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Sunset in a Wine Glass

Last evening after a fine dinner of Chicken Piccata over Jasmine rice , I glanced out the window above the sink as I was loading the dishwasher. Herself, unless it’s an outdoor grill night prepares and I clean up after the meal. It’s been a good arrangement for fifty-two years. Come to think of it, I clean up after a grilling night also., must look into that . It was nearing sunset and the sky was just gorgeous.

Just as me wife was settling down on the couch with a nice glass of Chardonnay, I shouted “don’t sit, grab a jacket, we’re off to see the sunset.” The local Yacht Club is less than a half mile away and offers the most beautiful pictorial displays of a setting sun over water that you could imagine.

We hit the car running without spilling a drop of the nectar of the god’s and arrived at “C” pier in perfect unison with the sun as it was setting. My wife had set her glass on a piling and I captured what I thought was the perfect picture. This shot is titled “Sunset in a wine glass.”

I just wanted to share. It was one of those “Seize the moment” events, and I think I did. Enjoy!


Wicomico Creek, Allen, MD 10/16/2017 @ 1835