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I Can See Clearly Now

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So, January 30 was my last post here on WordPress. I surely am not getting my $$$$ worth. Had some vision issues for a bit, which have been corrected with surgery two weeks ago. Well, mostly corrected, I still have a way to go, but much improved. Enough said on that subject.

To most of you whom I follow, I have tried to acknowledge your posts, for the most part anyway. If I’ve missed you, please forgive me.

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This world of ours has flipped a bit upside down of late. Let us not blame the Russian people, there is enough hate out there already.

This past weekend I got to marry my nephew to his new bride.

Congratulations Joseph and Ashton as you start your journey together.

Come June I’ll get to perform another wedding. This time it will be in Rhode Island and my brother Richard will marry the love of his life, Tina. Joseph and Ashton were married in Lewes, DE. I’ve also done ceremonies in Maryland and Connecticut. Things like this keep an old man out of trouble. So far all have been relatives, I can’t even make a buck on these events, You just can’t charge family.

For those who remember Aunt Barb, well she treated the wedding party to a grand meal of one’s choice at Baywood Golf Course. The Mrs. and I have eaten there on numerous occasions and have never been disappointed. Thanks, Aunt Barb! If you’re ever near the Delaware Beaches, it’s a great dining experience.

I leave you for this day, and feel good a blog is out. To all of you who know of the Rooster, Hello Again!

Don’t forget to check on the elderly.


  1. Paula Wright says:

    Glad u can see. ❤️🥰🤗

  2. I enjoyed the wedding photo and am impressed that you performed the ceremony. You do all kinds of amazing things. The celebratory meal was in a gorgeous place. Thanks for the photos.

    I’m sorry you’ve had eye trouble. That is no fun at all! I haven’t played the piano in half a year because I can’t see the music. I hope your sight will be restored and will stay good.

  3. dorannrule says:

    I always love your posts! Please keep em coming.

  4. Thanks Doer, ditto to the Blue Ridge.

  5. Janet Hoke says:

    Sorry about your eyes my Prince but so glad they could get on the path to correction 🤟❤️

  6. Chrissie says:

    So glad your eyes are doing better now. Love the love in the wedding pics. How wonderful for them that you are willing to officiate.

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