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Mug Shot from the land of the Rising Sun

Flag of Japan.svgNaval Ensign of Japan.svg

  The flag of Japan.




I was motivated to do another Mug Shot Blog from the recent meeting between U.S. President Donald Trump and Japan Prime Minister Minister Shinzo Abe. 
During the years 1967- 1968 I was stationed in Iwakuni, Japan with the Marine Corps in support of the Viet Nam War.  I would spend my time working as an Aerographer at Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni. During this time my wife of two years and our daughter, seven months old at the time were back home in New Jersey. No internet, no cell phones, little communication. It’s not a far removed time from where I live now, communication wise. On many occasion we would travel to Hiroshima for a baseball game and sight-seeing ventures. Hiroshima had a team in the Japan Professional Baseball League.


One of the big issues I’m sure being talked about between the two world leaders is MCAS Futenma which is on the island of Okinawa. Everyone in the Marine Corps going to SE Asia in 1967 went through Okinawa and I was no exception. The island was not the property of Japan at the time.

The Mug Shot featured here was purchased in a small shop in Iwakuni back in 1967 and today sits on my desk and holds pens, pencils and Magic Markers. It serves a function and serves as a reminder to years long ago, fifty of them in fact.

Once back in the states I would separate from the Marine Corps and reunite with my family in what has been fifty one wonderful years featuring three children, nine grandchildren, four great-grandchildren and herself putting up with me day in and day out. I have been blessed.

As for herself, a young Nurse, single mother and a real trooper, she kept the home fires going. She worked in a hospital close to Fort Dix, NJ and most of the CNA’s were medics recently back from Viet Nam. Her praise of their dedication, professionalism and knowledge speaks well of our military men and women during those trying times. Many years later our eldest daughter, a young Navy Nurse Corps Ensign would be stationed at Fort Dix with a Mobile Field Hospital unit.

Five years later herself would endure once again with three children this time while I was off once again at the CT State Police Academy starting that career. God bless the strength and endurance of our women.

Tweeter in Charge

So, needless to say President Trump was back to Tweeting about this meeting.


Denis Slattery
Saturday, February 11, 2017, 8:43 PM

President Trump hit the links and took a swing at some fairway diplomacy Saturday as he hosted his first foreign leader at one of his signature golf courses.

The President spent the morning golfing with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at the Trump National Golf Club in Jupiter, Fla.

The pair, along with their wives, are spending the weekend at Trump’s winter estate Mar-a-Lago in nearby Palm Beach.

“Having a great time hosting Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in the United States!” Trump tweeted alongside a picture of the pair high-fiving on a green.

President Trump suggests rapid action on additional U.S. security

White House reporters tasked with covering the event were not allowed to tag along for the 18-hole conference and said the accommodations were not up to par.

The group was confined to a basement suite where windows were covered with black plastic bags so they couldn’t see out.

“The door and windows are covered with black plastic so we can’t see out,” the official White House pool report stated.

The Rooster says! 

“Wow, what are we becoming, Paranoia is in the air?  Is the president’s golf game that bad that no press can follow? ” I’d love to see a 44  vs 45 golf match on TV. I’ll bet ESPN would love to carry it.

Have a great rest of the day, and thanks for following.

Mug Shots

George Kroloff, an old friend from the other side of the bay, sent me a story surrounding a Mug of his.

George is a great one to follow on both Facebook and Twitter. His photo captions are great and the tags that go along with them are special. In most instances I can figure out where he’s coming from. George has a neat background, has been in the company of some interesting people. George has his own blog at

The man’s work  in the Blogesphere is worth taking a gander at. You can check out George’s career on Linked in


From the desk of George Kroloff


Ole Miss

Since 1980, I have been working, off and on, behind the scenes with the organizers of the final presidential debates. Each debate had its own uncovered stories that, probably, will show up in one historical account or another. Here are a few that are not likely to make the chroniclers’ cut.

Background: For a while the debates were a function of an amazingly self centered, League of Women Voters, which was among my most difficult clients. From 1988, the client was a new entity, the extraordinary Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD), an unacknowledged national treasure.

All of the debates, including the VP debates, were hosted by universities once the CPD took over.

In September of 2008, after the R and D conventions had coughed up their candidates, the first of the “final four” debates was held at the University of Mississippi in Oxford. It was McCain vs Obama. By that time I had morphed from a paid consultant to a volunteer. A small price to pay for being part of history.

As in all debate venues, there were numerous give-aways for the news media, the staff, donors, et al.

Youngest daughter Amy also had become a volunteer, and we were happy to accept some of the swag, which included a a variety of coffee and beer mugs. Not a lot to treasure, but the memories of a couple surprises definitely are worth keeping.

For instance, there was much drama about whether Sen. McCain would actually appear to debate Sen. Obama. It was the biggest national story of the day.

The CPD was proceeding as if he would appear, but hadn’t a clue about his intensions. In the afternoon word came that he was showing up. If I recall correctly, a volunteer EMT unit was called with police to a small private airport near Oxford. One of the unit’s members saw McCain step out of a newly landed plane. He called his wife, like a good husband should. She called someone who was associated with the debate preparations, and all went on as schedule. To this day, I don’t know why the Secret Service didn’t officially tell the Commission he was arriving, but around his touch-down I do remember a spurt of security activity.

Meanwhile, U Miss had raised a ton of money surrounding the debate, including the funds for filling in a drainage ditch which would eventually be the site of some new construction for the school. I think it was to be a sports facility and parking lot. The ditch was filled before the hoopla began.

On top of newly laid sod they pitched a huge tent, with several massive air conditioners and even more-massive electric generators. The tent accommodated about a thousand news media, and, as I recall, there was a large area for food. Budweiser supplied the buffet and beer, as well as its own set of collectible special debate mugs.

The tent size was unusual, but not that different from other venues that didn’t have a big enough hall or gym handy to accommodate the food and media frenzies.

Nearby, Ole Miss had set up several port-a-potties in what looked like upscale cargo containers or semi-trailers. The insides, featured several small toilet suites with fancy marble sinks, gold faucets, with perfume and plushness all around.

Of course, the beautiful latrine setting was as stinky and squalid as the lone toilet at a major construction site by the evening of the debate.

Separately, Amy, who had traveled to over 60 countries, and I learned that, (1) deep fried dill pickles are delicious and (2) soon-to-be picked cotton really needs to go through Eli Whitney’s cotton gin to remove sticky seeds from the puffs-on-the-plants.

The university mug, however, is less of a keepsake and more of a cup with a wide top and narrow bottom that spills as easily as a politician spewing something hot about his/her opponent.

Thanks for contributing old friend.


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