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Lost then Found

Not long after my retirement from the CT State Police in the late eighties, my wife and I relocated to the Eastern Shore of Maryland and settled in the Village of Allen.

The home we purchased was originally owned Beverly and Laura Hitch, parents of Richard Beverly Hitch. Richard would be one of the missing crew aboard the USS Greyback, lost at sea off Okinawa on February 27th, 1944.

Richards mother, Laura Hitch would at one time turn this home into a Boarding House. It’s been said on Sundays past, you could smell the fried chicken cooking on the stove as you passed by on Allen Rd. Laura Hitch was often seen on the overhanging roof sweeping Sycamore tree bark as it shed each year. I would soon do the same after we moved in. We, like Laura, would entertain the public a year after moving in, turning our home into a Bed & Breakfast.

It is my and other family members belief, along with guests, who have felt the presence of others in the home. We have always thought that presence was Laura Hitch herself. Now that the resting place of Richard has been located, I can only wonder, was he there with us also? Ghosts, Spirits? Stay tuned, sometime soon I’ll expound on these super natural meetings.

Just last week after the Grayback was located, our town Scribe, Melissa Bright sent out the following email to the Village Mailing list. With her permission I attach that email. Melissa, you need to start a Blogging life.

Dear Allen Family – because Allen IS FAMILY – 

Today we honor all veterans, but on this day there is news about a specific Allen veteran.  Richard Beverly Hitch, son of Beverly and Laura Hitch, and brother to Thornton Hitch, was lost at sea during WWII aboard the submarine U.S.S. Grayback, where he served as an Electrician’s Mate 1st Class.
Today there is a report that the Grayback has been located.  All these years, it was unknown where it lay.  Recently, a Japanese amateur researcher discovered a single-digit error in the latitude and longitude of where it was believed the Grayback went down.  Using this information, the Lost 52 Project, which hunts for missing ships, found the Grayback in June off the coast of Okinawa, where it went down on February 27th, 1944.  The Grayback was on its 10th mission, and was among the 20 most successful subs in the U.S. Navy in terms of enemy ships destroyed.  It is reported that her career was ended that day in February when a 500 pound bomb made a direct hit on her conning tower.
When these lost ships are found, they are usually considered hallowed ground, the final resting place of the sailors who  went down with them.   There has been no mention of any attempt to recover remains.  
If I can get away from work for a few minutes, the church bell will ring at 11:11 a.m. this morning.  There are markers in Richard’s memory, Punchbowl, the National Cemetery for the Pacific in Hawaii, and also here in Allen with his family, under the cedar tree in the Eastern end.  At At 5:30 this evening, we will lay flowers at Richard’s marker in the Allen cemetery.  Anyone who is interested is invited to come.  
Richard was 28 years old when the Grayback went down.  Here is his photo from

Greyback History:

Here is a story on the finding of the sub:

There are two Find a Grave pages for Richard, one for each memorial site:

Don’t forget to check on the elderly.

The Passing of an Old Friend

On 24 September an old and dear friend of twenty five plus years left his earthly homeland of Bavaria, Germany. Hubertus, along with his two brothers, owned a centuries old farm on Collins Wharf Rd in Allen, MD. This farm, which lies behind a brick gateway along Wicomico Creek has been a mainstay of the community since 1733.

Hubertus was surrounded by daughters Natalie, Isabel, Carolin and Sophie who held him, and eased his fears to let go, and feel safe in his passing.

Hubertus reminded Mary Agnes and me as being like an overgrown Leprecheaun. Hubertus was always so happy with life, especially his yearly visits to the Eastern Shore and the village of Allen.

There are nothing but wonderful memories of Hubertus and his daughters over the years. Once I picked him and his entourage up at Dulles airport each year, it was a constant how’s this, how’s that and what’s new. This went on non-stop until once on the Eastern Shore and the “Kentucky Fried Chicken” sign was spotted,

it was time to stop, all were hungry.

He shall be missed by all those he touched.

Rest in peace my friend as you sail off in das Boat.

( Hubert’s greatest toy was his hydrofoil, brought over from Germany in a shipping crate many years ago. The scene of that boat flying up the Wicomico River at 60 mph with Hubert at the helm, shall be greatly missed.)

My best interpretation of the Death Notice

You are no longer where you were,
but you are everywhere we are

DR. Hubertus Rechberg
died peacefully in the circle of his beloved daughter

  • 12 March 1948 in Munich
    Died September 24, 2019 in Garmisch-Partenkirchen

In great love and gratitude we bid farewell to our father, father-in-law, grand-father and brother.

