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Turtle Crossing

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Bear Tales photo.

Since I’m on a road trip, actually today is our last day, I’m using the thoughts and life’s experiences of my amazing granddaughter in Oklahoma to fill a few lines of my blog today.

Sam doesn’t get to post a lot, wife, mother of three under four, full-time U.S.A.F.  Officer and Youth Religion teacher in her church seems to keep her busy.

If  you’re ever for lack of something to read, give Sam a look-see at her blog:

New post on A Day in my life
Save a Turtle
by c12samb
I’ve been thinking about the content of this post a lot the past few weeks and my brain has finally connected it all together.


Z  is currently out-of-town and I miss his help most in the mornings. Between taking a shower, nursing D, feeding the girls, dressing everyone, feeding myself, loading everyone and everything and getting out the door on time…it’s a struggle every morning. This past week was no exception. As I pulled out of the development I realized I had not closed the garage door. I pull into the nearest driveway and turn around. As I turn back into our development I notice a turtle. Did I stop and help him to cross the road? Of course not! I was running late. As I approach the house, of course, the garage door is down; I had closed it.

I loop back through the development and upon reaching the development entrance, a SUV is stopped and a woman is helping the turtle to cross the road. This is when the post came together for me.

We all have done this. We’ve either helped or been too busy to help. What we fail to realize when we choose not to help is that the turtle does not know he needs our help. This is true for people in life. There are so many times that we stay in our bubble; too busy to help, too busy to ask how someone is doing, too busy to pick up the phone.

We need to stop being too busy and too consumed with things that don’t matter. I was already running behind. How long would it have taken me to stop, move the turtle and continue on my way? 30-90 seconds? How long does it take to walk around the office and say “Hey, how was your weekend”.

Below is a great TED talk that fits with this perfectly. My commander showed it to my squadron during a Commander’s Call and I love it.

TED talk on how to make stress your friend

People don’t know they need help until help is offered. These past few weeks I have received help I didn’t know I needed. I realized I didn’t have it as “together” as I thought I did. We all need to be taken care of and we all need to take care of.

Thanks Sam, and thanks to my readers for coming by.

Where was this road-trip you took Rooster? The wife and I ventured north to our former home of Connecticut and spent a few nights getting free room and board at our son’s in Tolland, CT. We got to visit my sister who’s been a bit under the weather of late. We went to my Brother’s Tag-Sale. I picked up a S & W knife, a Giraffe Bank, needs some TLC, and an oil camping lamp. All items to be given away. Remember my post “Elder Abuse.”

We attended a Sheep , Wool and Fiber Fest at the Tolland, CT TAC grounds. Our two Connecticut granddaughters have had adopted Alpacas in the past. We saw granddaughter Jill play in a HS softball game, Tolland vs. E.O. Smith. Had food from our favorite past Eatery, Vernon Pizza and caught up with what we’ve missed since our last visit in December.

The trip up was something new, as the trip back is also. I’ll make that a blog for another day. Talk to you all again soon.

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  1. Bun Karyudo says:

    I’m afraid I’ve sometimes been guilty of racing past a problem when I could have helped because I was pushed for time. I think you’re right about saying many of the things we fill our time fussing about don’t even matter that much. I’m clearly going to have to make a bit more effort in this direction, I think.

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