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T Shirt Contest

Our trip north has ended and we are back home after XXXX number of miles. How many miles did you put on that Subaru of yours you might ask. Well, thats why we’re having a contest and the winner will receive a Maryland Flag “T” Shirt.


Six years ago my brother in-law Bobby and I made a cross country trip together to Colorado, we were delivering a car to my granddaughter at the Air Force Academy. I blogged our trip through the Ohio River Valley, the bread belt of Illinois and Kansas and up to the Rockies of Colorado. We had a T Shirt contest for that adventure as well. Our winner was Della Baird of Wilmington, NC and her photo in her winning T Shirt was posted on a later blog.  Uncle Bobby is no longer with us, but whenever we go on a trip his spirit for adventure lives.

So, here we go.

You must email the Rooster @ no later than midnight on September 30, 2016 with your guess on the # of miles driven on our trip through, CT, RI, MA, NH, ME, NB, PEI, NS and back. The person who comes the closest without going over the actual total mileage is the winner.

The Itinerary

Departed Eden/Allen, MD, 21822  on 21 August and drove to Vernon then Tolland, CT. We hung out in CT for six days taking a few side trips to Mystic, CT,  Westerly, RI for one and to our daily walking path in Vernon and breakfast there a few times also. We went to Stafford Springs, CT for my State Police Troop “C” reunion also.

Back on the road 28 August we would leave Tolland and head to Bangor, ME. We pretty much drove a direct route to Portland, ME and then the all back roads to Bangor began. We tried to stay parallel to I-95 but we got off the beaten path more than once.

After a nice evening in Bangor, ME we headed out to cross the Canadian border on 29 August at the Calais/St. Stephen crossing and drive to Moncton, NB for the evening.  Rt 1 was our road for that trip. We drove around some to see the tide change and have dinner while in Moncton.

On August 30th we arose well rested and after a great breakfast we were off to the home of Lucy Maude Montgomery, the Author of “Anne of Green Gables.” Garmin got us there directly. Now you must do a bit of detective work and locate the site. After some time at Lucy’s homestead we headed to Charlottetown and our hotel. Oops, the rooms not ready. To kill some time we would drive to Brackley Beach and have some great fish and chips. After much it was back to Charlottetown and the hotel right down town.

We arose on the 31st and after some walking about town we drove semi directly to the ferry located at Wood Islands where we would cross to Nova Scotia and the city of Halifax. We would drive directly to Halifax via Garmin and park our car for two days in the garage of the Residence Inn. Our feet would be our transportation for this stop.

We would hop back into the car once again on 2 September and drive via Garmin to Saint John, NB. We did take a side trip to Fundy National Park along the way. More figuring for you readers out there. Once again our feet and a Trolly tour were our transportation while in Saint John for two days.

On Sunday 4 September we departed Saint John, made the border crossing at ST Stephen/Calais once again and followed Garmin’s direction to Bucksport, Me. Once checked into the Bucksport Motor Inn, highly recommend it by the way, we were off on a drive along Route 1 south to Bayside, Belfast and the Young’s Lobster Pound. If ever in Belfast try it out, you will not be sorry, provided you like Lobster that is.


Labor day, September 5 we headed south to Portland, Maine, we ignored Garmin once again and motored along Route 1 south. We saw old haunts along the way, Lincolnville and it’s ferry to Islesboro where we ventured with family for a beachside picnic many years ago. Going through the town of Bath you pass the Bath Iron Works, a neat view as you cross the Kennebec river.

We made a stop in Camden, a must if you ever travel Route 1. Slow down people, get off the Interstate. Entering Camden I had an “Epiphany.”  “Wallack” I shouted out as my wife glared at me like I was some crazy man. Ever since heading south from the border I had been trying to remember someone’s name.  I’d gone through the alphabet over and over. Have you ever done that? I knew his first name was Mark and when he retired from the CT State Police he had moved to Maine. I had known this man dating back to 1981 when he first applied to the department for a Troopers position. I was working in the Selection Unit back then.

So I remember a name, the man possibly living in Camden from a contact I had back some ten years ago about him retiring to Camden, ME. No address, no phone number and no internet to go searching. “Dang” says I to myself as I ease into a parking spot right in downtown Camden. The little lady want’s to walk the shops, “$$$,” visit the waterfront and just take a nostalgic stroll, we’ve been here numerous times over the past 51 years.

She sees an eclectic souvenir shop and enters. I stroll ahead totally oblivious to her disappearing act which is commonplace. Many times I’m thankful she has her phone with her, “where are you I ask?” On this occasion I recover from the alone feeling quickly and trace her back to the said store. I mean I was a Detective, right?

