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Blogging 101, Day Two: Take Control of Your Title and Tagline Inbox

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Good morning everyone from the Eastern Shore. Once again I’m at my daughters working on day two  of Blogging 101. I’m out on her balcony which overlooks the Port of Salisbury, MD. If you have to write, this is a nice place to do it.

I’m hoping these photos shows up in my blog this time. the two images I inserted at the end of yesterday’s blog missed the boat somehow.

Yesterday I was having an issue understanding tags, I’m feeling I kind of got it now.

My Blog, “As the Rooster Crows,” got it’s name due to the fact We’ve had a backyard flock of chickens for over 15 years. Since 2008 I’ve blogged on Blogspot at http:\\ Please feel free to travel there and see a little of this that and other things. That blog is titled “As the Rooster Crows in Eden” Eden is actually a Zip Code, 21822 and actually encompasses 3 counties on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and the Delmarva Peninsula. Those  counties are Wicomico, Somerset and Worcester. If you like history and like to read pick up “Chesapeake” by James Michner.

My name and IRL information. Way back in the day, late 1950’s my nickname was Fidel. For those that don’t know Fidel Castro was up in the mountains of Cuba starting a revolution against Juan Batista the leader of Cuba. Some folks started calling me elfidd and I have just kind of hung onto it. thus we have, http:\\ and it will lead you here to this site. Just look at this history lesson your getting out there in blogging land. Thanks WordPress for the new motivation.

So I, Lee Fiddler, am “The Rooster,”, and your host on this blog. Our Rooster at home is “Casper,” like the friendly ghost.


Casper, ever so noble and gentle and loves his five red hens. You will know when first light appears each day as this rooster crows in my backyard.

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  1. Ron Walker says:

    I enjoy reading blogs, and checking out the older posts. I like the Rooster. Our daughter when she was around 14 had a pet chicken and would walk it on a lease all around the property.

  2. Your looking at some old stuff Ron. In CT at the moment, a granddaughter has a church confirmation on Tuesday. The first Monday of the month my old SP Troop has a Old Retired Farts breakfast at a local restaurant. I’ll be there for the first time and get to tell some war stories. You know how that goes I’m sure.

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