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Merry Christmas


From the Rooster and his flock, a very Merry Christmas from Maryland’s Eastern Shore. Herself, kids and a grand or two are making cookies on this Sunday a week before Christmas eve. My server, Bloo Surf is pulling one of it’s becoming frequent non functioning days. So, I travel the 3.5 miles to eldest daughter’s home and steal some bits of her band width.

Net neutrality, be damned the poor forgotten rural settlers. Seems my net is in neutral most of the time. I’d settle for a slow 2nd gear now and then on a semi regular basis.

Yesterday afternoon we joined a family that owns a large commercial nursery for a festivity that has gone on for a number of years. The invitees car pool to the nursery and then get to ride in a bus, car or P/U truck to gather festive greenery from the wild to take home for household decorations. The fact that we had a heavy wet nine inches of snow a week ago made the gathering quite easy. So many trees and bushes were relieved of branches that the pickings were easy.

If you need to learn the hows and whys of Holiday greenery check out funflowerfacts.

At one time during our outing we walked the grounds of Green Hill Church, built in 1733. Herself and the Rooster lived in and managed a farm dating to 1733 also. The bricks in the church and the home we lived in came from the same source back in the day.

Herself among the grave markers and the church as it sits today on the banks of the Wicomico River.

Once the gathering was finished we (30+) invitees returned to the home of the nursery owners for some fine Mulled Cider, soup and sandwiches all finished off with home made cookies. Thank you Sylvia and Harrison for your friendship and generosity.

I slept well last night with all the fresh air and good food. Calories be damned, it’s Christmas.

Just a bunch of pictures during July of 2017

Photos below:   Our granddaughter Abby headed back to Mississippi State University for her senior year. Our local Village Bulletin Board had a fair-well posting for her. Don’t trust them Abby.  Silhouettes was a great song from back in the 50’s. My wife and daughter Kathryn make even greater silhouettes as the sun sets on the Wicomico River on Maryland’s Eastern Shore.

No Barber Shop in Allen, MD, just a Post Office to meet the locals each day and have impromptu gossip over the going’s on in the Village. The three men in the photo, the Rooster, Lee  and Bob  have been meeting and solving problems of state for close to thirty years. We keep our opinions to our selves and just enjoy getting together on an infrequent encounter.

A summer sunset at the local yacht club and the sky after a good two inch drenching with lightning and thunder are closed  out by our dog Ben, still so much a puppy at nine months.


Photos below:   Son in law Jeff, Pappy to his granddaughters and two of my four greats, is all smiles during a visit in Oklahoma City. That’s Mia in the center and Ana. Today was Pappy Day Care.

Nephew Tim and girlfriend Lauren are all smiles after fishing in Alaska while visiting Tim’s mom in Soldatna. The bear print was observed while Tim’s mom was out on a walk recently. Why it makes sense to carry when walking in the woods.

So that’s all for this post, like I said, just some pictures. Summer’s been keeping me busy, reading blog posts by a lot of you out there. I’m keeping an eye on the pool at the Yacht Club for a few days for the Pool chairmen who’s out of town. Feeding some Guinea fowl, a goat, two cats and a hound named Duke for their master who’s out of town. With Abby back at MSU I check on her family’s Yellow Lab Libby several times and still manage to get to the gym three days a week so these old bones keep working. Last but not least is our one acre piece of property with the grass growing, gotta get that cut and whacked.

When the day ends I might hoist a Leinenkugel Summer Shandy to close out the day or perhaps one of Stella’s new Cidre. Most nights the Mrs. will join me with a glass of Chardonnay.  Thank you Lord, life is good.

Just one final note: The Philadelphia Eagles Camp is officially open. Let the games begin!