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Civil War Days


In the village of Allen on a cold misty morning.

Yep, that’s what they called it, Civil War Days. How can a war ever be civil? I always thought civility meant courtesy and politeness. A person making a polite action or expression. Civility was thought to express culture and good breeding.

Well it seems those boys in the photo up above got them a cannon pointed out over that field just awaiting for their countrymen in grey to come towards them. Now the gentlemen to the left in grey, I’m guessing he’s trying to be civil.

At any rate, on the 22’nd of April  past, the Allen Historical Society held it’s first Civil War Days at the Community Hall. That’s a building I believe is owned by the Methodist, supported by the Lions and used by The Fire Company and just about everyone else in this little village on the Eastern Shore. If your hungry come November look for the Missive announcing the Pit Beef Dinner held by the Lions Club.

Oh, what’s a Missive you say, It’s a written message, usually in letter form from an official source letting everyone know what’s going on and the needs of the organization. Usually it comes from Melissa, sometimes Aggie and even Lucy chimes in on occasion. Of course all these girls are technologically advanced and it ain’t no letter in this day and age, it’s Email. Of course you’ve got to be wired up for that. That’s always another story if you live in the back country. President Trump says he will bring High Speed internet to the entire country. I’m guessing that’s right after them Mexicans pay for that wall. So it will be awhile.

Here’s a bit from one of the recent Missive’s about the needs for the Civil War Days.

Hi everyone – 
I’m not sure my last email was received, so I’m re-sending a part of it.  This Saturday, the 22nd, the Allen Historical Society will host its first ever Civil War Heritage Day, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Community Hall.  The event is free to the public and will be a lot of fun!
The Hist. Soc. will be selling food as a fund raiser and we are asking for your help.  We need cookies, cakes, gingerbread, and perhaps pies to sell in individual servings. (We didn’t discuss pies, but why not?)  Nothing modern, just simple and good, something that could believably have been served in the 1860s.  You don’t have to have a period recipe – simple cakes and cookies will work just fine.  (i.e., no M&Ms or sprinkles, probably no coconut – the blockade is such a bother! – you get the idea.)
If you can donate such things, please know that you have even more of our undying love than you already have – and that’s a ton!

(And if you feel inclined to help in this way, or you want to give us a hand for part of the day in the kitchen, please drop me a line or leave me a phone message to let me know – you will drop my stress level immensely!)

Blessings and thanks,
Image result for beaten biscuits
Can you see how she signed it, Blessings and thanks, now that lady is civil. When I stopped by , Melissa was seated at an old tree stump cut flat on the top, in period clothing, beating dough with a mallet making Beaten Biscuits.

Members of  The Buffalo Soldiers represented it’s self well as usual.

Inside the hall there were tables with all kinds of memorabilia, guns, pots, pans and antiques from days gone by.  Throughout the day there were historical presentations for all to hear about life in Allen, Maryland and the not so Civil times from  1861 to 1865.
At the end of the day many visitors had attended, learned new things and acted civil. Thanks to the Allen Historical Society for making this day special to so many.



Too Long Between Visits


Wow, am I out of touch, and a bit tardy in my blogging of late. As far as out of touch, do you know today is 420, 4:20, or 4/20? I had no clue. Herself had the “Today Show” on this morning and they were filling their viewership with information on this historic day. I’m not too much into that show, it’s an I can’t stand Matt Lauer thing. I feel he’s a snipe, no not the bird,  in his interviewing techniques. has a definition, #6 on their list as: to attack a person or a person’s work with petulant or snide criticism, especially anonymously or from a safe distance. Actually today wasn’t hard to take, Matt was off.

So if your interested in 4-20, check it out @:


I’m 42 pounds at 6 months old.

As for not posting, I’ve really been preoccupied with Ben, our Standard Poodle who turned six months old on 4-17, not blowing any smoke there (see 420.) Ben has had a rough time of it for the past few months. In mid January after noticing ear gunk we went to the vets and started meds and cleaning for a yeast infection in his ears. This quickly spread and an infection ensued and the poor guy developed the canine version of MRSA,

Five vet visits later after numerous testings, diet changes, special baths, antibiotics, Prednisone, probiotics, several ear washes and medications, we’re making progress. Along the way I’ve been up at least once each night to help Ben facilitate the act of micturition, that’s the act of urination. It seems the Prednisone increases thirst which brings about frequent urine evacuation. In other words, the poor dog was Peeing like a race horse and I, thanks to my Marine Corps training was his doorman. At times it was an hourly event, I was an expert with the Swifter tool when an accident occurred. I recently finished reading Steinbeck’s novel “ Travels with Charlie” and his poodle incurred the opposite malady while on their adventure.

We are now waiting on the vet to call and give us the name of the next food to try, food allergies are thought to be the culprit of the problems. The next food will be Hypoallergetic. Ben has a cousin in CT that has similar issues and is on a Duck diet. Her name is Belle.  Ear issues are synonymous with Poodles by the way. Ben is my third after CoCo, best hunting dog ever and Maggie who was ever faithful for eight years. FYI, CoCo MiMi Cest of Celest By Heck, Margaret of Donegal and Benjamin Franklin Fiddler our current BFF tare the official and politically correct names.


My photo as the sun sets on the Wicomico.

Right in our backyard is Wicomico Creek and the Wicomico Yacht Club
We’re a fifty acre field, a patch of woods and a half mile walk to get to the Yacht Club, and we do it often. It is not uncommon to take a bit of the “Nectar of the Gods” with us
and enjoy the sun as it set over the water. This is a photo from one of those recent sunsets. It has long been said that water soothes the soul. Herself and I certainly feel that way. Check out this article from the Huffington Post as to why water makes you feel calm.
Granddaughter Samantha Has returned to Oklahoma and has been reunited with husband Zed who had been deployed to the east. Check out her blog @ and read all about he reunification.

Jeff has returned from his adventures and has taken a weeks vacation to do some home repairs, Rock fishing and get his pontoon boat in shape for the  boating season. He and Kathryn have settled on the name IMG_3739
Thanks to my Secret Santa, I and seven guests got to see the Salisbury University Lacrosse defeat Christopher Newport by a sore of 17 – 3. The viewing venue was from the President’s Box with a fine food spread, beverages and a great view of the game. Thanks Santa for a truly unique gift that was worth the wait to experience. Check out the new Stadium complex.

seagull stadium
For the past few years herself has been supplying a quilt to the : Our daughter in-law serves on the board of this agency and each year they have a fund raising dinner and auction.  The below photo is this years contribution.


We’ve been doing some renovations in our Annex of late. We also did some spring cleaning and Pollen elimination in anticipation of Easter dinner. We hosted twenty eight guests on Easter and no one went home hungry.


Herself, getting things in order.


We are ready.

So, I hope this helps to catch my readers up on what’s been gong on while I was remiss in putting a Blog. I’ll be back a bit sooner should Ben stay on his present course. We do have a few busy weeks coming up with a college graduation, confirmation and a wedding to attend as well as some frolicking time with a Clan from Kilkenny, Ireland. A Crab feast will be in order for that event.

In the meantime check out the following site for some phrase verbs for problems.:

national Harbour

To close I’ll say Happy Birthday to my son in-law Jeffery who will be celebrating his birthday with Kathryn this weekend at the National Harbor on the Potomac River.