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How Is Your Well-Being?

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I would not describe myself as an overly religious man. I do not go to a meeting place regularly. I would label myself as an Occasionalist. Is there such a word?  I do believe there is a more powerful being out there in one, two or three forms, perhaps a Trinity of sorts, who knows, not me and that’s for sure.

However, every Sunday of late I’ve been reading the Bridgemaker. It never hurts to get a little different perspective. With the recent events in France and our world as we have known it, “Gone to hell in a hand basket,” so to speak, I thought I’d share today’s Inspiration.

I’m sure the events of the most recent horrors in France led me to post the Bridgemaker’s Inspiration #17. There’s so much going on in this world of ours for us to try to understand. At one point in the Democratic debate last night, Senator Sanders said the blame could be put on “Global Warming.” Really Bernie? Where is Al Gore to explain that one?

You Can’t Understand ISIS If You Don’t Know the History of Wahhabism in Saudi Arabia

Today in “THEWORLDPOST,” a partnership of the Huffington Post and the Berggruen Institute was written to educate the reader on the history of Wahhabism. An old friend, Captain James Dick, USN posted the site on his Facebook page. The piece is a long read and should you wish to obtain some talking points with others in the know, it’s a good read. check it out at:

Everyone, Democrat, Republican, Independent seems to tip toe around the various local, state, national, and world issues in search of Political Correctness to explain away our troubles as they occur. The Right hates the Left, the Blue hates the Red. Whatever happened to the melting pot of togetherness? Did it ever really exist?

Black, White, Brown, Yellow and Red, all the people in the middle just want to get ahead. Protestant, Catholic, Islam or agnostic, we all want a good Quality of Life, a general feeling of well-being. Our emotional well-being is being taken to task with the recent goings on in France. I’m sure this feeling is being tested throughout the world where these events are reported on.

Bill Cosby, I know, a lot of negativity there, just bear with me for a minute. Back in 1971 Bill did a skit on prejudice.

In a previous occupation, working in community relations we used this video in training. The video is 22 minutes long, if you’re bored sometime, give it a go. If you take the time to view the video, give it some thought.

There is a Life Satisfaction Test available on the internet at:
Give the test a try and see where you are in the big picture of your Subjective well-being.

So here it is Sunday, I’m searching for some inner well-being of one sort or another after the tragic loss of life in Paris. I’ve read the Bridgemaker, taken a walk with my dog Maggie, and now I’m going to watch my Eagles play some football.

God Bless America, God Bless you all, in whatever form that God takes for you and yours.

Where in the World?

For those of you who forgot, Jeff (my son in-law) is on the road a lot, he works for the State Dept. I’m guessing he’s been watching his back, he’s in Belgium, Brussels to be exact as I’m posting this. Lots going on over there the past two days. Be safe young fellow. Remember, “Duck” is not a web-footed bird, Hit the deck Pilgrim. Prior to Brussels he spent a week in Switzerland.





The Oklahoma Crew and Others

Zed got to go on a mission to Italy recently and had a stop over in England also. Sammy, 8 months into her pregnancy,  (it’s a Boy) held down the fort in OKC. Granny Kathryn (G to the kids) went out for some touchy feely time. Gotta love that Southwest Airline direct flight between OKC & BWI.

The girls are growing, Mia is a trip when Face Time sessions take place and Anna is an entity unto herself. You go ahead and guess what that means. Oh, and Aunt Abby down in Starkville, MS, majoring in Bell Ringing for SEC football games, she’s fine. She will pass on a Turkey Day meal at home to stay in Starkville for the Egg Bowl.  IMG_1245We will also be missing Rachael this year. She will head west to California with Uncle Mike and Aunt Debbie to visit cousin Mack. Sam, Zed and the girls will hang in OKC and await the birthing of #3.


The Human Gum Ball machine.


Anna & Mia, Trick or Treat.

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  1. mmd32454 says:

    I prayed for world peace yesterday at The Shine at CUA. Gracie Hart (Miss Congeniality) had that right and I think it’s what most sane people want right now.

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