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## 238’th Birthday of the United States Marine Corps
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## 238'th Birthday of the United States Marine Corps

## Where in the world is Jeff Berthiaume?

I heard from Jeff this morning and he was safely out of Iraq and in Aaman, Jordan. Jeff will be heading to London for a few days more of work before he comes home. Below are Jeff's departure and landing sites for those interested in following Jeff's travels.

# Our Week

Mary Agnes has entered the Plank Challenge at her gym, as has Kathryn and Sarah. I’ve been putting some pictures up on Facebook to capture some of the innovative locations of the Planking experience. Below are two, Kathryn at the Zoo and Mary Agnes Celebrating the Marine Corps birthday. Tune in to the Rooster’s next edition to see where Planking goes next.

Today we traveled to EVO for the Bennett H.S. band fundraiser. Food, Craft Beer, auctions and football on all the TVs. Eagles and Ravens won so it doesn’t get much better. 

Our granddaughter Abby has been a band member for the past four years. During Football season she twirls a flag. During the winter and spring she Plays the Clarinet in the concert band. At present Abby ‘s looking at and applying to colleges . She had a great visit to Mississippi State []( Do you think the fact her sister and brother in law are stationed 20 miles away has anything to do with it?

Speaking of Sam and Zed, and Mia of course, things are going well on their front. Zed still in flight school through mid December. Everyone is anxiously awaiting to hear what Type of Plane he will fly for USAF. Sam gets to go away for ten weeks of school in Biloxi, MS in January and babysitting for Mia will be shared by the Fiddler – Berthiaume clan in Maryland and the Davies clan in SE Oregon. This has the makings of some good words in the the Rooster. Send info Stacy and Elaine when it’s your turn.

The little Cow Girl will be nine months old November 16. Be sure to check out the Davies’ blog @ []( There are some great pictures on their site.

## The below is from Readers Digest.

## From Yahoo

## Thus ends this issue.width

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