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Sunday Inspiration #24


We visited this church this past summer, St. Elizabeth of Hungary in Cumberland County, NJ.  The below paragraph is from the Diocese of Camden, NJ web site.   Check out the link for some interesting history. 

The church built in 1845 at Port Elizabeth in Cumberland County, St. Elizabeth of Hungary, was the site of the earliest confirmations, all at the hands of Bishop Kenrick.  In May of 1879, most of the church was transported down river and creek to Goshen.

On awakening this morning, with the help of our cat Simon I might add,  who is always an early Alarm clock, I looked to the awakening East and asked the Lord to ride with the Mrs. as she journeys home from Connecticut. She did one of her I need distant family time trips. As I’ve mentioned previously, “Ain’t no moss growing under this Gal’s feet. We have a son, daughter in-law, 4 grandchildren, a sister and brother and nieces and nephews who still like living in the cold in CT.

As for my sister, who was our next door neighbor for 20 years when we lived up there, the Mrs. and her have been talking every Saturday for the past 28 years at 0700 hrs. No sleep-in Saturday mornings for these two houses.

Now it’s time for Alex and his Sunday Inspiration. Enjoy!

By on Jan 31, 2016

Today’s Sunday Inspiration: Happiness isn’t something you have to earn. There’s no status you have to qualify for to be happy.

Being happy doesn’t diminish the amount of happiness in the world. You don’t need to feel stingy about how happy you can be. The supply of happiness is not finite; you are not depriving someone else of joy by being joyful.

Enjoy your accomplishments and share your blessings. Smile because you can and don’t feel bad for being a functional human being capable of happiness. Everyone deserves to be happy, and that includes you.

you deserve to be happy
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