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Happening this Weekend


MD DMV photo

Once again our tiny little village on the Eastern Shore of Maryland has a busy weekend. Saturday, October 24th from 7 – 11 AM  in the Community Hall, The Auxiliary of the Fire Dept will be hosting breakfast. Cream Chipped Beef will be the highlite of that day.

All proceeds go to the Allen Fire Company #15 Auxiliary. Monies raised go towards equipment purchases for the Fire Company and Emergency Medical Service in town.

If your around, come on down, a finer breakfast just won’t be found.


Sunday evening a play, ” Allen in the Civil War” will be featured in the church.

Time: 7:00 PM

Tickets: $15.00

All proceeds go to the Allen Historical Society.

Delaware and Maryland were known as border states. Maryland’s involvement during the war is little known to many folks today. Our schools have cut out so much from their curriculum’s. I’ve spoken to folks who couldn’t tell you where various states are on a map, how they were settled and by whom. Where are the rivers, mountain ranges and capitols, nope, no clue.  I’ve had people tell me New England is a state, Africa is a country and Orlando is the Capitol of Florida, I thought it was Disneyland.

Daniel C. Edelson, Vice President for Education, National Geographic Society has a great article, Geographic Literacy in U.S. by 2025.   If at all interested in where we’ll be in ten years give it a peak. Should you wish to learn about Allen in Civil War times, come by the church on Sunday evening at 7:00 PM.

Where will The Rooster be?


The Rooster will be in our nations Capitol this weekend cheering on 3 wonderful women in the Marine Corps. Marathon. Yes I’ll miss breakfast and the play but sometimes things just happen. The 3 ladies are my wife, Mary Agnes and our good friend Rose Jarvis, running the 10K. My daughter Kathryn will be running the full 26.2 miles. The ladies are part of a team that raises funds for Fisher House. My wife and daughter have been doing this for a number of years and they are proud to have Rose jumping on board also. You Go Girls!


Retired AF Major and my daughter finishing a previous USMC Marathon

The Rooster is ground support for this operation and shall have a cold beer waiting for the ladies at the finish line.


Thanks for taking a gander at the post. Today is Hump Day, it’s all down hill from here.

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Former Hartford Fire Chief, Council Majority Leader John B. Stewart Jr. Dies

I got a text from my brother in-law in Connecticut on this Sunday past that Chief Stewart died. Yea, so you might ask. What does that have to with you down there on the Eastern Shore of Maryland?  Well Pilgrim, listen up, as John Wayne used to say.

I’ve mentioned before that I’ve been around the block a few times during this life, on this sphere spinning around and around every 24 hours. One of those many blocks encompassed a brief stop as a Firefighter with the Hartford, CT Fire Department. That would have been over 40 years ago. I was a young and very impressionable husband and father of three at the time.

After my initial training I was assigned to a Ladder truck, Truck 1, located at 250 Pearl Street. We had to share our house with an Engine co, a Deputy Chief, and the administrative arm of the Department. This was the Headquarters for the Hartford Fire Department, The Chiefs home. We were smack dab in the middle of downtown Hartford.

There was a fair amount of civil unrest going on in those days, the late 60’s and early 70’s. There were riots in 1969 and 1970. Many cases of arson kept the fire department busy and this writer wondering what he signed up for while rocks and bottles were thrown when responding to an alarm. On occasions shots were fired, perhaps I should return to the Marine Corps so I could shoot back I often thought.

Hartford was founded in 1637, one of our country’s oldest cities. At one time it was also the richest city in the United States. Today Hartford has gone the way of many early U.S. cities, with population decline and unemployment incline.

With social unrest growing in the late 60’s and 70’s the Fire Department appointed a young Lieutenant, John B. Stewart Jr. to head it’s Community Relations unit. The young Lieutenant would rise through the ranks and ultimately become the Department’s Chief and first African American Chief in New England in 1980. The chef would lead the department for 12 years and ultimately retire In June of 1992. The chief would get into politics and ultimately become Council Majority Leader in Hartford.

