community safe and healthy.

God Bless her, she just came by with an order the Mrs. placed earlier. Some noodles, Chopped Maters in a can, a chicken. Her Aunt in-law, Diane, sent a bag of books and plates from MVA for my new truck. She got the plates on her third trip the day prior to it’s closing for Covid-19.

Matt & Family in CT

Son Matt & wife Beth, in Connecticut, are well as is his family the last we heard. Daughter Jill home from Siena College, Freshman in HS Rebecca is home, David working from his Apartment in NYC and Kevin, he’s at his Apartment at UConn continuing on line studies.. 

The Rooster and the Mrs. are doing just fine, deliveries coming in as needed, three active hens starting to produce a few eggs now that the weather is warmer. Ben doing fine and providing exercise as we go on potty missions. I lift Ammo Box’s for part of my exercise and walk the house most time FitBit tells me to do so.

Rooster Stuff

Image result for 2001 ford f-150 super cab

I have a new truck, well, new to me anyway. The old truck was a 1992 Chevy Silverado, the new truck is a 2001 Ford F-150, Super Cab, 4×4. Right now it’s getting some Rocker Panel repairs. I should have it back in a few days. This new vehicle has Reverse gear, the old truck could only go backwards if parked facing an up-slope. Oh, and the new one has windshield wipers also. My arm got tired when hanging outside with a squeegee. It’s been an adventure with that old Silverado for the past sixteen years.

The Local Grands, Abby and Rachael are still at their respective jobs the last I heard. Rachael is busy still setting up her new home to her specifications, now that she’s a home owner. Tommy, USAF, down in NC, is well and hoping for some leave next month.

Travels with Harrison

Harrison and the Rooster did their thing this past Thursday, 3/19. We had no contact with anyone ,other than the Drive-Up window at Arbys. We made a Dump/Trash run, organised the box Harrison keeps on the front seat of his P/U Truck. The BOX was used by Harrison’s father over the years, Back in the day. That box holds some special meanings. By late on Saturday after confering with the wife, daughter, CDC and others I made a decision to pretty much shelter in place. For now, I’ll miss my days with my Buddy, the education he has provided me on so many things. Last week was a Latin language class of sorts.

Arbor- tree, Walnut -Euglandis, Maple – Acernis, Wood – lignum

The End – Finis

So, I’ve most likely bored you to death should you have stayed to the end. Be SAFE, Be SMART and don’t hoard the toilet paper.

Image result for empty toilet paper roll funny

Don’t forget to check on the eldery.

theRooster Semper Fi

A Reading on a Monday Morning

Back in June, daughter Kathryn sent me information about an upcoming training course at the hospital she works for, Penisula Regional Medical Center. The course was a “Basic Chaplains course,” with participants responsible for “Pastoral Care in Hospitals” upon completion.

Twenty-six years ago I also was an employee of this institution. Just one of my many hats during three-quarters of a century traveling around the sun.  I have thought of volunteering at this hospital for some time. I felt it would be a way to give back for the thirty years of Cardiological Care I have received. I’ve had quite a few positive outcomes from various procedures and am a proud, five-time graduate of the Cardiac Rehabilitation program.

So I filled out the necessary paperwork for the “Basic Chaplain Course” and was quite pleased when I found out I was accepted. I looked forward to my Thursday evenings and engaging in dialogue with my fellow students and instructor. After several weeks we would meet with in-patients, explain the services offered by the “Pastoral Care Department,” and carry on dialogue with the patients under the guidance and oversight of staff chaplains.

I proudly completed that course last Thursday and look forward to starting my Volunteer Chaplain time at the hospital in the coming days. I’ve developed of late, a habit of doing a daily reading of one kind or another. Today I happened to read, An Accessible Woman: Remembering St. Teresa of Kolkata, by Fr. Thomas Rosica, CSB     One part of that reading was as follows:

“The fruit of silence is PRAYER. The fruit of prayer is FAITH. The fruit of faith is LOVE. The fruit of love is SERVICE. The fruit of service is PEACE. God bless you. –Mother Teresa.”

elderly couple

Don’t forget to check on the elderly.


