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Bazaar Day on the Eastern Shore

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Saturday, October 17, 2015 was a busy day in the village of Allen, Md. Actually the days leading up to today have been busy also as our Methodist church’s congregation got ready for their Fall Bazaar.


This past Thursday I would go up to “The Hall,” that’s what most people call it. George Shivers, our local Historian labeled it “The Allen Community Hall”  in his 1998 book, “Changing Times.” I’m not really sure if it’s owned by the Lions Club or the Methodist Church. It’s used by just about everyone, it’s even available for family events at a reasonable rate. We held one of our daughter’s wedding receptions there 26 years ago. You should have seen the after reception party at our home that evening.

Anyway, my trip to the Hall was to fetch two whole chickens. There were only two left to be cooked, diced, packaged in 4 or 6 cup sizes in Zip Lock bags. Several cases of chicken had already been passed out to other villagers. Although I and many other residents are not Methodists, most events are an all hands on deck event. Would you believe it if I told you Republicans and Democrats were working together along with Catholics and Protestants? Congress should come to the Eastern Shore to learn about all for one causes.

I roasted my chickens, picked them when they cooled and put them in the fridge over night. They would be much easier to dice the next morning when cold the next morning. After dicing on Friday we filled two bags with 6 cups each from our two chickens. The finished product would b the base for the finest Chicken Salad one could want. Last year I didn’t do the chicken, I was dicing celery. I learned the dicing process from an old Allen resident who is no longer with us. Her name was Ruth Keeler and she threw the best dang New Year’s Eve party one could want to attend. Whenever I was dicing, my wife would say, “make Ruth Keeler proud now.” I’m sure Ruth is watching all of us doing dicing.

Mid morning Friday the chickens were diced and I would be off to the hall to deliver the bagged chicken. Pulling up to the hall there were enough cars and trucks to lead one to believe the event already started. Half the village was present getting the food together for the main event on Saturday. Chicken Salad, Vegetable Beef soup, Oyster sandwiches and baked goods of every description would be available for those hungry folks coming by on Saturday. Assorted crafts, various goods old and new graced the tables with items for sale. Lynn Davis was at his table sharpening knives for $1.00 a blade. All proceeds would benefit the Allen Asbury Methodist Church.

In a few short weeks the Village’s next event, the Lions club’s Pit Beef Dinner will be on tap. Eat in or take out, all you can eat Pit Beef, slow roasted under ground all night long. Sides will include Stewed Tomatoes, Turnips, Mac and Cheese, green beans roll and gravy. AND THE DATE IS, Sunday, 8 November 11-4. Tickets are $18.00  If you’re in the area, it’s a great meal. All proceeds go to the Lions. The local boy scout troop will be there selling desert as well.

If you took the time to check the local news in various community newspapers you could find fish dinners are $10 while the chicken dinners are $8. Advanced orders can be made by calling this number or that number. Crab feasts are everywhere on the shore and you’ll always have some church or community group doing the old stand by, Spaghetti. Bazaars, Theme Days, Pumpkin and Apple festivals, they are all there for you to find.

PTA’s, FOP’s, the Rotary, Exchange clubs, and Daughters of the Revolution all sell their wares, food and yard sale goods to earn money for their organizations. I’ll bet if you planned things right you could eat cheap every night of the week. We haven’t even mentioned the Volunteer Fire Companies and their Auxiliary, they always have a fire burning for some kind of fund raising.

Support these community entities, should we need them, they are always there. “But I don’t need this or that” you’ll say, spend a few bucks and donate it to your local homeless shelter or 2nd hand store. They always need gently used items for resale. And we all need to eat. Get out, smell the fall air, round out those tires a bit and see what your neighborhood organizations are offering up.


 Out in Oklahoma City we have Mia Davies pulling her sister Anna in the wagon while on a Pumpkin gathering adventure. Looks like the Headless  Horseman walking behind, appropriate for the season I suppose. I know you planned it that way Sammy.
Our grandson Thomas Palmer got to celebrate his 16’th birthday with family and best friend Phillip who he spent two weeks this summer with in Germany. L to R, Aunt Dee, Uncle Pete and Partrick Palemer. Grandmother, Peggy Palmer, the Birthday Boy, Aunt Dee Wessels, Sister Rachael, Phillip, and Granny Fiddler. Mom Sarah Palmer standing behind Aunt Dee.
Tommy on the Soccer field.
Has his Permit and is behind the wheel. No greater moment when turning 16. Congratulations young man.
The Mrs. and I at our granddaughters apartment. An old 2’nd story walk up, high ceilings, lots of light and convenient to food at her mother’s condo. A college graduate out on her own, congratulations Ray.
So, while we were in New England, Sarah was in Houston, Jeff was in Russia, Rachael and Aunt Kathy did a Taste of Italy at Vinny’s La Roma in Salisbury, MD. My wife’s favorite eatery by the way.
This ends today’s post. Busy is our tiny village, but together it is, well fed also. You now have a sense of the family and who looks like what. We’re proud of them all and happy to share. Peace my friends, have a great rest of the day.

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  1. BunKaryudo says:

    It’s great to have a real sense of community where you live. By all accounts, in places where everyone knows each other, not only is there less crime, but people are happier and feel more connected to their surroundings.

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