I would apply for a position and be accepted into the Community Relations Unit late in 1971. Along with Nelson Carter and Cecil Alston we would carry out the mission of the Unit. Educational programs were conducted in the entire K-12 school system, both public and private schools. The department would sponsor two midget football teams and administer a summer sprinkler program throughout the city. We would serve on numerous organization’s boards as public safety representatives.

Much of what the fire department accomplished community wide, became reality with input and financial aide from the Insurance companies that called Hartford home. John Stewart was responsible for much of this joint camaraderie between the city, fire department and insurance industry.

For the remainder of my time with the department, John Stewart would become a friend and mentor to me while working under his tutelage. To this date I shall be ever grateful for having spent time learning and growing as a firefighter and person. Compassion and empathy to those we served dictated that all would be ok. John Stewart lived those traits and exhibited them in his daily actions. From those actions and his leadership, I learned so much.

I would not make a career of the fire service. I would ultimately resign my appointment as a firefighter when I was accepted into the State Police Academy in 1973. Deep down, since an early age in New Jersey, I always wanted to be a State Trooper. John Stewart encouraged me to apply and wrote a recommendation for me during the application process. John Stewart would be there the night I graduated from The State Police Academy.

The Hartford Courant newspaper would report on the death of Chief Stewart in it’s October 20, 2015 edition. The Chief’s obituary can be found at
After my retirement from The State Police Department my wife and I would retire to the Eastern Shore of Maryland. For ten years our home served as a bed and breakfast for travelers. Two of our many guests were the Chief and his wife Gladys. We were honored to have them share our home and continue our long friendship.

A time remembered from long ago is: We were having incidents of small fires in abandoned buildings close to a housing project. The time of the incidents was generally when the youth of the area would be heading home from school. The Chief decided we should stake out one of those vacant  buildings one day. Remember now, we were firefighters. We were not police, no guns, handcuffs, powers of arrest or any of those protective measures that come to one in such positions. Just two fools who might catch a Juvenile Delinquent in action. At least that was my take on this adventure.

We would get to the selected location 15 minutes prior to the local Middle School dismissal for the day. There were two stairwells in this old warehouse where we would eventually await any comers. The building was at least three stories tall and half a football field long. We would wait out of sight by a window and watch, should we see any youth approaching from the direction of the school we would hide under the stairwells. At least that was the Chiefs plan. He was not worried about any physical encounter he assured me.

I told the chief I was going to check out the rest of the building, just to make sure we didn’t already have any company in the building. Looking back at this late date, what would I have done if encountered someone? I remember leaving the Chief at the window, walking to the far staircase and going to the 2nd and 3rd floors. With all being secure and no company located, I descended the staircase closest to where I had left the Chief by the window. As I descended the stairs, they creaked with the age of many years of use. When I had vision of the window where the Chief had been, he was gone. I paused and looked around.

I took the remaining steps slowly, one step at a time, creak, creak, creak. Suddenly, as I reached the bottom landing, I was startled. The Chief sprung from beneath the stairwell with a six foot piece of old 2×4 in his hands, holding it above his head in a threatening manner. I saw relief in his eyes as he recognized me. I said to him “and you’re not worried about any physical encounters.”

It was not long after that experience that I applied to the Connecticut State Police.

Hartford Connecticut has lost a man who always lived with the cities best interest in his heart.


To all the Stewart family, please accept our condolences for your loss.


Bazaar Day on the Eastern Shore

Saturday, October 17, 2015 was a busy day in the village of Allen, Md. Actually the days leading up to today have been busy also as our Methodist church’s congregation got ready for their Fall Bazaar.


This past Thursday I would go up to “The Hall,” that’s what most people call it. George Shivers, our local Historian labeled it “The Allen Community Hall”  in his 1998 book, “Changing Times.” I’m not really sure if it’s owned by the Lions Club or the Methodist Church. It’s used by just about everyone, it’s even available for family events at a reasonable rate. We held one of our daughter’s wedding receptions there 26 years ago. You should have seen the after reception party at our home that evening.

