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Yesterday was an exciting day for me, I was to attend my first Cardiac Rehabilitation class. On Monday I had the mandatory Stress Test to evaluate my ability to physically perform in Rehab. Somehow I passed the test, God knows I did not study. I’m guessing the 4,000  – 7500 steps I’ve been taking these past two months aided me a bit in that regard. I’ll get to that 10,000 step level before long. Keep putting one foot in front of the other Rooster.

I’m on my own for a few weeks. My wife has headed up to Connecticut to be a companion to my sister. My sister is having some health issues at the moment and my wife is out doing her Corporal Works of Mercy.  It is a calling with this woman I married, she is amazing. It’s not her first walk around this block. My wife is a retired nurse as was this sister and another sister I have in Virginia is a nurse also.  I also have have a daughter who is a nurse to add to the flock. If you are ever  ill and are surrounded by women in this vocation, you shall get no pity. Just ask this writer.  Oh, and just to mention, my mother in-law was a nurse also, God rest her sole.

Prior to leaving the house I wrote myself a note, “Remember Milk” it said. I usually place these reminders in front of the Speedometer of my car. A wise Lawyer once said in a Criminal Justice class I attended many years ago, “If it’s not written down, it didn’t happen.” At my age, in this time of my life, if it’s not written down it’s not going to happen.

SpeedCamera-with-Cruiser      Now my wife who is several months younger than I, she writes little to nothing down, remembers groceries and such to include several weeks of stock in the larder. She will not need a shopping list to feed 37 at Thanksgiving. Her only memory loss, the placement of speed cameras on the roads she travels daily to get to the store. These edifices never move, they are stationary on cement pads.  Do not pass go, do not collect $200. Send $40 to the appropriate municipality. I’ve recently learned that there are several other ladies who have the same lapse in memory in our town. You are not alone my dear, I love you just the same. Write the check Rooster.

Upon my successful completion and survival of my first Cardiac Rehab session I gingerly walked to my car, got behind the steering wheel, and there was the note. “GET MILK” it said. I checked the wallet and had a twenty, no problem right? I mean whats a half gallon of milk cost, a twenty will surely cover it.

348s   I pull into the local grocery store, in this case it was Giant, yes the same Giant with the easy scan self checkout machines. Dare I go this route again? I parked way far back from the entrance, the better to get more steps in you see. You also get a pull through spot that way, easy drive out. I keep track of my steps with my new Fit Bit Blaze watch.

I  make the walk, entered the store, and started towards the far back right, bread by the way is at the far left rear. They get us to pass a plethora of items this way. I passed through the Wine and Beer aisle and noticed  Starborough, Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough 2015 on sale for $10.99. This usually sells for $15.99. Two bottles in the cart, what a bargain.
I got to the rear of the store and the Dairy section, find my 1/2 gallon of milk, $3.49. Into the cart it goes. Why I didn’t just grab one of the hand carry basket I don’t know. Pushing the cart up the aisle past the juices, Simply Lemonade jumped right out to me. You see I enjoy an Arnold Palmer on those warm days, Ice Tea and Lemonade is how I make it. The sun is bound to appear sometime and things will warm up. Into the basket, $2.50, thank you very much.

light bulb idea

A light bulb went off and I remembered I had planned on having a left over Chicken and Apple Brat for lunch. A salad would go good with that I thought. Cut a diagonal to the far left rear of the store, more steps on my Fit Bit Blaze watch I’m thinking. In route to the Deli I pass the Grocery aisles, A sign jumps out at me, Quinoa 2 for $5.00. Not something my wife would purchase but I enjoy it. A can of Black and a can of Red Kidney beans said “take me” also, .79 cents. “Another bargain” says I. Glad I have the push cart now.

I paused as I passed the Coffee and Tea aisle. Did the wife get Tea last week I wondered? Into the cart goes Irish Breakfast and English Black Breakfast tea. The cost, $3.29 and $3.39.


I’m guessing the ten cents difference is due to the upgraded Pound Sterling compared to the Euro. The poor Irish, belittled again.

Just as I was exiting the aisle a box of Folger’s, Gourmet Columbian, Keurig single cup 12 pack jumped into my cart. My lady likes the milder beans you see. While the wife’s away, the grocer I’ll pay. I love my bold coffee. This stop only cost me $7.49. Ah, but I’ll have a smile on my face tomorrow morning.

From this pause in route I would finally continue to the Deli and purchase my Salad. I would choose a fresh Broccoli Crunch, the young lady was spooning the newly made item into it’s stainless steel bowl as I arrived. It doesn’t get any fresher than that. I asked for half pound and she nailed it, .50 lb, on the money. “How often does that happen” I say to myself.  The cost, $2.30 for a half pound.

I would leave the Deli and finally head to the check out. As I approached the the check out, the lines were all full. I wandered to the left and the cursed Self Check Out. Over in the Produce area I faintly spied apples. I knew I was out, we only buy four at a time and I had consumed my four since I’d been left a single man last week. You guessed it, to Produce and four more apples. Fuji apples they were, $1.78 lb @ 1.99 / lb. Ka-Ching,  $3.54 for the apples.

There just happens to be an old song by Shania Twain called “Ka-Ching” and it followed another song of her’s called “Gotcha Good.”  Well Giant’s grocery store got me good, to the tune of $54.56, $1.98  of that was state tax by the way. All this for a 1/2 gallon of milk @ $3.49, Ka-Ching.

Hello Self Check out. Pay the bill and push the cart to the back of the parking lot, 2,362 steps, thanks Milk. I’m a bit healthier because of this experience.

Thanks for the look see.

Semper Fi

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  1. Keep at it with your rehab. You could end up healthier than when all this started.

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