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A New Warranty

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I’ve had a few readers questioning where I’ve been of late. The month of March, 2016 will go down as one that has brought about great change. That change is the way my heart functions.

I’m not one to go on Face Book or Twitter and moan and groan about this, that and other physical ailments. We have all seen this every time we visit Jerry’s home page, he has a new malady:illness, sickness, disease, infection, ailment, disorder, complaint, indisposition, affliction, infirmity, syndrome; informal bug or virus.  Jerry by the way is a fictional character.

Back in February I visited the Doctor for Bronchitis, subsequent follow-up provided me with a Hospital bed, Cardiac Cath and lots of tests during a four day visit. It was confirmed that I had Bronchitis and the Cardiac Cath proved that my CABG of 2000 had exceeded it’s original warranty. My passageways for blood flow were totally blocked and I was existing on collateral circulation only. I was to be scheduled to see a CV Surgeon once over the Bronchitis. That time would be extended to another week after coming down with an Intestinal Virus.

Thanks to

In early March i would have my Surgical consult and get a scheduled date for a CABG redo.
Since the warranty had expired and my original Surgery, and my Surgeon having moved out of town, a new Maestro would direct the Surgical Orchestra this time. Mid month found me checking into the Surgical Suite surrounded by my wife and children. The surgery went well and I was given two new by-passes. A collapsed Lung kept me in the ICU an extra day and after a total of six days it was back to home and my Cat Simon and dog Maggie.

My good Irish friend O’Leary put in a request for my Kilkenny Sports Club hoodie should I not make it through the surgery. Yes, the same good friend we went to Ireland with in December. He and his lovely wife have been frequent visitors since arriving home. With each visit I see him glance towards the jacket pegs, most likely thinking, what could have been.


For all the prayers, cards and words of encouragement I’ve received, thank you all. For those that did not know, well I’m not Jerry. I’m on the road to recovery. It will take a bit of time to heal. I’m blessed with a wife, daughter and two sisters that are nurses. I’m reserving judgement as to if that’s a good thing or not. Perhaps it will provide more fodder for the next edition of the Rooster.

Once again thank you to all my well wishers, the Rooster continues to crow. Thanks for visiting.

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  1. mmd32454 says:

    Behave and take your medicine! Your sister, Meg

  2. Praying for your good health and continued posts. Take care, and God bless you.

  3. Thanks Professor, each day a little stronger. Lots of support around the house.

  4. Andy Farley says:

    Lee, I hope that this time you got the extended warranty. Those regular warranties aren’t worth a damn. Mine have been running out as well. Great news on your recovery. Andy

  5. BunKaryudo says:

    I was sorry to learn of your heart bypasses and lung problem. It’s great that you’re on the mend now, though. I’m delighted to hear that you’ll be hanging on to that Kilkenny Sports Club hoodie for a long time yet.

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