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Where you been Rooster?

Back when I posted my last Blog, that was in late August, my partner on Mondays, Harrison, came in contact with someone who later tested positive for Covid. Several days later it became a Monday, all right, you guessed it, Mondays with Harrison. Yes sir E Bob, we hit the road together. Unknown to the two of us we had a third rider the dreaded COVID.  

That Monday, August 23, would be our last day out together. By Wednesday the disease started to rear it’s ugly head and we both started coming down with symptoms. We were tested that Friday and we were both positive. Harrison’s wife was also showing symptoms, button as severe as the two of us. 

Yes, all three of us had been inoculated back in January and February. 

My Monday partner would remain at home for more than a week and then became hospitalized. Ultimately he was transferred to a Nursing facility for a while and then was returned home. Harrison would pass peacefully on October 6 in the company of family.

Part of Harrison’s obituary reads as follows:

Harrison attended kindergarten in Mrs. Herold’s home, the Campus School and was in the first class to attend a twelfth year at Wicomico High School. Following high school, he graduated from Colgate University with a degree in Botany.

He married his high school sweetheart, Sylvia, in 1954. Following his service in the US Army, he co-founded Chesapeake Nurseries where he would say, “He never worked a day” because he loved it so much.

Throughout his life, he enjoyed time with his children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, teaching them to body surf, ski, seeing the wonder of simple things and the thrill of adventure. He never missed their sporting events, school ceremonies or anything of importance to them.

To know him was to love him. He made time for everyone, whether you were family, a friend, or a complete stranger. Harrison was genuinely interested in other people. He was a true example of God’s child. He was a lifetime member of of his church, where he served as an elder and on various committees.

Even in his final days, his humor, love of nature, and unabiding faith were constant.

Amazingly our last road trip took us to the town where he grew up in his early years. Familiar homes, some with relatives still in them were pointed out to me. When we passed the school that some grandchildren attended and he traveled to for sporting events, he once again reminded me of that fact.

We ate Cheeseburgers and fries that day from “5 Guys,” don’t tell Sylvia he would say.

Looking back, it was the most appropriate road trip for one last Tango on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. We certainly had some wonderful times together. Below is a picture from a stop for lunch in Lewes, DE on a warm day in November of 2020 on the Fisherman’s Wharf at the Wheelhouse restaurant

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November 2020

As for the Rooster, his feathers got ruffled a bit, I think this is day 66, Taste, Smell and Balance still a bit off. I had an infusion a week after my positive test. There are more good days than bad and I thank the Almighty for being able to write about it. So let us just leave this part of life, as well as the end of it for a very special person.

Peace my friend, be safe out there everyone. Don’t forget to check on the elderly. If you’re not vaccinated, think about it for the welfare of everyone else.

Semper Fi, The Rooster