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After the reunion at Troop C the Mrs. and I would head back to our son’s home in Tolland to catch up on their day. Earlier the oldest daughter and her best friend forever, forever being Kindergarten went off to their high school for the selection process for the girls volleyball team. After all the angst the past week over practice and the entire process of trying out, both girls made the team. Congratulations Jill and Mandy.

The girls, Matt, Beth,Rebecca, and Kevin would have a holiday afternoon and head to Essex, CT for a train and boat ride. Essex is a great little spot to visit if you ever find yourself in Connecticut with nothing to do. The crew even had a meal at the famous Griswold Inn.


Courtesy of the Essex Steam Train


The Griswold Inn, courtesy of Wiki.

The Griswold Inn, located in Essex, Connecticut, is the oldest continuously run tavern in the United States of America.[1] Founded by three brothers in the late 18th century and named after the Griswold Family of the area, it has been under the stewardship of only six families. The inn was captured by British troops and used as a base of operations during the War of 1812.[2] During prohibition the inn still maintained a lively entertainment schedule for the local yachtsmen. Over the years several surrounding buildings were added to the inn complex, each with its own unique history. The inn was also used as a filming location for the Gothic soap opera Dark Shadows. (From the pages of Wiki)


Mooring a boat along the Connecticut river takes a dingy ride back to shore. Nice picture Matt

Back in Maryland our crew was headed to Baltimore for the Ravens vs Lions  pre-season football game. They would make the 109 mile trip in a converted tactical van which today performs as a venue for tailgating.


Inside the party van on the way to the game.


M&T Bank Stadium is in sight.

Granddaughter Rachael was celebrating the completion of her first week as a teacher for 4th and 5th grade students in Science and History at the Stepping Stones Learning Center. After a two-year career in the Brew Pub industry as a personal assistant she now gets to do what she loves, help children grow.


Rachael on the left with her mom Sarah, our middle child.

Eljefe/Jeff the son in-law, just back from Brussels would be so up for this trip. You see, he hails from Bay City, MI and has been a loyal Detroit Lions fan for his entire life. We who root for others, are so terribly sorry for yet another loss. May God bless you for your loyalty and comfort you during future games. Have a Beer and a Brat Jeff, on me of course.

Abby is spending this semester at SU in Salisbury but heading back to MSU in Starkville, MS next weekend to celebrate her 20th birthday with friends and watch some SEC football. Go Dawgs.

As for me and the little women, we’ve spent the night in Bangor, ME, had a great breakfast yesterday in Ogonquit. We visited a cemetery in Kittery and drove every back road from Portland to Bangor looking for a Bear or Moose. NO LUCK.


This vault was sealed with a kiss.

For dinner we would seek out Geaghan’s Brewery and Pub for a dining excursion. We both love brew pubs. Seems it was open mike night and a small group, complete with Harp were providing entertainment. You know, I’ve go to get better at this interviewing stuff. I chatted and filmed them for a good 10 minutes and never got the group’s name. Hey, I’m learning, right.

Out in Oklahoma City last week, great-granddaughter Mia Davies scored her first soccer goal. Thank the good Lord, Mia Hamm will not be missed.


“SCORE!!!” You Rock Mia.


OK, there’s your nightly wrap-up. It’s time for a shower, breakfast, a drive to the border and on to Moncton, NB for the night.

Thanks for traveling with us, we hope you enjoy back roads because that’s how we travel.” Here Moosey, Moosey, Moosey.”


This is as close to a Moose as we’ve gotten. It’s a picture hanging in Geaghan’s Pub.

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  1. Paula Wright says:

    SCORE MIA!!!
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