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Thanksgiving Will Be Different this year

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Below is a normal Thanksgiving Baking Tabel at the home of the Rooster. With daughter Kathryn supplying the venue, our normal seating chart of 25-53 names will not be reached this year.

2 Mac and Cheese, 2 Pupkin, 1 Cherry, 1 ShoeFly

Our new peeps arrived on October 20’th, 13 girls and a boy. At this point we have not a clue, which one is the boy, who will be named Gregory Peck? I had that contest back in September, if you recall. Hard to believe I’ve been this tardy since my last Blog Post.

These are a few of the chicks at four weeks of age in their new surroundings. We got a mixed batch of breeds this time so we must wait a bit yet to really know what we got. I’m guessing this will be our 6th flock over the past 17 years. Some years back we lost an entire flock due to the N1A1 Virus. Now we must worry about keeping this flock’s keepers healthy.

Who said, ” Wear your MASK?”

4 weeks and growing.

Over the years we have obtained our birds through a variety of sources. Several neighbors have provided a few from time to time, due to predatory birds and animals feasting. Eight birds at one time went to the larder of a local fox, on the same evening nonetheless. Busy little bugger he was, on that night. Our most recent loss was to a Bald Eagle several months ago. We are surrounded by 50 acres of farm land and allow are birds to free range once reaching adulthood. A good Rooster protects his flock quite well. Something circling overhead, crowing prevails and the girls are led under the closes tree. Knowing who provides the feed and snacks, we are like the Pied Piper of Hamelin and they follow us everywhere.

When we purchase from a commercial grower we will use Murray McMurry in Iowa and Meyer in Ohio. We have never been disappointed in either source. It’s a great Hobby and you can not beat a free range egg. This batch came from Meyer in Polk, OH. They were born early of the 19’th, put on a plane in Cleveland and arrived overnight in Baltimore. Somehow, by 1345 hrs, 1:45 PM for those who don’t know the children arrived at our local Post Office in Salisbury, Md. Who says the Post Office is slow? For those who wish to learn more, is a great site.

The Mrs. with the shipping box. Yep, that’s how they come.

Be safe one and all.


  1. Paula Wright says:

    Happy A Lone Holidays, Fiddlers There is a vaccine coming ….

  2. That’s marvelous that the chickens are doing well.

    How many of you will be together this year for Thanksgiving? It’s sad that we can’t have our large gatherings. In NY we used to have 25 to 30 people. Because no one had a house large enough for it, we ate in the church Sunday School wing. Those were the days! I don’t think we’ve had over a dozen in NC, so we all fit at one table. Right now we have five who will be here. We hope Rose can come and perhaps a couple of neighbors. The state is allowing 10 people to be together. We’ll be thankful, wherever we are.

  3. I know that some people like to keep backyard chickens, but I never really understood why or what was involved. After reading your post, now I do! It will just be my husband and I for Thanksgiving this year. I hope you and your family stay safe and well over the holidays.

    • A little bit of work, lots of enjoyment for the grands and greats. Once out of the infant age no real dreaded work. Clean coop X4, keep water clean always. They love house scraps, meat off a steak or pork bone a real hi-lite for them. They are hysterical with old Yogurt. Mostly we feed them cracked corn and sunflower seeds. Free ranging they keep the Tics and other bugs down, love worms and anything else that craws. We’ve had them descend on a mouse in unison, no more mouse. Will be naming the entire flock shortly, corresponding #’s on leg tag will keep us up on who is who. Be safe theRooster

  4. Chrissie says:

    Love the name Gregory Peck 🙂 I’ve missed your writing. Good to see you back.

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