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We can be taught, What makes a great teacher? From 365 Days of Writing Prompts.

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The mere fact that I’m here writing something at the ripe old age of 72 is proof positive that we can be taught. My being in an on-line class is another prime example. You would be surprised at the number of folks I come into contact with, say “really,” and just give me a blank stare when I mention Blogging 101 or WordPress


Last year at this time I was in a Journal Writing class at our local Community College. The class got cut short due to an illness and injury to our instructor. The few class’ I did get to attend really rekindled my itchy fingers to grab the pen once again. As I’ve mentioned in an earlier post I had been writing in my journal every day for a year on September 11 of this year. It was that short class that propelled me to continue on.


My journal is an eclectic mix of Diary, Travelogue, Weather Report, Story Teller, Family and Friends Activities, Copious Note Taker, Deep and Expressive Thoughts, and so much more. Now that I’ve jumped on the Blogging 101 ship, my journal serves as a reminder of the constant thoughts to blog which keep popping into my head. Blogging 101 has re-lit the fire. And this Blog, “As The Rooster Crows” is that eclectic mix like my Journal.

I first blogged in 2008 on Blogspot (http:\\thefidd.blogspot.com) Should you ever get idle time with nothing better to do, hop over there and check out a few old posts. Nothing specific mind you, just a lot of this, that and other things. This address will take you back to a few of my first posts if interested. http://thefidd.blogspot.com/2008_02_01_archive.html


I have spent a bit of time here on my Apple, reading, posting to and liking numerous blogs that I follow, and a few I don’t also. I went back in time to October 4, 2014 and found a draft of notes I had written down during that brief course. There were things to read and sites to look at as part of that Journal Writing class. There were also 10 things a writer should adhere to, however, where that came from I do not know. I guess the copious part of my note taking wasn’t that good so early on in the learning process.


All of the links you see below were provided by or inspired by that teacher.A good teacher will provide the tools necessary to accomplish the tasks given to be completed. She did that, and here are some of them. We continue the journey of writing through Blogging 101. Thank you WordPress. Thank you Susan Canfora for throwing wood on those burning embers waiting to ignite more brightly.

Just a little side note to having the tools handy. The elders in our family draw names for Christmas gifts. This past Christmas my granddaughter in Oklahoma, the Air Force Lieutenant you’ve been previously exposed to had me for her Secret Santa gift purchase. I got so many nice tools and a subscription to Writers World, that I shall ever be grateful for her selection. Thanks again Samantha.

books under tree

Now, the site below is great for us fiction writers. I haven’t written any yet, but one day it shall materialize. It’s a Buck ($1.00) a month if you can afford it.   http://writerunboxed.com/

Some  places to go and  things to read: From my copious note taking once again.

Nieman Reports, News Media Ethics, QuillJournal of Mass Media Ethics, Western Folklore, Journal of American FolkloreNew Media and SocietyContemporary LegendJournalismRural Sociology and Journalism and Mass Communication Educator.


Quora has some great tips in the below site. We are all writers and there is something for each of us to learn from this site.  http://www.quora.com/Writing/How-does-one-become-a-better-writer

There were also 10 things a writer should adhere to, however, where that came from I do not know. I guess my note taking wasn’t that good so early on in the learning process.

  • Read often;
  • Write daily;
  • Seek feedback (preferably from more experienced writers);
  • Abandon ego;
  • Proofread everything;
  • Observe the world;
  • Take notes constantly;
  • Emulate your favorite writers;
  • Revise, revise, revise; and
  • Embrace structure.


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  1. meganlewis15 says:

    Saw your post on Blogging101. That journal writing every day for a year sounds super tough. How did you do it? Did you have a specific time every day that you wrote?
    Some feedback for your blog, I think the red font of the blog name and post titles are a little hard to read on the grey background. Other than that, nice setup!

    I am kind of behind on my assignments, but I’d love to hear some feedback on my About page:


    Go Navy!

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