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Today was a special day for the Mrs. and I as we got to spend the better part of the day with our grandson David. David is a Junior at Champlain College in Burlington, VT .Below is our hotel room’s view across Lake Champlain to the mountains of NY state.


David is an aspiring media specialist in the art of sound mixing. ( At least that’s how I would describe it.) The art he creates and how it’s done is not even within the parameters of my understanding. Here’s a picture of David doing some sound mixing for Grannie and Pop Pop.

Here is a great article that might help you understand some of what a Media Specialist does.

It was a grand day to drive from Albany to Burlington. We got off the beaten path at Lake George and followed Rt 9 north the entire length of the lake up to Ticonderoga. Now there is some history for you. The below photo of Fort Ticonderoga is courtesy of Wiki Media.


For all those of you who are fellow graduates of Blogging 101, I hope to continue to learn and grow from following you in the Blogging World. I’ve enjoyed being here with my fellow 70 something partner. I look forward to commenting on you and I hope to continue recognizing you once this road trip ends. No more road trips until December when we’re off to Ireland for a week.

Keep those eye glasses clean Michelle.

Enjoy your Sunday,

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