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A Letter from Ben

As many of you know our faithful companion Maggie, a standard Poodle died this past June. After lots of thought we decided to get another dog. Another Poodle would be a member of the household. Herself has a close friend in her Gym class that recently added a couple of Standard Poodles to her household. Murphy and Pepper , short for Peppermint Paddy, recently joined their household. Thanks Jen.

So we contacted Bierley Poodles, they’re of Facebook if you’re interested and found Pepper’s brother. His name is Bejamin Franklin Fiddler, BFF, can you dig it?

After two weeks in our home Ben sent a letter to the former Mid- Husband and wife.


Here’s the letter:

Dear Linda and Ron;

Well, I have been with these people for two weeks now. I’m pretty much used to my crate, which is where I sleep at night and spend time when The Rooster and Herself are out for a few hours. I am accident free in the crate but have taken a few Liberties about the house. Sometimes they just don’t get the signals I put out. Humans, not as smart as they think they are. I weighed 14 lbs. at my vet visit and was told I was A-OK. I go back again on the 10th.

When I’m out in the yard I usually come to my name when called, treats help of course. I really like the Duck treats. The Rooster has a crazy whistle, I always come to that, a treat awaits me. I love chasing and pushing a soccer ball around and fetching a tennis ball. I have fun chasing the 7 chickens that free range about the yard also.

I don’t sleep all night yet, I’ve done six hours at a clip a few times. I love whimpering and waking the humans between 0230 and 0300 and taking them out in the cold night air. I’ll go out and Pee, sometimes Poop and coming back in to return to the crate and my pigs foot with peanut butter.

I have a large cash of toys, when they throw them in the crate I take them out to the living room one at a time, drives The Rooster crazy, I love it. Oh, did I mention Simon, he’s their cat and has been in the house about 5 years with freedom to roam. No more freedom for him, he keeps me exercised as I chase him all over the place. He gets a safety pass when he jumps on to the washing machine where they keep his food. I really got a “Dang blast you” when I skidded after him and spilled my water bowl. I licked up most of it but Lee was not a happy camper.

It’s nice having the cat and chickens, kind of keeps me from missing my brothers and sisters. I visit the Wojciechowski’s house, they have a 6 month old Rat Terrier that gives me a run for my money. That dog has legs like a Giraffe .Kathy, that’s the Fiddler’s oldest daughter has a Yellow Lab, Libby is her name. She is a quiet friend, I sniff her butt, she sniffs mine and then she ignores me the rest of the time I’m there.

Kathy and her husband Jeff have their daughter and her 3 children, all under 4 years old at the house. Samantha, thats their daughter, is expecting a 4th child on January 6. They will be here until mid February, Samantha and her husband Zed are both Captains in the Air Force . Zed is flying E-3 AWACS in the Gulf until march. The 3 great grandchildren keep me running for my life. I in turn. nibble on the food they drop.

All in all I’m happy here and trying my best to settle The Rooster and Herself in. I just heard the Mrs. pour some food into my supper bowl, gotta go, sorry.

Love,  Ben



A pet is such a Joy!


It’s a Boy

A Black Standard Poodle Named:  Ben or BFF,
Benjamin Franklin Fiddler

Born  October 17, 2016 to

Lee & Mary Agnes Fiddler

Arriving home on Dec. 20, 2016


Yes, we have taken a big step towards confinement at our ripe old age. At least for the next six months we shall be kind of restricted as Ben becomes potty trained and the doggie terrible two’s. That’s the gnawing on chair legs, rug ends, socks, shoes and the like. We are just thankful it’s a Poodle and not a Lab. Labs have a tendency of turning chair legs into toothpicks and rugs into spun fiber.

Labs have coexisted within our walls in the past, four of them to be exact. This will be my third poodle. My first was CoCo, back in my high school days, a CoCo brown standard, she was also a great hunting dog. A born bird hunter, she wouldn’t retrieve, but she could run a track and jump any living thing 10-20 yards out front.

She did have two ominous down sides. That coco brown kinky fur of her’s could attract a plethora of burrs. She refused to get wet crossing a stream, I’d cross, drop the shotgun, no, not literally drop it, I’d place it gently on the ground. I would then return to this 50 pound girl, cradle her in my arms and get carry her to the other side. This was not much of an effort early in the morning but after three or four hours in the brush of Burlington County, NJ and heading home, she was a load. There is a good read on hunting Poodles @

Our most recent Poodle resided with us for seven years, she was a rescue dog of one year of age when we adopted her. She was smarter than both of us, a great watch dog, a lover of children and a constant companion. We lost her suddenly in June of this year and are thankful to have a new Poodle to once again be a part of our family. It was a decision made with lots of thought behind it.

Our replacement is not a white standard female this time but a Black Standard male. He does have white socks on his feet, a splotch of white on his face and chest, I’ll refer to it a touch of Maggie. His daddy is 84 pounds and if Ben grows up to be like him, ominous he will be. Ben will have a cousin in CT named Cody that is equally as big and black and with the shaggy clip he gets looks like a Gorilla.

If we can remember how we did it with Maggie, Troop, Marsh, Duke, Saucy and Ping, we just might have something unique as part of our household. We look forward to the challenge and I shall share our progress from time to time. Wish us luck, please wish us luck. Just wait until he meets Casper and the hens.

Ben will come to us from Bireley Poodles, you can check out all his relatives on Facebook @
Have a great Thanksgiving weekend, enjoy those leftovers and be kind to your K9 friends.


Poodles have been on parade here in Wicomico County for quite a few years. Take a gander @