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We are still in CT. Hung with the grand-kids last night while son and wife took eldest son David to Logan on way to Dublin. Nice the parents got some alone time and a meal out. They sent the below pic, looking across the water from Logan to downtown, Boston. You just gotta love sunsets. I do like the rises also, ” Yep, here I am again” I say. Thank you Lord for another day in paradise.


The Boston skyline.


Eastham Bay, Cape Cod, MA, looking west across Cape Cod Bay at sunset. Our son and family were vacationing there last week. There are not a lot of east coast USA sites where the sun can be viewed setting over the water.  In Maryland we have Fagers Island in Ocean City that looks across Assawomen Bay. As the sun sets, the “William Tell Overture” plays. It’s one of those, you had to be there moments.

Today we venture out on a hiking path with two granddaughters to get some exercise and outdoor time. Yesterday I did the treadmill, I’ve gotta keep that Cardio Rehab going strong. I certainly don’t want to go backwards.

I was catching up on the back-home news and saw the below article from the Baltimore Sun, I just had to share. It is certainly not something that will be on my menu.

Deep-fried foods at Maryland State Fair, from bacon-wrapped Oreos to bugs

Deep-fried, bacon-wrapped Oreos will be sold at the state fair this year. Because America.

Brian Shenkman was at the Ohio State Fair when he saw a vendor dishing out deep-fried, bacon-wrapped Oreos. Now, he’s bringing the deep-fried delicacies to Maryland.

“We tried it and we loved it and thought we’d bring it to the East Coast,” he said.

This year marks Shenkman’s 21st as a vendor at the Maryland State Fair, where he dishes out deep-fried foods alongside an array of candy from the Bulk Candy Store tent.

His offerings change from year to year, and the bacon-wrapped Oreos are this year’s newest addition. The Oreo is first fried alone, then wrapped in bacon and fried again for a sweet-and-salty finish.

“It’s like having two scoops of ice cream,” Shenkman said. “It doesn’t get much better.”

Other popular items include deep-fried grilled cheese, deep-fried peanut butter and jelly, deep-fried Buckeyes (made of chocolate and peanut butter) and deep-fried cream cheese — Shenkman’s favorite.

Last year he offered fried cream cheese larvettes — yes, bugs — for the first time, and he’s bringing them back again this year.

“It’s like having a warm bagel with cream cheese and little crunchy things in them, and if you don’t realize what it is you’d never know,” he said.

Everyone asks Shenkman how many calories are in each of his crispy creations, he said. He reassured customers that if they don’t finish the last bite, the calories don’t count.

“We save all the calories there for the last bite,” he said.

Take a look at some of the deep-fried offerings in the gallery above.


Thanks for following the Rooster and the Hen on their trip north. A fellow blogger gave me the inspiration to change my closing words, ” Write early, Write often.”
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  1. marijo1245 says:

    I absolutely love it!! The photos are stunning! I do enjoy a great vacation! Thank you for sharing! May the breeze and the sunsets be ever in your favor!

  2. Thanks MJ, We must get back to Key West at some point, The setting sun from a catamaran are fantastic. When the clouds are in the background, God’s paintbrush takes over. Hows that Mazoura overgrowth coming?

  3. Paula Wright says:

    thank u for the info… I remember going to-Province town with my family when I was Nine years old… 1965. everybody was hanging out… hippies!!

  4. Bun Karyudo says:

    I love the line about saving the calories until the last bite. It’ll come in handy when I next meet a doughnut. (Great picture of the Boston skyline, incidentally!)

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