Bright and early on this past Wednesday, 0400 hrs., EDST, (Eastern Daylight Savings Time), my awakening text from the German travelers informed me they were on a train headed Aachen. Don’t they know I’m sound asleep. Ben, my Black Poodle stirs, “What, What’s up Rooster”?

Image result for train to Aachen

Wiki photo


I’m told today is a down day from House hunting. Several rental homes to visit are on the schedule for Thursday.  We best see some sites, say the girls. So they gather themselves and head to the place every German traveler goes when they want to change locations.


The Railway Train

I like to see it lap the miles, And lick the valleys up,
And stop to feed itself at tanks; And then, prodigious, step

Around a pile of mountains, And, supercilious, peer
In shanties by the sides of roads; And then a quarry pare

To fit its sides, and crawl between, Complaining all the while
In horrid, hooting stanza; Then chase itself down the hill

And neigh like Boanerges; Then, punctual as a star,
Stop – docile and omnipotent – At its own stable door.

Is it time for a bath?

Related image

Carolus Thermen Bad Aachen, Aachen. 31 mil curtidas. Passstr. 79, 52070 Aachen Impressum:

Aachen: Cathedral city of Europe.

Located at the border of Germany – Netherlands – Belgium, Aachen is a German city with a long-standing connection with the country’s history. Thanks to its many sulphur-laden springs, this historical spa city has been a site where the German Kings were crowned. Residence of Charlemagne, Aachen is one of Europe’s most important cities. The city itself has many historical sites that are worth visiting. Check out some of the best things to do in Aachen @

A beautiful gothic cathedral like one should be. Situated in the old town of Aachen with hundreds of nice shops & restaurants and cafes all around it. Definitely worth the trip.
Aachen: cathedral city of Europe.

Aachn Cathederal

Kathryn’s image capture

Aachen is a city that lives and breathes Europe. It is practically Europe in miniature. Aachen, on the border with Belgium and the Netherlands, has encapsulated the spirit, value and ideals of Europe since the days of Charlemagne. Indeed the Charlemagne Prize for services to European unity has been awarded at Aachen’s town hall since 1950.
Aachen Cathedral is both a local landmark and a monument to Europe’s illustrious past.

Image result for aachen newspaper museum

Pinterest photo


After starting out life as the imperial palace’s chapel in 800 AD (the year of  Charlemagne’s coronation), the completed building became the first cathedral in northern Europe and for many centuries served as the church of coronation for nearly every German king. The term ‘completed’ is open to interpretation, however, since the cathedral has been extended numerous times, including the addition of the great chancel in 1414 – a Gothic masterpiece whose windows reach an impressive 27 metresin height, making them the tallest ever at that time. The cathedral’s treasury is the most important north of the Alps and features precious artefacts such as the Cross of Lothair, a silver and gold bust of Charlemagne and the shrine in which Charlemagne was supposedly interred in 814 AD. Both the cathedral and its treasury are among the highlights on the Charlemagne Route, the historical path that winds through Aachen. The route takes in a series of eye-catching buildings, including Haus Löwenstein (a former residence and inn) and the Büchelpalais, which until 1752 served as the local corn exchange. Every checkpoint on the route focuses on a different topic: history, science, Europe, religion, power, business and media. It’s a wonder there’s not an equestrian-themed checkpoint, given how passionate the locals are for this noble sport. The annual Concours Hippique International Officiel is among the leading equestrian tournaments worldwide. It’s just one of numerous major events in the city, many of which are held in the equestrian arena before a crowd of 50,000 enthusiastic spectators.

Image result for Charlemagne Route

Aachen is also renowned for its relaxed atmosphere, best experienced on a stroll through the historical streets. There’s a charming contrast between the grand old buildings dotted along the Charlemagne Route and the lively buzz supplied by 45,000 students from all corners of the globe. They give the city a vibrant yet laid-back character that everyone seems to be enjoying wherever you look – evidence of Aachen’s cosmopolitan flair and yet another reason to wander around the city centre, walking back through the centuries.


