Twenty five things to share.

1. Born in the middle of WW II
2. I asked my wife to marry me on my front porch while sitting on a swing in Audubon, NJ. A wonderful smelling Wisteria climbed a trellis adjacent to that swing.
3. I have three of the greatest children anyone could wish for. They are Kathryn, Sarah and Matthew. Along the way 9 grandchildren and four great grandchildren.
4. My wife is the reason for the great children.
5. I was never home when the children were growing up, ask Matt.
6. 21810 was a compromise between 34101 and 04609 when I retired.
7. Three of my most honored duties were performed for J.F.K, Herbert Hoover and General MacArthur’s funerals. Performing a wedding blessing for my granddaughter Samantha Davies and niece Lindsay Valasquez can now be added to that list.
8. My favorite saying is Semper Fi, and clearing my throat “ehhhmmm,” according to my daughters means, watch out.
9. My first dogs,  Lady, Saucy, Ping, Marsh, Troop and Maggie have passed along the way. Our current K9, Benjamin Franklin, is a mostly Black Standard Poodle.
10. Numerous Felines graced our home, currently it’s Simon.
11. I am done with winter by January, summer by late July, it’s the extremes.
12. My favorite vacation trip was to Key West, FL with Bobby and Barbara, and Tommy and Elva. Elva’s a Hoot by the way, carries a duffle bag full of wigs and makeup. Ireland wasn’t bad either, and most recently, London and Dover in England.
13. I do not like heights.
14. I love Navy Football and the Philadelphia Eagles. UConn for Basketball, especially Gino’s girls.
15. I love the Air Force except when they compete against Navy.
16. I support The Salisbury School, Go Dragons, Tolland, CT HS and Mississippi State University and Salisbury University.
17. I love to write. Herself would say talk also.
18. I sold my pontoon boat to my son in-law, I still get to float this way.
19. My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving.  Aunt Barb’s Christmas Party ranks right up there also.
20. My favorite meat is Pork. To all my Muslim friends, I will not invite you that night.
21. My favorite beer is Guinness in winter, Shock Top in summer along with Cider most anytime. I’m liking a Porter now and then also.
22. My favorite meal is breakfast out, with Mary Agnes of course.
23. My favorite daughter in-law lives in CT.
24. I secretly admire two other  women, their names are Belle and Annie, Standard Poodles by the way.
25. I am proud to be an American who Pees in the men’s room or out in the corn field. I stand for the National Anthem.

Go Navy beat Army!

Thanks for reading.Semper-fidelis