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Moncton, BC & the Bay of Fundy

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Low Tide in the Bay of Fundy

Everything you need to understand the Bay of Fundy is right here. If you’ve never observed this tidal change, put it on your bucket list.

Our ride from Bangor to the East was wonderful. The crossing into Canada from Calais, ME to St Stephen, BC was so different of our border crossing two years ago at Niagara Falls. The Canadian border official was so welcoming, some minor chit-chat about Anne of Green Gables,” longest running play in Canada by the way,” he says. We’re fulfilling one check off from the Mrs’ Bucket List,by the way. We were the lone vehicle crossing at the time, far different from the 40 minute bumper to bumper trip at Niagara. I’m awaiting the finish to this experience on the cross back to the USA on the return. That was a disappointing experience two years ago. Our contact that time was a miserable ass and an embarrassment to our border guards.

The ride on Route #1 was a delight. A smooth and beautiful highway with little traffic and wonderful countryside to view. It was one of the most relaxing trips I’ve ever driven. No trash along the roadway either, which is something I’m embarrassed about when people travel to Maryland’s Eastern Shore. I wonder what the Canadian’s do to occupy a day with their work-release prisoners.


Note the jacket, a blustery wind, high 60’s and a delightful lunch venue along Canada’s Rt. #1, cleanliness everywhere.

We checked into our Hotel, a Hampton Inn and I’ll let the pictures speak to the accommodations.

The nicest room we old farts have ever stayed in, a true Honeymoon Suite. We are blessed by some great children who provided this night. Thank you girls. Had a chit-chat with the owner, Mr Murphy at breakfast. When we drove in from the looks of the grounds and building we thought this was a new house, not the case, eight years old. A #1 stay should you ever find yourself in Moncton, BC.  Just plan a night or two at the Hampton Inn at 700 Mapleton, Rd. Tell Murph, the Rooster sent you. Don’t pass up breakfast either, first class all the way.

The Mrs. had the best fish chowder she ever had at a place called Skippers. I feasted on Fish Tacos. We shared some great Calimari, washed it all down and headed to watch the water run out of the Moncton downtown.

It’s amazing how the water rushes out so quickly. The Bay of Fundy has the greatest tides in the world. Check out the following web site and learn all the particulars.

 After a brief walk, gotta get some steps you know, we walked the isles of Cabelas.

She found her moose, I found my chair.


Thank you all for stopping by, off to Anne of Green Gables next. So glad to greet you all from Canada, à bientôt.



  1. Paula Wright says:

    oops that page was not found.. no photos ;-((

  2. Bun Karyudo says:

    I couldn’t see the last two photos, I’m afraid, but the first one was nice. It’s great you got a welcoming border guard when you arrived. When I travel somewhere, I always hate getting a grumpy border guard or immigration official. It give a bad first impression of the country I’m visiting.

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