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Sunset in a Wine Glass

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Last evening after a fine dinner of Chicken Piccata over Jasmine rice , I glanced out the window above the sink as I was loading the dishwasher. Herself, unless it’s an outdoor grill night prepares and I clean up after the meal. It’s been a good arrangement for fifty-two years. Come to think of it, I clean up after a grilling night also., must look into that . It was nearing sunset and the sky was just gorgeous.

Just as me wife was settling down on the couch with a nice glass of Chardonnay, I shouted “don’t sit, grab a jacket, we’re off to see the sunset.” The local Yacht Club is less than a half mile away and offers the most beautiful pictorial displays of a setting sun over water that you could imagine.

We hit the car running without spilling a drop of the nectar of the god’s and arrived at “C” pier in perfect unison with the sun as it was setting. My wife had set her glass on a piling and I captured what I thought was the perfect picture. This shot is titled “Sunset in a wine glass.”

I just wanted to share. It was one of those “Seize the moment” events, and I think I did. Enjoy!


Wicomico Creek, Allen, MD 10/16/2017 @ 1835


  1. I love it, that y’all flew out of the house to see a gorgeous sunset. We used to do that, but we were going to see lightning over Long Island Sound. John voluntarily cleans up after meals. He tells people that it’s much better for me to cook and him to clean than vice versa. That was a lovely sunset in a wine glass.

  2. How picturesque! Beautiful picture. Sounds like it captured a beautiful moment as well.

  3. Paula Wright says:


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