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Halifax Nova Scotia

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I know Nova Scotia means New Scotland, but if you ask me, I was in Ireland, at least in Halifax, I’m writing this from Saint John, New Brunswick and half the time I think I’m in France now.  We just took an hour and a half Trolley tour hosted by a delightful 69-year-old lady named Jodi. Jodi works for Aquilla Tours.Uncle Bobby and Aunt Barb got us started in taking tours many years ago. I feel we have never had a bad one. The pride your host or hostess has for their home town and the stories they can tell can only be realized through their knowledge.  One time in Nashville when we were on a tour, our guide stopped the bus, motioned for a lady on the street to hop aboard and say HI to us. That lady was the sister of Johnny Cash. Thank you Jodi for a ditto to many previous tour guides. We were lucky to take the last regular scheduled tour for the year. When the cruise boats come in they will run specials through October. I’m guessing it gets a bit chilly after that.

We have found that  with a one day stop while traveling, the best thing you can do is get a meal in a good restaurant. A two-day stopover gives you only one full day to explore. We have determined that future travels will require at least a three-day stop over. We have left too much on the table that we would have liked to have done. Even at our age, you’re never too old to learn. Once we leave Saint John, NB we will make three one night stops before reaching home. Tomorrow we look forward to returning to the US of A, save the possible angst with our fellow countrymen at the border crossing. We shall put our heads on pillows in Bucksport and Portland , Maine, Tolland, CT once again and finally home to the Land of Pleasant Living. No complaints though, it’s been a fabulous experience.


Happiness Hollow

I’ll now put forth a few photos and add a description or two along the way. We have loved sharing this voyage with all of you who have ambled by. I must give a special thanks to my Daily Journal that I’ve been keeping these past two years. Without that little Black Book, I’d not remember from one day to the next of the who’s, what’s where’s or when’s of each and every day. A wise man once told me many years ago, document, document, document. If it’s not written down, it never happened.



HMCS Ville de Quebec coming in to Halifax harbor. Halifax is home to the Canadian Atlantic Fleet, HQ.


Not like my old pontoon boat.


Samuel Cunard, Born in Halifax


Thought we were almost home for a minute.

Just one last thing, Happy Birthday to my granddaughter Abby. More to come down the line, thanks for taking a peek.

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  1. Paula Wright says:

    sounds & looks like a well Documented time abroad!!

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