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A Forward from Coffeelicious

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Happy New Year to all.

What Is Prayer?

Our genuine calling is to live a life of creativity. That life of creativity means ever so diligently dissolving our boundaries of mistaken assumptions and view points. It is only when we approach each situation like we don’t know what’s the way does that vitality or passion that we so religiously seek in our lives flow through our veins. That vitality or passion is the gift of life. Life has very little meaning without it. That vitality rejuvenates us and brings about a quality of tenderness, beauty and love in whatever we do. We all deep down recognize this so well in our heart. That’s why we are filled with tears when when we listen to beautiful piece of music and so on.

This is the essence of a true prayer too. A prayer is not a bargain made with an invisible God but a confession of a truthful heart. A confession about how little we know about our own lives and how we mess it up constantly thinking we do. When this prayer arises with the background of knowing that there is so much going on beneath our conscious understanding to support our lives, we would get so stunned that we wouldn’t be able to utter even a word when we attempt to pray. May be that’s why it is said silence is the highest prayer. We just need to knock and let reality stun us every single second of our lives.

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