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It’s Sunday 3 April, 2016

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For the past two weeks I’ve been trying to get something put together for the Blog. I’m not sure what’s going on exactly with the thought process, nothing seems to come together. Perhaps the drugs the Anesthesiologist used during my surgery scrambled things a bit.

I’ve mentioned our friend’s the O’Leary’s in posts gone by. Big news out of their household, their oldest daughter has become engaged. I got a text today that all the relatives will be coming over from Ireland and England for the event. No date as yet, but you can guarantee it will be a party. Our two daughters were married within four months of each other some years ago. Two great parties there let me tell you. Just have to get the date and the plans can start for the O’Leary party.

I spent part of the morning catching up with a few of my fellow bloggers I follow., critical,,,, and several others. It’s always good to catch up on my reading, especially with the hope that some creative juices might be stimulated.

My friend at recently purchased a new camera and went off about town trying it out. Several photo’s of his stood out. He’s the provider of the message board quotes at the tube in London from time to time.

The first that caught my eye was this picture taken at a Barber Shop. Must speak with a few of my Brit friends and get a feel how they view our political process.


The second was’s_Brewery


Thanks for the fodder for this posting my friend.

Anne Mehrling ,down in Ashville, NC posted that she made her #200 post. You have me by a few Anne. Between my former Blogspot site and this one on WordPress this will be post #196Congratulations Anne. Anne’s husband John and I have equal appreciation for radio news. New friendships obtained through the written word in the BlogWorld.

Our oldest daughter and her husband came by this morning to “check on the elderly.” That’s what she calls her texts, calls and drop bys. Seeing as how the wife was making home made bread to go along with the Ham & Split Pee soup, they will be back for dinner.

Our youngest daughter will be attending the Supplemental Nutrition Assistant Program (SNAP), also. I can smell the bread cooking and it’s inviting aroma wafting into the living room as I write.

Photo on 4-3-16 at 5.04 PM

The finished product.

In less that two hours the Uconn woman basketball team will be taking on Oregon State out in Indianapolis in their quest for another national title, #11 if they do it. We are true Blue Uconn fans and shall be watching while having soup and bread.

Las night was Casino night at the Yacht Club, a yearly fund raising event for our Volunteer Fire Company took place. The wife and I usually run a Black Jack table for the event, this year we took the night off. I’m just not into a night of card dealing yet and midnight is not a time I’m awake the past few weeks. I’ll be back at the table next year though. It was my first missed event since they started some years ago.

My rehab from surgery is progressing nicely. I’m doing my exercises at home as directed and all is looking good. I just need to build up the energy level a bit. I have a follow-up with the surgeon this week and shall learn just how this new warranty will work. I’m pretty sure I got the extended warranty.

Finally I’d like to include another Blog I follow This post was about

The Shooting of a President: March 30, 1981

Years after this event I would find myself employed by Jim and Sarah Brady as a driver and Aide for a number of years. Mr. Brady was forever jovial and made all of our trips entertaining. These were proud moments in my past that I will always cherish.

I’ve deposited 2,000 plus words to this Blog, thanks to all my friends who contributed and stirred my senses. Have a great week one and all and thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Thank you for mentioning my blog. What a nice thing to find! I realized I hadn’t been seeing your posts, even though your name is on my list of bloggers I follow. I must go back now and find the ones I didn’t see, because I enjoy your writing.

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