Wednesday the 2nd of October

11:00 am funeral service and funeral takes place
in the parish church ST. Clemens in 82438 Eschenlohe place.

12:30 – 17 o’clock approx. Reception in Wengwies

5.30 pm Children’s dinner PANCAKES – at Kiki
(Maus’s kitchen is occupied by the caterer!)

8 pm Family Dinner- at the Mouse

Until we meet again my friend.

Semper Fi
Don’t forget to check on the elderly.

The Grands and Greats take to the Road

Many of you are already aware that granddaughter Samantha, Captain, USAF, and husband Zed, Captain, USAF are relocating from OKC, Oklahoma to Geilenkirchen, Germany. For those who did not know this, now you do.

Image result for cartoon van with lots of people

Photo from:


So, to further enlighten you on their upcoming adventure and cross-country journey, I share with you Sam’s most recent blog. Should their schedule hold true, we might even have them on a float in the famous “Allen, MD Fourth of July Parade.” If you’re close by, the parade is an enjoyable experience with a picnic at the end.

Season 1: American Road Trip

by c12samb

Sung to the tune of Little Einsteins

We’re going on a trip in our big blue rocket truck

Zooming down the road, Davies Family

Climb aboard, get ready to explore

There’s so much to see, Davies Family

We’re going on a vacation, start the countdown

5, 4, 3, 2, 1

Everyone to the truck, rev it up now


We’re going on a trip in our big blue rocket truck

Zooming down the road, Davies Family

Climb aboard, get ready to explore

There’s so much to see, Davies Family

Come on, let’s go, Davies Family

Can’t wait to see you, Davies Family


On this season follow the Davies Family as we leave Tinker AFB in our rear view and head out on a 3 week family vacation. Follow us as we go from Oklahoma City to Vernal, UT to Frenchglen, OR, to Boise, ID, to Oklahoma City, OK, to Allen, MD, to Bay City, MI, to Montgomery, AL. You’ll get an inside look at the chaos of traveling as a family of six from sea to shining sea.



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Another Gastric Event


This past Thursday nourishment was once again the order of the day in our tiny village, you just gotta love those Lions. It was the Fire Company Auxiliary who’s turn it was to do the serving and the villagers all added sides to the staple of fried chicken provided by the Lions Club. As you will be able to see from the pictures, there were plenty of sides. The Auxiliary and the United Methodist Women share these event tasks. I must mention that a number of the ladies are both Auxiliary and United Methodist Women.

Image result for community service slogans

If your not a member of either, the recruiting door is always open, just contact one of those individuals who are always there.

The hungry gather to await the dinner bell.


Once again Scott McCurdy has set up his trains to entertain all. Scott would be the big fellow in the background chit chatting. Santa and Mrs. Claus were also in attendance to the delight of the young ones.


The table is prepared, no one went home hungry.



Ms Sue Malone rests her legs after doing dishes. That would be herself congratulating Ms Sue on a job well done. Ms Sue was a founding member of the Fire Company Auxiliary, herself has been a member for the past 29 years.

Since it’s charter the organization was known as the Ladies Auxiliary. I finally had to put my foot down last year and get them to drop the Ladies from the organization. It seems they could not find a lady willing to take on the Treasurers job some years back, would you believe ten? Herself was President at the time and the Rooster was drafted. No one has stepped up to volunteer for the position yet, so Auxiliary it is. They treat me well so I can’t complain, as you can see I’m well fed.


Today’s sponsor

Once again a big thank you to the Lions Club and all who brought the bounty to the table. Merry Christmas one and all. Don’t forget the cookies and milk for Santa.


Feed Them and They Will Come

Feed them and they will come, I’m thinking that saying must date back to the loaves and fishes. On any given weekend you can find multiple meals being served up by houses of worship and their congregations all over Delmarva. The plethora of service organizations throughout our communities also do a fine job of feeding their own. If we were to add in all the social clubs and special events I’ll bet you could eat at one of these events every weekend and never hit the same one twice.

During my younger years I was born into a Lutheran family, along the way a divorce happened and I was funneled into the community of the Methodist church. I shall not even delve into the maternal philosophy of that decision. In my early teens I would rebel and return to the church of Martin Luther, he of the 95 Theses. Ultimately I would marry my wife of 52 years who was Catholic and for simplistic sake I would become a Catholic and wear out my knees. So,  I have tasted a lot of food along the way, especially when a worshiping Methodist. I’m going to go with the Fish and Chips on Friday evenings during Lent with a bit of vinegar as my favorite. With my paternal roots originating by way of England it’s no wonder fish and chips reign.