Wiki photo


Aachen Town Hall, built on the site of the old imperial palace in the 14th century, is another firm favorite for sightseers. It was later converted into a grand baroque palace during the city’s prosperous heyday. Just next door is the Postwagen, a refined restaurant that has been welcoming visitors through its doors for centuries.


Image result for Aachen restaurants

So many choices of dining.

Over on Pontstrasse, inside the Grosses Haus – believed to be the oldest residential block in Aachen – you’ll find the International Newspaper Museum featuring many fascinating exhibits. The museum now explores the wider media and its collection includes more than 200,000 newspapers and other printed matter from all over the world and in (almost) every language, demonstrating the transience of history and how today’s headlines become tomorrow’s chip papers. Whereas at the Ludwig Forum for International Art, the works on display are always contemporary, with genres ranging from pop art to photorealism. Throughout the ages, however, one thing has remained constant in Aachen: its European ethos. You can’t fail to notice that when you arrive in Aachen, you arrive in Europe                              (From the pages of Trip Advisor)

The girls got back to Geilenkirchen just in time to learn that Abby (Kathryn’s youngest daughter), got to take a tour of the new office she will be working out of next month. The young recent college graduate will be working in an off site Neurological practice of PRMC.



Nice space Abby.

Down Texas way, my traveling granddaughter Rachael took a sightseeing day and went to Waco, the home of Magnolia and, Fixer Upper and Chip and Joe.



elderly couple

Don’t forget to check on the elderly.

My First Road Trip

Three weeks post op today my friends.

Yesterday I had a follow-up with the CV Surgeon who performed my Cardiac Bypass. Both he and one of the P.A.s as well as a nurse checked my wounds. I look and feel like what it might be like to have survived a knife fight. I’m not sure if I won or lost. Were I the winner, I would hate to see the loser were this a knife fight.

nurse thumbs up

I got congratulated by the nurse for doing a fine job eliminating my tape residue which has stuck all over my mid section. While in the hospital numerous drains, monitor wires and lung tubes were beneath these bandages. Not to mention the slice running the entire length of my ribs. Through daily use of Alcohol, nail polish remover,  Kerosene, and numerous other potions that would remove the sticky gooey tape, I had done a yeoman’s job apparently. They were impressed.


The surgeon stated he was happy with my progress and was giving me my walking papers, so to speak. Any further follow up would be monitored by my Cardiologist. In addition to saying thank you to the surgeon I got one giant piece of good news. You see, it was this man who had the power to let me drive once again, a privilege I lost three weeks ago. Free at last, free at last, thank God almighty, I’m free at last. Damn, I forgot to ask if I got an extended warranty with this cutting. If I get another sixteen years I’ll be quite happy.

I left that appointment feeling like a new person, one hurdle on the road to recovery completed. Next would be the Cardiology consult later this week. Early next month I will begin Cardiovascular & Pulmonary Rehabilitation and Prevention. That’s a physical fitness and education program run by the hospital for those who have one type of cardiac event or other. It would not be a new experience for me.

This will be my fourth trip through the program. I had Bypass surgery sixteen years ago, a Stent and pace maker implanted which all got me back into this wonderful program. Once again it is time for the pain and suffering to begin. I’m looking forward to getting started. After that program it will be going back to the MAC Center and my old workout routines. I was doing Stretch/ROM & Flexibility, and chair yoga. I’m sure it will be like starting anew.

So, this morning I would take my first trip alone behind the wheel of my Ford Escape. A 2000 model with 239,000 miles I might add. Yes, I like to get my monies worth. My trusty Pick up truck, a 1992 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 with 143,000 miles is still running and very serviceable for our needs. Vehicle number three at my disposal is a 2012 Subaru Forester with 84,000 miles. A great car in the mountains with the paddle shift feature, I might add. No mountains today on the Eastern Shore, thus the Escape.


Our dog, Maggie, a standard Poodle would need a ride to the groomers for a Spa session today and I would drive her. Here I am 73 years old and feeling like a kid getting behind the wheel once again. My wife would first take Maggie on her mile and a half walk to the local yacht club for her morning exercise and business elimination run.


