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Two more days of “BITTER”

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Monday January 8, 2018 is forecast to bring temperatures above freezing, do I hear an “Amen?” Melanie Dickie’s Poem speaks to the present so well.

What a cold January day.
 The frost lies on the ground like a blanket.
 Not even the determined woodpecker
 has come out to tap his unloved song on the house. 
All is quiet in this small town.
 The blackbirds pick at the unturned dirt
 hoping to find some kind of food. 
The sun pokes its head through the clouds 
and cast a light on the frost-bitten earth.

Melanie Dickie


Roosters photo


  1. Brrr! We have the cold temperatures but no snow right now.

  2. Mac says:

    We have the beautiful snow along with the below zero temps.!!!! I’m glad it was the blackbirds picking around in the dirt rather than the stately Rooster!!!!

  3. ASwo more months of this weather and we’ll be home free; and I hope that doesn’t turn out to be an April fool;’s joke!

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