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Blogging 101, 1st Assignment

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I’m currently a student in Blogging 101 at WordPress. This is my first assignment, feedback is welcomed.

My name is Lee Fiddler and I’m from the Eastern Shore of Maryland. I’ve been blogging on and off since 1988. Originally I used, and still am using Google, to get my blog out. Actually I put one out yesterday at

I’ve been with WordPress for a few years and never really got the hang of it. My thought by coming here to Blogging U, I just may learn to do a better job. I’ve moved over to a Mac recently and I’ve been told by other bloggers that WordPress is just a better way to go. I also like the looks of a WordPress blog. I’m sure I will get the upgraded version at some point.

So here I am and Blogging U gets to teach an old dog, a new trick.

In answer to todays questions:

  • Why are you blogging publicly, rather than keeping a personal journal?
  • What topics do you think you’ll write about?
  • Who would you love to connect with via your blog?
  • If you blog successfully throughout the next year, what would you hope to have accomplished?

I keep a daily journal, and on 9/11/2015 it will be one year without a miss. I currently have 79 folks on my mailing list and I announce my blog posts on FB and Twitter (Fiddelstix). I blog to communicate and share.

My general rule for posting falls under the below categories:

Around the Neighborhood, (MD, Eastern Shore, Wicomico County, Allen, Trinity & Eden)

Missives and News from Contributors around town

Where in the World? (This is about my son in-law’s travels. He works for the Dept. of State and goes everywhere and sees and experiences some neat things.)

Sam’s Corner (Davies, OK, OR & Military) (This is my granddaughter, an Air Force 1st LT, a 2012 graduate of the USAFA, with her husband, a pilot of an E-3 AWACS is stationed in OKC. They have 2 girls Mia and Anna.

We, Me and and the kids  (Just a roll of the dice about my wife Mary Agnes and I and our three children. There’s a son in CT and two daughters here on the Eastern Shore of MD, sometimes referred to as the Delmarva peninsula. That’s Delaware, Maryland and Virginia for those not familiar with the geography.)

A Bit of This, That and Other Things (What ever else I choose to throw in. I try not to be political or controversial.)

Back on February 9’th 2009 there was something going on Facebook that requested you post 25 things about yourself. I just thought I’d put it out there again so the readership would know a bit about me. (With a few updated revisions)

1. 66 years ago on March 26 I was born. 72 years ago now.
2. I asked my wife to marry me on my front porch while sitting on a swing in Audubon, NJ.
3. I have three of the greatest children anyone could wish for. They are Kathryn, Sarah and Matthew.
4. My wife is the reason for the great children.
5. I was never home when the children were growing up, ask Matt.
6. 21810 was a compromise between 34101 and 04609 when I retired.
7. Three of my most honored duties were performed for J.F.K, Herbert Hoover and General MacArthur’s funerals. Performing a wedding ceremony for my granddaughter Samantha Davies and niece Lindsay Valasquez can now be added.
8. My favorite saying is Semper Fi, and clearing my throat according to my daughters.
9. My first dogs name was Lady, my last was Troop. Gotta add Maggie to that now.
10. I once had a Police Dog named Ping, at least Matt thought it was a Police Dog.
11. I am done with winter, summer at this writing.
12. My favorite vacation trip was to Key West, FL with Bobby and Barbara, and Tommy and Elva. She’s a Hoot by the way.
13. I do not like heights.
14. I love Navy Football.
15. I love the Air Force except when they compete against Navy.
16. I support The Salisbury School, Go Dragons. Must add Mississippi State University now.
17. I have eight grandchildren and a special Angel. Three Great grandchildren added now.
18. I’ve got to get my Pontoon Boat back in the water this year. It’s for sale, want a good deal., call me.
19. My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. Still is, plus, Aunt Barb’s Christmas Party ranks right up there also.
20. My favorite meat is Pork. To all my Muslim friends, I will not invite you that night.
21. My favorite beer is Guinness in winter, Shock Top in summer.
22. My favorite meal is breakfast out, with Mary Agnes of course.
23. My favorite daughter in-law lives in CT.
24. I secretly admire another women, her name is Belle. Gotta share that with Maggie now.
25. I am proud to be an American.  Go Navy beat Army!

I close my blogs with the below signature. Thanks for reading.

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