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Blogging 101, Day 9 – Writing Venues

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Blogging 101, Day 9 Assignment

Today’s assignment: write a post that builds on one of the comments you left yesterday. Don’t forget to link to the other blog! That would be http:\\ and

Today I’m on my oldest daughters porch in the village I’ve previously mentioned. Here’s a site or two you can go to and gain a bit of knowledge on this tiny little hamlet.


This is my home office, situated in a building we call the Annex. At one time it was a garage, It is heated and air conditioned. The old overhead door was replaced with French Doors. It has a full bath, 4×8 work shop and Directv for those Football Nights. Yes I have the NFL package. We also have a sofa bed, fridge, freezer and micro wave. When company comes we are in the Annex and the guests do the house. The only IT I have is using my iPhone 6 as a personal hot spot. Slow! So I compose here and transmit at other venues.

To be politically correct I live in an area that was once designated as Trinity. It had a church and small school at one time. It’s on some older maps should you wish to search for it. As far as a mailing address, it’s 21822 which encompasses rural areas in 3 counties. No rel town per say, just a Postal mail route.

The Meanderings of just kind of grabbed me yesterday. Day 9 of Blogging 101 is how this post developed from Big Erik. He kind of has that multi tasking writing quality I feel I’ve brought to the table also. When I went to his Music sub-catagory and read his Bass piece, I felt an instant bond, but not for myself, for my grandson. My grandson David is a Bass player and an inspiring undergrad at a school in Vermont. He categorizes himself as Sound Designer/ Motion Animator/ UX Designer/ Hungry College Student. Never mentioned the Bass though. Guess the fishing is not very good up there.

I’ve forwarded your site to him Erik. You can catch him on Twitter at

Somewhere on either Big Erik’s or Megan”s site the place where we write was mentioned. As for me and my writing, It’s all over the place, geographically speaking.. This is in light of the fact that high speed internet does not exist in rural Wicomico County, Maryland. I can construct using my Mac Pages off line, but when it comes to up and down loading it’s travel time. That Verizon MiFi just doesn’t do the trick.

My usual venues for putting the final Blog up consist of the following. Daughter #1 where I am now. Did I also mention their dog, a Yellow Lab who goes by the name of Lady Liberty is a ward of mine when she and her husband are out of town, And that my friends is quite frequently. The husband is “Where in the World” and right now that would be Nigeria where he would be.

Earlier I posted a picture of my writing haunt over the Wicomico River at daughter # 2’s condo. During good weather, this is with out a doubt my favorite location. Water seems to have such a great relationship with writing. There is no white noise but on occasion the throaty chugging of a tug pushing a barge brings pause to this writer’s pen. When the Bass fisherman are plying their lures in and out of the piers and bulkheads, I find myself glancing up often to hopefully see them hook the big one. Do you remember Henry Fonda in the movie “On Golden Pond?” “Walter” was the name of the big one he was seeking out. It’s hard to believe that film came out 34 years ago. It would be Henry Fonda’s last picture.

on golden pond

There is one occasional negative factor at the condo and her name is Roux. She’s a skinny little de-clawed grey tiger cat who just harasses the hell out of me. She will lure you in to pet her, smack you repeatedly and then attempt to bite you. Often when I’m on the balcony she will intertwine herself around and about my legs and then attempt to bite a chunk out of my calf. After several years of frequenting this abode I only recently learned that at one of her favorite attack sites, her treats are hidden in a close by drawer. Now ‘ you think my daughter and grandchildren would have clued me into this important information long before now? The fact that a Roux is a mixture of fat and flour used to thicken broths and soups just doesn’t strike me as something to name a pet. Perhaps they’re wishing the skinny little varmint will gain some weight.If you’re into cooking and don’t know how to make Roux, check this out

I’ve also used Barnes and Noble, Panara, Rise Up and Starbucks quite a few times to get my blog out. If your in the Salisbury, Maryland area and have a hankering for a cup of Joe, give “Rise Up” a try. If it doesn’t suit you, head over to Starbucks for a Pikes Roast.

So, when I’m any where other that home I can be Speedy Gonzalis, when I’m home the motto is “How slow can you go?” No streaming at this house. There is a small family cemetery across the street and I often wonder, did they die waiting for an internet connection. I’m guessing not, some sites date back to the 1800’s.

I can write a whole lot more on this getting the Blog out there stuff but for the sake of Brevity, I’ll end here.  E.B. White wrote a lot about ” Brevity” Her’s another site I follow on that subject. Big Erik for a great site as well as the referral site

And Megan, thanks to you also for a lot motivational content in your Blog.

Oh, and as for daughters #1 and #2, that’s just birth order, they’re both A+ in my eyes. Love you ladies.


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  1. Big Erik says:

    Thanks for the cool writeup and, also for sharing my other site – much appreciated.
    Love your writing room!

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