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A little of this & that

Our weather here on Maryland’s Eastern Shore has been a bit cooler for this time of year. We have yet to have a temp in the 30’s, thought we might hit it two days ago, but alas, we only sunk to 40 f. This gorgeous Saturday AM we saw 44f.

Across the Bay from us today is the St Mary’s Oyster festival. The Mrs. daughter Kathryn and one great, Ana are attending the festival today while the rest of Ana’s family is involved in Scouting activities.
I happened onto this story a. few weeks back and thought it most worthy of a share. This article has led me to become an avid follower of the Golden Globe Race 2022. This race began 4 September, 2022 and is run every four years. The original rules, established in 1968 are still followed. Should you be interested in sailing, the ocean, or just plain adventure, there is so much to grab your attention.

Bass and Bunker

I was reading a very interesting story about the lack of food being available for consumption by the Striped Bass of Chesapeake Bay. They would be called Rock Fish to those of us on and close to the bay. The below article is quite lengthy, if your a lover of the Chesapeake Bay, fishing, the environment, anti or pro regulatory agencies. Lobbying groups, big business, or just what ever, read or scan over this enlightening piece.

Part of my youth was spent growing up in Wildwood Crest, NJ, back in the late 50’s. The Menhaden fleet was big then and a processing plant was close by. When the wind blew in the right direction the acrid smell of the plant was ever present in the air. So much for the lure of that sea air.

It is not uncommon to awake to 98% Relative Humidity here on the Eastern Shore of MD. We have the Chesapeake Bay a few miles to our west and the Atlantic Ocean 35 miles to the East. We have a creek to the rear of our property and the Wicomico river to our West. There is lots of marsh land about also, thus, early morning fog in the fall, school starting time delays and Rime Ice in the winter. “Slip Sliding Away”
Don’t forget to check on the elderly.