Anyway, my trip to the Hall was to fetch two whole chickens. There were only two left to be cooked, diced, packaged in 4 or 6 cup sizes in Zip Lock bags. Several cases of chicken had already been passed out to other villagers. Although I and many other residents are not Methodists, most events are an all hands on deck event. Would you believe it if I told you Republicans and Democrats were working together along with Catholics and Protestants? Congress should come to the Eastern Shore to learn about all for one causes.

I roasted my chickens, picked them when they cooled and put them in the fridge over night. They would be much easier to dice the next morning when cold the next morning. After dicing on Friday we filled two bags with 6 cups each from our two chickens. The finished product would b the base for the finest Chicken Salad one could want. Last year I didn’t do the chicken, I was dicing celery. I learned the dicing process from an old Allen resident who is no longer with us. Her name was Ruth Keeler and she threw the best dang New Year’s Eve party one could want to attend. Whenever I was dicing, my wife would say, “make Ruth Keeler proud now.” I’m sure Ruth is watching all of us doing dicing.

Mid morning Friday the chickens were diced and I would be off to the hall to deliver the bagged chicken. Pulling up to the hall there were enough cars and trucks to lead one to believe the event already started. Half the village was present getting the food together for the main event on Saturday. Chicken Salad, Vegetable Beef soup, Oyster sandwiches and baked goods of every description would be available for those hungry folks coming by on Saturday. Assorted crafts, various goods old and new graced the tables with items for sale. Lynn Davis was at his table sharpening knives for $1.00 a blade. All proceeds would benefit the Allen Asbury Methodist Church.

In a few short weeks the Village’s next event, the Lions club’s Pit Beef Dinner will be on tap. Eat in or take out, all you can eat Pit Beef, slow roasted under ground all night long. Sides will include Stewed Tomatoes, Turnips, Mac and Cheese, green beans roll and gravy. AND THE DATE IS, Sunday, 8 November 11-4. Tickets are $18.00  If you’re in the area, it’s a great meal. All proceeds go to the Lions. The local boy scout troop will be there selling desert as well.

If you took the time to check the local news in various community newspapers you could find fish dinners are $10 while the chicken dinners are $8. Advanced orders can be made by calling this number or that number. Crab feasts are everywhere on the shore and you’ll always have some church or community group doing the old stand by, Spaghetti. Bazaars, Theme Days, Pumpkin and Apple festivals, they are all there for you to find.

PTA’s, FOP’s, the Rotary, Exchange clubs, and Daughters of the Revolution all sell their wares, food and yard sale goods to earn money for their organizations. I’ll bet if you planned things right you could eat cheap every night of the week. We haven’t even mentioned the Volunteer Fire Companies and their Auxiliary, they always have a fire burning for some kind of fund raising.

Support these community entities, should we need them, they are always there. “But I don’t need this or that” you’ll say, spend a few bucks and donate it to your local homeless shelter or 2nd hand store. They always need gently used items for resale. And we all need to eat. Get out, smell the fall air, round out those tires a bit and see what your neighborhood organizations are offering up.


 Out in Oklahoma City we have Mia Davies pulling her sister Anna in the wagon while on a Pumpkin gathering adventure. Looks like the Headless  Horseman walking behind, appropriate for the season I suppose. I know you planned it that way Sammy.
Our grandson Thomas Palmer got to celebrate his 16’th birthday with family and best friend Phillip who he spent two weeks this summer with in Germany. L to R, Aunt Dee, Uncle Pete and Partrick Palemer. Grandmother, Peggy Palmer, the Birthday Boy, Aunt Dee Wessels, Sister Rachael, Phillip, and Granny Fiddler. Mom Sarah Palmer standing behind Aunt Dee.
Tommy on the Soccer field.
Has his Permit and is behind the wheel. No greater moment when turning 16. Congratulations young man.
The Mrs. and I at our granddaughters apartment. An old 2’nd story walk up, high ceilings, lots of light and convenient to food at her mother’s condo. A college graduate out on her own, congratulations Ray.
So, while we were in New England, Sarah was in Houston, Jeff was in Russia, Rachael and Aunt Kathy did a Taste of Italy at Vinny’s La Roma in Salisbury, MD. My wife’s favorite eatery by the way.
This ends today’s post. Busy is our tiny village, but together it is, well fed also. You now have a sense of the family and who looks like what. We’re proud of them all and happy to share. Peace my friends, have a great rest of the day.

