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My wife has gone crazy today. She is “D” Nesting. That is tearing apart the kitchen, gathering items, many with historical significance, and putting them in boxes. These boxes I am told will later be transported to the local homeless shelter. If they’re homeless, where will they put them I ask?

As I’m putting this together, I’m glancing at the TV, The Golf Channel with the Masters on is in front of me over the fireplace. I glance outside and it’s snowing. April 9, 2016 on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, just 26 miles north of the Virginia line and it’s snowing?  Really all you Global Warming Scientists? This Curmudgeon is just not convinced. Not to mention that damn Ground Hog out in Punxsutawney, Pa who lied to us. I must remind myself to watch Bill Murray in Ground Hog Day again soon.


Our Oklahoma Rooster as the snow falls.

Getting back to the “D” Nesting. When this woman is on a penchant to do something, it’s clear the deck, storm approaching. I sit in my easy chair at the far reaches of our great room. Since our home is a cottage of sorts the room’s really not that great. It’s just the greatest distance from the bucket of cleaning solution and the crazy woman and her ladder.

I’ve raised concerns over a cup that dates back to the 60’s. It’s been up here since 2004, it’s going. I’ve started texting my children to save me and my nostalgic things.

(Me)    “She (your mother) is on a rampage. Cleaning cabinets, throwing out glass ware with historical value. She is CRAZY, save me.”

(Daughter #2)       “Oh Dear.”

(Me)    “Someone please call Adult Protective Services. If ever there was a God, rescue this poor brokenhearted man from this insane woman.” There must be a law against this somewhere.

(Daughter #2”)        “Poor Poppy!!! She should exhaust herself soon.”

(Son)    “Could she be expecting?”

(Wife)    Laughs out loud when I tell her that one, she’s 72 you know.

(Daughter #1)     To my son says, “ Be careful, she’s got a large box labeled to CT, and I think Dad is going in it.”

I’m thinking, “Accept the fate that stirs if front of you, for this too shall pass.”

Since my recent  heart surgery, I’m captured here with this woman who I’ve shared my life with for the past 50 years. I guess if I want lunch and my other basic needs met, I’ll just grin and accept the loss of some old remembrances. It’s the same thing for the cloths closet. “Not worn in the past year, out it goes.” What will we have left to leave to our children? Will we share a 51st anniversary?

Have a great day, thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Scott says:

    Poor Lee!!!

  2. kellygrif says:

    Love this post! You made me laugh out loud. And the snow in April on Delmarva? Crazy!

  3. jenniesisler says:

    Your wife sounds like my mother in law- she keeps telling us it’s less that we have to deal with when she dies, and I appreciate the sentiment but still. It’s hard to see nostalgia get boxed up.

  4. BunKaryudo says:

    I enjoyed the post, although I feel sorry for you too. At different times in the past, I’ve experienced terrifying cleaning campaigns instigated by my mother, my wife, and most recently my eldest son. Since I can’t be everywhere at once and losing my temper after the fact doesn’t achieve anything, I usually find it safest to hide as much of my important stuff as I can until the craziness dies down again.

  5. Ivan and Natalia says:

    Great piece of literature! Rosalie and I will visit you in CT! Hugs and kisses!

  6. c12samb says:

    I did this last night 🙂

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