The Mrs. searches the shelves for something to take to Oklahoma to the great grandkids in October and I think, this place must have a phone book. I borrow the book, peruse the “W’s” list of names and no Mark Wallack, “damn” I mutter to myself. No luck I say to the store owner. “Who are you looking for,” he asks. I explain who, and the connection going back thirty-five years ago. “Mach” he exclaims, “I know Mach.” You see, there are no “R’s” in the Maine vocabulary. The man goes into a lengthy explanation of how he knows him and how much a part of the community he is. I get a phone number and address from him, he lives just one mile out of town. We’re out of the store, $58.95 later, and we head up the street to see an old friend.

We find the house, an adorable Cape on a lake, kayak with fishing rod rigged to the side, (every man’s retirement dream) just waiting at the dock. A feisty Aussie Mini Collie, (could be something else, but that’s close enough) is greeting us on the porch. I find out later the dog’s name is Frisbee.  I knock, Mach answers, we recognize each other after all these years and it’s Man Hug Time.


We pass an hour’s plus of time, take a few remembrance photos and say good-by. I shall MACH this epiphany in my journal. It was great seeing you old friend.

We continue south, stop and get a Subway, grinder in hand, New England for Hero, Sub, Italian Sandwich, or what ever. We have ourselves a roadside lunch stop in Rockport and continue south to Freeport, home of L. L. Bean. You can not go through Freeport without stopping at the store, I think it’s a law or something. I have my picture taken in front of the customary boot, spend a few dollars and we’re off again.


We will spend the night in Portland, take a side trip to Windham to have dinner with old friends, Gilbert’s Chowder House was the venue for this last taste test. This time a Bread Bowl of Fish Chowder.  Great to see you Shirley and Ray. Shirley and my sister Donna were best of friends, having first met as student nurses back in 1963. Shirley was part of the family at my sisters bedside when she died on July 1st. Thank you Shirley for all you have meant for so many years. The few, the proud, the Pie Maker. Too short a visit, we will make it longer next time. Back to the hotel on Mall Road in Portland for a good nights sleep prior to leaving for Tolland, CT the next AM.


Herself on the left  with good friends Shirley and Ray

Garmin would be happy with us on Tuesday, September 6. No U-turns were suggested as we cruised the speedy interstates the entire way. We did continue past Tolland to Vernon Pizza for a great Grinder, Capiccola for me, Pastrami for herself.

We lay over one night with the son and family, say good-night and are out the door by 0500 the next morning. Our last day on the road was an easy one, Garmin is not needed at all, I drove this route for the first time 57 years ago. I’ve varied the route countless times, often going far out of the way just to do something different. I’ll keep Garmin on in case a detour is needed at some point but not for directions.

Here you go, last bit of mileage to calculate, Tolland, CT via I-84 to I-684 Brewster, NY to I-287, to Garden State Parkway in NJ. NJ Turnpike, cross into Delaware ( She wore a Yellow Ribbon by the way) Rt. 1 south to Dover, DE to Rt.13 to 21810.

OK you readers out there, get calculating, googling or what ever. Make your best guess and submit it by September 30, 2016 by 2400 hours to

If you win and want the shirt, please state size and your mailing address. I shall not flood you with junk mail, only a “T” shirt.

Just a little FYI, we got four new hens last night, 15 weeks old and our first egg this afternoon. Six hens now and one very happy Rooster named Casper. The girls are Mary, Hillary, Donna, Linda, Bobbie and Marie. Hillary by the way is a liar. Always spending time in the layer box, squawking like she just laid an egg and no egg to be found. Liar, Liar, pants on fire.

Thanks for stopping by. Plenty of links for you this time, enjoy. We have now traveled every mile of and touched touched both ends of  U.S. Route 1.  Can you say Xylophone?

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Moncton, BC & the Bay of Fundy

Low Tide in the Bay of Fundy

Everything you need to understand the Bay of Fundy is right here. If you’ve never observed this tidal change, put it on your bucket list.

Our ride from Bangor to the East was wonderful. The crossing into Canada from Calais, ME to St Stephen, BC was so different of our border crossing two years ago at Niagara Falls. The Canadian border official was so welcoming, some minor chit-chat about Anne of Green Gables,” longest running play in Canada by the way,” he says. We’re fulfilling one check off from the Mrs’ Bucket List,by the way. We were the lone vehicle crossing at the time, far different from the 40 minute bumper to bumper trip at Niagara. I’m awaiting the finish to this experience on the cross back to the USA on the return. That was a disappointing experience two years ago. Our contact that time was a miserable ass and an embarrassment to our border guards.

The ride on Route #1 was a delight. A smooth and beautiful highway with little traffic and wonderful countryside to view. It was one of the most relaxing trips I’ve ever driven. No trash along the roadway either, which is something I’m embarrassed about when people travel to Maryland’s Eastern Shore. I wonder what the Canadian’s do to occupy a day with their work-release prisoners.