Surrounded by the Corn Stalks






I’ve previously mentioned about being surrounded by CORN on our God’s Little Acre where our home is located here on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. The photo’s above give a representative pictorial of the transformation that takes place from ground preparation in early May to the reaping in early October.

Shortly after planting, the rain gods were good to our local farmers. We experienced numerous periods of rain and our Corn, Sorghum and Soy Beans shot up like the space shuttle lifting from it’s launch pad. My wife and I will swear, when things were silent, you could hear the corn grow.

Living in a very rural area, as I can attest by the lack of internet availability a lot of the norms that apply to urban areas just aren’t applied here. The tethering of pets, “Dogs must be on a leash” is not our norm. As the corn grows often animals of various descriptions roam through the rows as the awaiting silk tops reach to the sun. We have deer, fox, wild turkey, Beagles, Labs and mutts along with their feline friends using this area as their own Disneyland. They are so happy in the playground that abounds for five months each year. On occasion our local farmers lose a stalk or two when their ripped out by Mans Best Friend for something to chew on.

To give you a sense of the height, I’m 6′ even. I did take a tape measure to it a month before cutting and got a measurement of 14’3″. Those fields with the Sorghum looked about the size that the corn normally is. The Soy Beans are looking great and awaiting the first frost prior to them going off to market.

The great chicken mogul here on the Eastern Shore is Perdue Farms. Many a person feels old Frank, now passed on to the Great Chicken Coop in the sky, actually looked like a chicken. You be the judge.090710-Ries-Perdue

Note: Franks picture from Thanks to my neighbor Jim Przybyla for taking the pictures of the crop cutting while we were vacationing in New England. All other photo’s on my iPhone 6.

If you are at all interested in Agriculture and commodity prices check out

I’ve had a working relationship with farmers for the 27 years I’ve lived here on the shore. For a number of years I managed a farm for a family from Bavaria in Germany with my former son in-law. For five years we lived in an old farm house, Circa 1733 on that farm located on a deep water creek that ultimately found it’s way to the Chesapeake Bay. About two hundred acres of that farm were leased out to a local farmer for grain production. That farmer and many others I’ve come in contact are hillarious to talk to about their crops. It’s either too hot, too cold, too wet or we’re in a drought. Yes, prices are good but the fields just aren’t producing, Yes, great crop, an abundent year but the prices are down. It always brings a smile to my face when I feel them out on “how’s things?” I’m sure they wondered about me, a come here from the the North.

The last picture you see is our local Car Wash.  Actually this is an Agriculture Irrigation machine or apparatus, you choose the word. Around here we call it the Eden Car Wash. When the water is over the roadway the driver will either pull forward or backward with the water as it sprays over the roadway. If the pressure is good, you’ll have a clean machine when finished. And, you just can’t beat the price.

So my friends, now you know about the fence that has surrounded our home over the past five months. We will now awake to a plethora of White Tail deer out by the tree line behind our property where the local hunters have been leaving corn to keep them there for the coming hunting season. It is nice to be able to see more that 10 feet past our property.

The Geese are flying, fall is in the air and the window’s are open for sleeping. Life is Good.  Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Thank you Lord.


Thanksgiving dinner anyone?

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The Escape

No, not David Baldacci’s novel of the escape from Leavenworth.


