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A Friend Has a Reunion

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While herself and I were up in Canada, a good friend was traveling in Italy with a group of old friends from Kansas. Yes Dorothy, that Kansas. While I was busy posting our Canadian adventure she was posting her Italian adventure. I asked if it was OK to share her postings and she said yes. Thank you Nancy.

On 4 September, 2016 she posted:

Good morning.

Our flight over went well, although no sleep for the gals.  We arrived in Rome, took a cab to our hotel, dropped off bags and hit the streets running.
Our hotel is very nice, rooms big, we took over one section of the building.  Changed our clothes and headed to the open market.  What fun. Found a curb side restaurant-free percheco while awaiting our table.    Delicious pizza.  And sat next to couple where hubby works for state department.  Got lots of inside scoop re mother Teresa canonization.  Then walked to Vatican to meet our guide Valerie.  What an experienced docent.  Got us by the long lines and our education began.  What a wealth of info and art work.

Came back to the hotel and 4 went out to dinner.  Some of us stayed in the hotel for dinner of choc chip cookies.

Had a good nights sleep and will meet Valerie again.  Hitting the coliseum, forum, Trevi fountain, Bernini fountain of the 4 rivers.

We have filled our days full and will be ready to rest when we take our train tomorrow to Florence.


View from hotel, St. Peter’s,  A special group coming into service.  I vote nurse nuns

Hi, another great day in this beautiful city.  A 7 hour walking tour including the forum, the coliseum, the Spanish steps, trevi fountain, the Jewish city and may other locations.
Gilato for an afternoon snack.   Happy hour in our room.  Then out for a fabulous pasta dinner.   Our carafes of house wine were delicious.
We train to Florence tomorrow where we meet up with Ann, the 7th of our group.

We left from Monterosso and walked to Vernazza.  My 60 year old friends and I are in good shape and it was a bear for sure.
We are at cinque terra on the Mediterranean. Quite the entrepreneur we encountered on the trail, gloves and all.

We took an in villa cooking class that resulted in 3 course meal-delicious.   We are all going to take naps now

Needless to say, Nance and the girls had a great trip and reunion. Once again thank you for sharing. Your’s is my 101st post on Word Presss Nancy.


  1. Bun Karyudo says:

    Ah, your friend’s adventures took me back to my honeymoon. My wife had a wonderful time in Rome. It’s such a beautiful city.

    • Wow, nice honeymoon Bun. As for me and mine, an elopement with another couple. Spent the wedding night in the La Guardia Motor Inn and played 4 handed Pinochle. Longevity was in the cards I like to say, 51 years next month. Thanks for the look see.

      • Bun Karyudo says:

        It was a nice one, although we were only in Italy for about five days, three of them in Rome. The most important thing about any honeymoon, though, isn’t the place but the company!

  2. marijo1245 says:

    Hey…congratulations on 101 posts! That is amazing!! Keep on writing!

  3. Thanks MJ. The Mrs. and I share your love for Colorado. Were we given another roll of the dice, Colorado would be our choice. Have been there numerous time since 06. Frequent trips to the Springs while granddaughter was at USAFA. Breckenridge is a favorite in our hearts. We always enjoy Manitou and the European Cafe for great food. Pagosa Springs a great vacation spot also. Pull up the various town’s web cams often. There but for his grace go we.

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