Just this past weekend alone there was the 15th Annual Autumn Wine festival at Pemberton Park. Last Wednesday our villages Lions Club had their Bi-Monthly meeting with a baked Ziti dinner. The local newspaper had a listing of no less than five church supported events in the county featuring menus various enough that no matter how picky an eater you were, you could be satisfied somewhere. This time of year these meals seem to bring out a lot of Oysters. Perhaps it’s our proximity to the Chesapeake Bay?

Some of Gods houses and the nourishment that could be found were at St James Free Methodist situated at Head of Creek in Quantico, they were featuring Oyster and fish sandwiches. New Dimensions Ministries on Jersey road had Mr. “C’s” in to cater, perhaps a broken oven at this location? New Hope Methodist in Willards had a menu of fried chicken, mashed potatoes, greens, string beans, Mac and cheese, beets, and biscuits. You wont go hungry there. Of the other six houses of worship with goings on no less than four were of Methodist worshipers. The Reverand John Wesley most assuredly started a gastric way to the altar after he was ordained back in 1725.

However, for this posting of the Rooster’s Blog I shall feature the Village of Allen’s very own Asbury United Methodist Church. This past Saturday was the annual Fall Bazaar. The United Methodist Women along with a few spouses thrown in to help out for the occasion started prepping for this production together many days prior to the event. Non Methodist worshipers could also be found lending a hand. The event is held in the local community hall each year which sits just a stones throw up the road from the church.


Melissa Bright starts the soup as Tracy Pollitt, Aggie Culp and Frank Knowles work the stoves and grill. Notice the generous portion of Crisco Tracy applies to the Oysters.

Lisa Shahan takes your food order while Rick Pollitt takes your money.


The feast is never finished until the dishes are washed. Thank you Lucy Davis and Karen Mitchell.

Numerous tables of crafts, delicious baked goods and wares of every description are for sale to raise funds for the church. Events like these are great places to support a worthy cause and begin you holiday shopping.

These dedicated individuals are but a few of the many people of Allen, MD who come together for events such as this throughout the year. Many thanks to all of you who helped make this a successful Bazaar. From baking and chopping chicken and vegetables, giving of your time at whatever task is needed, truly depicts that it takes a village and we are the Village of Allen.

Next up, The Lions Beef Dinner on November 12, 2017. See a Lion, buy a ticket. Sitting down or take out, you shall not go hungry.

Allen Lions – Annual Beef Dinner
November 12, 2017
Time: 11:00 am until 4:00 pm
Cost: $18 per person
Place: The Allen Community Hall


“Don’t Trust Them,” an Explanation

Image result for be aware of your surroundings

In my most recent blog post photo description I said: “Our granddaughter Abby headed back to Mississippi State University for her senior year. Our local Village Bulletin Board had a fair-well posting for her. “Don’t trust them Abby.”


“ Don’t Trust them Abby” was not referring to the wonderful good-by on the message board or the folks in Allen. The sentence “Don’t trust them Abby.” is a grandfather to granddaughter reminder for personal safety as one goes off alone. Obviously this writer could have presented that brief saying differently as it has raised a few questions.

So, let me explain.

Four years ago our granddaughter Abby was going off to Mississippi State for her freshman year in college. We had a long conversation about personal safety prior to her departure, grandson Tommy was also in attendance. The term “Don’t Trust Them” was in reference to someone offering them something that sounded too good to be true. Since that time, quite frequently in fact, we use that phrase when departing each other’s company. It’s a subliminal message and they both know it well, and it’s just a reinforcement of awareness of your surroundings. Be Safe, if the hair’s rise on the back of your neck, something is not right.

The people of our little village are a close-knit lot. When we first moved here 29 years ago we were welcomed here with open arms. We will always be come here people who have lived here longer than anywhere in our 70 some odd years. We’ve acquired some sand between our toes while here and it serves as a constant reminder, that it is here where we belong.

Not only does the Village miss you when you leave, they even welcome you when you move back after many years living two states to the north.


Thank you Allen. in one of their blog posts had “10 Ways To Improve Your Situational Awareness.” If your interested in survival, prepping and homesteading there is lots to learn from their website. And if you’re in need of a subliminal message “Don’t trust them” is one way to go.

Have a great weekend, if you live in the Mid-Atlantic, get your umbrellas out.