The escape from Jauquin is what I’m referring to. I’m feeling bad for the Carolina’s map_specnewsdct-22_ltst_4namus_enus_650x366where the brunt of rains came down, but not from the hurricane. Their water came from a system hanging off the coast that just would not move.As of this morning the low lands down south are still having water pile up descending down from the west. We here on the Eastern Shore got about 4 inches, 3 8/10 at my home, wet, but tolerable.

We got home late Saturday night from our journey to PA, NY, VT, MA, CT, DE, and an ending stop at Navy – Marine Corps stadium in Annapolis, MD. We witnessed Navy beat Air Force on the football field 33 – 11 in wind blown rain.


If you are a civilian and never served in the military the spectacle of the academy march on might be taken at face value. If your former military or part of the military family, the march on makes one beam with pride as the band plays and the companies form up. No where is this more rewarding than in December when Navy and Army get together on the gridiron.

The young lady in front of the CBS truck is my granddaughter Abby, home for a long weekend from Mississippi State University down in Starkville. MSU lost this weekend out in College Station, TX to Texas A & M 30 – 17. Sorry for the loss Abby. And yes to those out there who are saying, “I guess they’re football fans.” We also like the Eagles of the NFL and they lost to the Redskins. Just a bad weekend all around.

Our ending milage for the trip was 1, 610 miles. Our Subaru Forrester performed well, especially through the mountains of Vermont. Being able to downshift through the gears is a great attribute.

Early in the trip we hit the maternal family homestead of Freeland, PA where a great many of the wife’s cousins still reside, Most are Maloney’s, some are Brill’s and now they’re bringing other names to the borough on the hill. Below is a picture of Lew Brill’s Chimney Chicken Cooker and a few cousins who gathered for a great meal. Just wrap the chicken 3 deep, wire them together, insert piece of Rebar to lift out, flip order periodically for 90 minutes, remove, eat and enjoy. Some of the best chicken I’ve ever tasted. Ladder necessary for insertion and extraction.


The smoke stack for the chicken. The crew, Kathy, Pat, LouLou,Agnes, The Hen, The Rooster and Chef Lew.

Will get more on the trip soon, Have a great day all.

This, That, and Other Things on 1 October 2015

Oh Where are you going Joaquin

A busy weekend with the Navy vs Air Force football game scheduled for Saturday 3 October. Slowly things are starting to cancel in the Annapolis, MD area. Will the game be next? I’m not really sure how to answer that question. We have tickets to the game, do I want to sit in torrential rain and wind?

Track the storm @:

Disney colors up for the coming of Halloween

With this being the first of October Disney has turned on its Haunted Lights appeal for its visitors The below photo is from my Sister Robin’s post on Facebook. Robin is a long time employee of Disney in Orlando, FL. Thanks for sharing Rob.



Halloween Time at the Disneyland Resort

A Future Marine?

We have two wonderful friends who live in Wilmington, DE, Tommy and Elva Hazewski, with whom we’ve vacationed, dating back many years. The Rooster would like to do a shout out and recognize their grandson Brennan. Brennan is a Junior at Delaware Military Academy. Brennan was recently appointed Executive Officer of Co. B and has an unrelenting aspiration to be an officer in the USMC. Congratulations Brennan Hezewski. Thank you for taking the road of the 1%, Semper fi


What’s Special About Bourbon?

Our son recently attended the DerbyCon conference in Louisville, KY. While there Matt got to experience a tour of a Bourbon factory and learned the ins and outs of the beverage. Last night we shared a taste test. It was a bit tongue biting but interesting.


Click on the Whiskey rack to learn how Bourbon’s made








Where in the World?

After spending most of the month in Nigeria, Germany and Russia, Jeff is back home on the Eastern Shore. Abby will be flying in from Mississippi on Friday night and all of are hoping for a meting with the Sternat crew from Connecticut at the Air Force Navy football game in Annapolis on Saturday. Of course this scenario is totally predicated on the track and possible arrival of Joaquin.

At any rate, welcome home El Jefe, see you somewhere soon.

Thanks for stopping by all you readers out there. If your on the east cost take the proper precautions for the impending storm, and stay safe.










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