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A Weekend with a Military Family

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As a lot of you know our granddaughter and her husband are graduates of The United States Air Force Academy and active duty Air Force officers stationed at Tinker AFB in Oklahoma City, OK. At the moment they are the parents of 3 children under the age of three. They are active in their church in scouting and youth religious instruction. Also, there is no grass growing beneath their feet and their tires stay round.

The below description of last weekend’s events was forwarded from Sam to include in a posting of The Rooster, enjoy.

This three day weekend we loaded up the truck and went discovering. Our first stop was Toby Keith’s home which is about 20min from where we live. We then headed to CooCoos in Dallas. It’s a room full of bounce houses which Mia thoroughly enjoyed. Ana enjoyed running around and people watching. There were a few houses she enjoyed, but most were too big. After driving through downtown Dallas we went to a drive-in that had 7 screens. We enjoy drive-ins and go as often as there are movies we want to see.

The next day we began a leisurely drive back to Oklahoma City. In typical Davies form we visited Cabelas of Dallas and then President Eisenhower’s birthplace. We spent most of the day at Turner Falls. We will be returning and plan on bringing some sleeping bags when we do. At Turner Falls is a stone made castle built into and up the hill. Lots of stairs climbed to see all the buildings but the girls did awesome. Mia walked every step herself. We ended the day at the Chickasaw National Recreation Area. Another place we’ll have to visit again and spend more than 45min at.

So why did we not just enjoy our final weekend for a month as a family at home relaxing?  That’s not who we are. Often times when military members are stationed at a place they don’t get out and enjoy the local area. They stay close to base and close to what they know. We choose to take advantage of what the Air Force has given us and strive to teach our kids you don’t need a TV to be entertained. These experiences or discoveries that we go on will be what our children remember and where some of Zed and I’s best memories reside. If you remember we took a 7,000mi road trip for our honeymoon.

Take the time to go out and see your local area. Our family goal is to see a 4hr radius around every base we’re stationed at, so far we have met that goal (Colorado, Florida, and Mississippi).

Thanks Sam and Zed
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