Note the jacket, a blustery wind, high 60’s and a delightful lunch venue along Canada’s Rt. #1, cleanliness everywhere.

We checked into our Hotel, a Hampton Inn and I’ll let the pictures speak to the accommodations.

The nicest room we old farts have ever stayed in, a true Honeymoon Suite. We are blessed by some great children who provided this night. Thank you girls. Had a chit-chat with the owner, Mr Murphy at breakfast. When we drove in from the looks of the grounds and building we thought this was a new house, not the case, eight years old. A #1 stay should you ever find yourself in Moncton, BC.  Just plan a night or two at the Hampton Inn at 700 Mapleton, Rd. Tell Murph, the Rooster sent you. Don’t pass up breakfast either, first class all the way.

The Mrs. had the best fish chowder she ever had at a place called Skippers. I feasted on Fish Tacos. We shared some great Calimari, washed it all down and headed to watch the water run out of the Moncton downtown.

It’s amazing how the water rushes out so quickly. The Bay of Fundy has the greatest tides in the world. Check out the following web site and learn all the particulars.

 After a brief walk, gotta get some steps you know, we walked the isles of Cabelas.

She found her moose, I found my chair.


Thank you all for stopping by, off to Anne of Green Gables next. So glad to greet you all from Canada, à bientôt.


Looking for Moose

After the reunion at Troop C the Mrs. and I would head back to our son’s home in Tolland to catch up on their day. Earlier the oldest daughter and her best friend forever, forever being Kindergarten went off to their high school for the selection process for the girls volleyball team. After all the angst the past week over practice and the entire process of trying out, both girls made the team. Congratulations Jill and Mandy.

The girls, Matt, Beth,Rebecca, and Kevin would have a holiday afternoon and head to Essex, CT for a train and boat ride. Essex is a great little spot to visit if you ever find yourself in Connecticut with nothing to do. The crew even had a meal at the famous Griswold Inn.


Courtesy of the Essex Steam Train


The Griswold Inn, courtesy of Wiki.

The Griswold Inn, located in Essex, Connecticut, is the oldest continuously run tavern in the United States of America.[1] Founded by three brothers in the late 18th century and named after the Griswold Family of the area, it has been under the stewardship of only six families. The inn was captured by British troops and used as a base of operations during the War of 1812.[2] During prohibition the inn still maintained a lively entertainment schedule for the local yachtsmen. Over the years several surrounding buildings were added to the inn complex, each with its own unique history. The inn was also used as a filming location for the Gothic soap opera Dark Shadows. (From the pages of Wiki)


Mooring a boat along the Connecticut river takes a dingy ride back to shore. Nice picture Matt

Back in Maryland our crew was headed to Baltimore for the Ravens vs Lions  pre-season football game. They would make the 109 mile trip in a converted tactical van which today performs as a venue for tailgating.


Inside the party van on the way to the game.


M&T Bank Stadium is in sight.

Granddaughter Rachael was celebrating the completion of her first week as a teacher for 4th and 5th grade students in Science and History at the Stepping Stones Learning Center. After a two-year career in the Brew Pub industry as a personal assistant she now gets to do what she loves, help children grow.


Rachael on the left with her mom Sarah, our middle child.

Eljefe/Jeff the son in-law, just back from Brussels would be so up for this trip. You see, he hails from Bay City, MI and has been a loyal Detroit Lions fan for his entire life. We who root for others, are so terribly sorry for yet another loss. May God bless you for your loyalty and comfort you during future games. Have a Beer and a Brat Jeff, on me of course.

Abby is spending this semester at SU in Salisbury but heading back to MSU in Starkville, MS next weekend to celebrate her 20th birthday with friends and watch some SEC football. Go Dawgs.

As for me and the little women, we’ve spent the night in Bangor, ME, had a great breakfast yesterday in Ogonquit. We visited a cemetery in Kittery and drove every back road from Portland to Bangor looking for a Bear or Moose. NO LUCK.


This vault was sealed with a kiss.

For dinner we would seek out Geaghan’s Brewery and Pub for a dining excursion. We both love brew pubs. Seems it was open mike night and a small group, complete with Harp were providing entertainment. You know, I’ve go to get better at this interviewing stuff. I chatted and filmed them for a good 10 minutes and never got the group’s name. Hey, I’m learning, right.

Out in Oklahoma City last week, great-granddaughter Mia Davies scored her first soccer goal. Thank the good Lord, Mia Hamm will not be missed.


“SCORE!!!” You Rock Mia.


OK, there’s your nightly wrap-up. It’s time for a shower, breakfast, a drive to the border and on to Moncton, NB for the night.

Thanks for traveling with us, we hope you enjoy back roads because that’s how we travel.” Here Moosey, Moosey, Moosey.”


This is as close to a Moose as we’ve gotten. It’s a picture hanging in Geaghan’s Pub.

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