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The Disgrace that is the NFL

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Last year, midway through the NFL season I cancelled my NFL package on Directv. I must admit I did watch the playoffs and the Super Bowl, my life long beloved Philadelphia Eagles were there at the end. I’m 75 years old and my years of following this team and it’s locker room of players was just missing something, even after they won the big game.

A few of the first idols I had way way back in the day were Pete Retzlaff, Chuck Bednarak and Tom Brookshire. Unless your ancient like me or a life long eagles fan the names mean nothing to you. I dare say they would be appalled at what occurs on the football field sidelines today.

You see, I come from a military family. Both my father and step-father served in WWII, I spent 6 years in the Marine Corps and a few more in the National Guard during the Viet Nam War. My eldest daughter served in the Air Force and Navy and retired as a Major in the Air Force. Her husband is former Air Force. My son served in the Marine Corps during the First Gulf War. My eldest granddaughter and her husband are both USAFA graduates and Captains in the Air Force today. Our family has nieces and nephews on active duty and in ROTC in College.

And: We have all taken a knee, after running our ass off to stay in shape so when we are called to we can protect that flag and what it stands for. Pathetically there are NFL players who take their knee for some other purpose. In the short time I have left on this earth, the NFL will never be the same.

Last night my wife lost a sister in-law to cancer. The father of her children was Navy as was his brother, her son is active duty Air Force, a grandson was Air Force and another Navy. Bunny, we’re thinking of you and all the family.

I could go on with cousins, friends and neighbors who have served and you could watch the changing of the guard at Arlington to further add to this story. The real changing of the guard is on the sidelines of a football game performed by the NFL, and it is a disgrace.


I share with you, Colonel Jeffery A Powers letter to the NFL.




  1. You and your family are exemplary patriots. Thank you for all you’ve done for us and for writing about what is truly important.

  2. PAULA WRIGHT says:


  3. Ron Walker says:

    If most of us could go one year without supporting them, or attending the games, I’m sure the owners will get something done. When you hit that pocketbook, they take more notice.
    Gone are most of the role models from the bygone years. There are still a few in the game, but they are far outnumbered by the wife-beaters, animal abusers, thugs, drug abusers and anti-police.
    I used to watch a game or two, but not much. After all this, I have sworn off watching the games. I will catch them on some other channel, but I won’t purchase a ticket, or pay for access on TV. They don’t deserve it. They have no respect for our service members, past or present.

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