It’s 0730, I pick up Maggie from the little woman and we are off on our thirty minute drive to the spa, well, almost. You see we here on Maryland’s Eastern Shore were greeted with a bit of snow this morning and the temperature was 33 F. Really Mr. Meteorologist, I’m scraping snow off the windshield and warming the car prior to departing. Average high for April 5, 60F. Global warming???

I remembered all the basics of driving, seat belt on, in park, foot on brake, turn key, engine starts. Maggie in the rear sitting expectantly for her first ride with her old traveling companion, Most everywhere I go she goes, we’re a pair.

The first few miles through rural country is uneventful. I approach a major north south route on which I must enter to connect to the Bypass, (sounds familiar). Once I’ve crossed to the center medium I start looking to the right to enter the high speed lane of a two lane highway. As I’m twisting in the seat to observe safe passage, the seatbelt restrains me and irritates my chest. Oh yes, they had to spread those 24 ribs once again didn’t they?

Each intersection further into the trip would bring about the same discomfort. My right Scapula, that’s the bone that connects the Humorous (Not),  with the Clavicle has hurt like hell at times since the surgery. My neck a victim of two extensive surgeries was beginning to cause issues also. Just sitting in the drivers upright position was causing discomfort. Perhaps asking for this privilege was a bit premature. Tough it out Rooster, don’t be a wimp.

I would drop off Maggie with her stylist and make the return trip home in considerable more pain than when I left. I was also quite tuckered out. It was time for a couple of Tylenol, no drugs have entered this system since my discharge. I never took anything for pain this morning, a mistake.


What I have learned from this bit of freedom is that I’m not ready to drive to Connecticut just yet. All things slow and in due time. Now I await the call to pick up Maggie.

“Honey, would you mind picking up Maggie?” I’ll stay home and let Simon in, (Cat).

Have a great day all and thanks for stopping by.

Rooster LogoSemper-fidelis

A New Warranty

I’ve had a few readers questioning where I’ve been of late. The month of March, 2016 will go down as one that has brought about great change. That change is the way my heart functions.

I’m not one to go on Face Book or Twitter and moan and groan about this, that and other physical ailments. We have all seen this every time we visit Jerry’s home page, he has a new malady:illness, sickness, disease, infection, ailment, disorder, complaint, indisposition, affliction, infirmity, syndrome; informal bug or virus.  Jerry by the way is a fictional character.

Back in February I visited the Doctor for Bronchitis, subsequent follow-up provided me with a Hospital bed, Cardiac Cath and lots of tests during a four day visit. It was confirmed that I had Bronchitis and the Cardiac Cath proved that my CABG of 2000 had exceeded it’s original warranty. My passageways for blood flow were totally blocked and I was existing on collateral circulation only. I was to be scheduled to see a CV Surgeon once over the Bronchitis. That time would be extended to another week after coming down with an Intestinal Virus.

Thanks to

In early March i would have my Surgical consult and get a scheduled date for a CABG redo.
Since the warranty had expired and my original Surgery, and my Surgeon having moved out of town, a new Maestro would direct the Surgical Orchestra this time. Mid month found me checking into the Surgical Suite surrounded by my wife and children. The surgery went well and I was given two new by-passes. A collapsed Lung kept me in the ICU an extra day and after a total of six days it was back to home and my Cat Simon and dog Maggie.

My good Irish friend O’Leary put in a request for my Kilkenny Sports Club hoodie should I not make it through the surgery. Yes, the same good friend we went to Ireland with in December. He and his lovely wife have been frequent visitors since arriving home. With each visit I see him glance towards the jacket pegs, most likely thinking, what could have been.


For all the prayers, cards and words of encouragement I’ve received, thank you all. For those that did not know, well I’m not Jerry. I’m on the road to recovery. It will take a bit of time to heal. I’m blessed with a wife, daughter and two sisters that are nurses. I’m reserving judgement as to if that’s a good thing or not. Perhaps it will provide more fodder for the next edition of the Rooster.

Once again thank you to all my well wishers, the Rooster continues to crow. Thanks for visiting.

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