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The Escape

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No, not David Baldacci’s novel of the escape from Leavenworth.


The escape from Jauquin is what I’m referring to. I’m feeling bad for the Carolina’s map_specnewsdct-22_ltst_4namus_enus_650x366where the brunt of rains came down, but not from the hurricane. Their water came from a system hanging off the coast that just would not move.As of this morning the low lands down south are still having water pile up descending down from the west. We here on the Eastern Shore got about 4 inches, 3 8/10 at my home, wet, but tolerable.

We got home late Saturday night from our journey to PA, NY, VT, MA, CT, DE, and an ending stop at Navy – Marine Corps stadium in Annapolis, MD. We witnessed Navy beat Air Force on the football field 33 – 11 in wind blown rain.


If you are a civilian and never served in the military the spectacle of the academy march on might be taken at face value. If your former military or part of the military family, the march on makes one beam with pride as the band plays and the companies form up. No where is this more rewarding than in December when Navy and Army get together on the gridiron.

The young lady in front of the CBS truck is my granddaughter Abby, home for a long weekend from Mississippi State University down in Starkville. MSU lost this weekend out in College Station, TX to Texas A & M 30 – 17. Sorry for the loss Abby. And yes to those out there who are saying, “I guess they’re football fans.” We also like the Eagles of the NFL and they lost to the Redskins. Just a bad weekend all around.

Our ending milage for the trip was 1, 610 miles. Our Subaru Forrester performed well, especially through the mountains of Vermont. Being able to downshift through the gears is a great attribute.

Early in the trip we hit the maternal family homestead of Freeland, PA where a great many of the wife’s cousins still reside, Most are Maloney’s, some are Brill’s and now they’re bringing other names to the borough on the hill. Below is a picture of Lew Brill’s Chimney Chicken Cooker and a few cousins who gathered for a great meal. Just wrap the chicken 3 deep, wire them together, insert piece of Rebar to lift out, flip order periodically for 90 minutes, remove, eat and enjoy. Some of the best chicken I’ve ever tasted. Ladder necessary for insertion and extraction.


The smoke stack for the chicken. The crew, Kathy, Pat, LouLou,Agnes, The Hen, The Rooster and Chef Lew.

Will get more on the trip soon, Have a great day all.

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