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This, That, and Other Things on 1 October 2015

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Oh Where are you going Joaquin

A busy weekend with the Navy vs Air Force football game scheduled for Saturday 3 October. Slowly things are starting to cancel in the Annapolis, MD area. Will the game be next? I’m not really sure how to answer that question. We have tickets to the game, do I want to sit in torrential rain and wind?

Track the storm @:

Disney colors up for the coming of Halloween

With this being the first of October Disney has turned on its Haunted Lights appeal for its visitors The below photo is from my Sister Robin’s post on Facebook. Robin is a long time employee of Disney in Orlando, FL. Thanks for sharing Rob.



Halloween Time at the Disneyland Resort

A Future Marine?

We have two wonderful friends who live in Wilmington, DE, Tommy and Elva Hazewski, with whom we’ve vacationed, dating back many years. The Rooster would like to do a shout out and recognize their grandson Brennan. Brennan is a Junior at Delaware Military Academy. Brennan was recently appointed Executive Officer of Co. B and has an unrelenting aspiration to be an officer in the USMC. Congratulations Brennan Hezewski. Thank you for taking the road of the 1%, Semper fi


What’s Special About Bourbon?

Our son recently attended the DerbyCon conference in Louisville, KY. While there Matt got to experience a tour of a Bourbon factory and learned the ins and outs of the beverage. Last night we shared a taste test. It was a bit tongue biting but interesting.


Click on the Whiskey rack to learn how Bourbon’s made








Where in the World?

After spending most of the month in Nigeria, Germany and Russia, Jeff is back home on the Eastern Shore. Abby will be flying in from Mississippi on Friday night and all of are hoping for a meting with the Sternat crew from Connecticut at the Air Force Navy football game in Annapolis on Saturday. Of course this scenario is totally predicated on the track and possible arrival of Joaquin.

At any rate, welcome home El Jefe, see you somewhere soon.

Thanks for stopping by all you readers out there. If your on the east cost take the proper precautions for the impending storm, and stay safe.










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