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Take a look around the homes of most of us as well as our places of employment and you will find Mugs of every description. A Coffee Mug here in the states is the most common referral to a drinking implement. In Ireland and Great Britain it would hold tea. In the Post Office it would hold the face of those wanted for various crimes.


The dictionary refers to them as a cup and saucer: teacup, coffee cup, demitasse; mug; sippy cup; beaker; chalice. The winner was presented with a silver cup: trophy, loving cup, award, prize.

In my house and Annex I have a number of such Mugs. These have been acquired over many years, my personal oldest dates back to 1967. Each unique Mug has a story of some kind or another and I shall attempt to tell that story from time to time. Some were collected by me, others I received as gifts from family and friends. I’m sure many of you out there in readership land have a mug that tells a story also. If you have  Mug and want to tell a story about it send me a phot0 and the story that goes with it to

For today’s presentation I give you:



This Mug was given to me by a relative many years ago who worked for a company in McLean, VA at one time. They have an interesting company store that sells many unique pieces, this is one of them.

The words inside the Star and Circle are Fatherland, Valor, and Honor. Outside the Star is printed Foreign Intelligence Service of the Russian Federation.

FBI Agent Explains How Russia’s Foreign Spy Operations Work.
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  1. Thankfully the contents, though quite dark, are not. Like my coffee, black, no sugar.
    Semper fi

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