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Day 3, Blogging by the river

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This is my desk for writing today. I share this space with a cat that comes out and terrorizes me from time to time.

Where in the world?

I’m guessing El Jefe, that would be Jeff for those that don’t try to inject Spanish, is in Frankfort Germany on a Lay-Over in route to Nigeria. He’ll pop back to Frankfort for a short stop on his way to Moscow later this month. Now I’m only guessing this and I could never for the life of me feel this way but: Does this short maintenance thing actually smell like Leveraging a couple of days in a Biergarten for Oktoberfest? I’ve been this mans father in-law for 26 years and trust me when I say, “He is a Leverager.” Have one for me buddy.

Yesterday I get a text from Jeff, he’s at IAD. He sends me a picture of someone I’ve known since 1971. There, but for the Grace of God and Facebook did they meet. The person he met is Jim Dick who grew up right around the corner from our old home in Connecticut. Jim, like Jeff also works for the government and travels around the world frequently like Jeff. Jim recognized Jeff from Facebook and introduced himself. Just recently I mentioned to Jim that sometimes their paths must cross. It’s a small world. Jim is on his way to Poland and then back to Octoberfest. Now he claims he does not schedule the meetings, Obviously he took Leveraging lessons from Jeff.


photo by:

I’m thinking Jeff should start an online company, he could call it, I just bet he’d make a buck or two.

The First day of School


This is my grandson Thomas , who I got the privilege of driving to school yesterday. Tommy is a Junior at ‘The Salisbury School.”

Palmer golfing outing

LtoR – Patrick, Peter, Mark, and Tommy Palmer. Uncle Mike and Aunt Debbie Wessels with the hats. A great, before it’s Back to School Event at Green Hill CC.

This, That and Other Things.

A wise man once said: “Stop following your dreams. You’ll never catch up. Instead, write what you know and you might find that you and your dreams end up in the same place anyway.” (Mitch Hedberg)

What is really deja vous about that quote is that my wife, Mary Agnes, has been saying that to me for ever. Perhaps I better listen.

If it Shouts interest, Take a Peek


View at

I’ll close today’s post from ‘The Rooster” with this:


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