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A Trip to Crisfield

Travels with Harrison on 12/21/2020 

The above bird feeder was a gift from my weekly companion, Harrison.  Harrison was insistent I accept the gift of this bird feeder as it will help me remember him. I assured him, that for a host of reasons, I could never forget him or our weekly adventures. He brings joy to my heart each and every day we are together.

We two have been traveling and dining companions for over a year now. No trip has ever been the same, even if the place traveling to was driven before. Travels were such on this day as we found ourselves heading to Crisfield, MD. On this day, as are most, we headed first on a trash run. As we depart the house through the garage, I notice numerous tied trash bags and paper bags with recyclables sitting at the base of the slalom course that serves as a ramp for Harrison and his walker. I’ve often wondered why it’s not called a wheeler, as it’s something you wheel along in front of you. 

Harrison is forever in amazement with the recently built Round-About which graces the intersections of, Camden, Riverside, Carroll and Mill streets in Salisbury. This section of roadway always leads to conversation about the Netherlands and that countries many roundabouts.  Harrison’s father emigrated to the United State from the Netherlands back around the turn of the century. This time last year we were in the Netherlands as well as a host of other countries in the general area. On one day’s trip from Garmisch, Germany to the Netherlands we hit Austria, Switzerland, Lichtenstein and France. Most of that trip while traveling through the Alps was in a snow storm.

Let me get back to our trip to Crisfield. At five miles outside of the city we notice a combination bike and walking trail all paved and running parallel to Rt. 413. With Harrison being eighty eight years young, and me only ten years behind him we pass on parking at the beginning of this trail and choose to drive into town. With age comes common sense.

Crisfield Still Waiting For Government Help After Sandy – CNS Maryland
CNS MD photo.

We drive around town, check out the waterfront and hit a few neighborhoods. There has been a lot of rain the past few months and many properties not usually waterfront, are now so. There is not a whole lot of high ground on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, especially in Crisfield, The Blue Crab Capitol of the world.

There were few restaurants open on this cold dreary day so we settled on a McDonald’s. With a Cheeseburger being my partners favorite meal of choice, how could we go wrong. Well folks, let me tell you, it was not to be a Cheeseburger, no sir, not on this day. A big old sign said “Back by popular demand, The McRib sandwich.”

If you never had one of these, wear a bib, old clothes, get plenty of napkins, wet paper towels and look for a shower near by. There was enough Sweet Baby Ray’s likened sauce on this baby to float a small boat, or at least a Gator. The two of us made a contest out of who would win the sticky finger, shirt, pants contest. Harrison won this contest and yours truly came in a close second. Thank you Lord for the bountiful backpack with wet naps in it. This is something not to order if eating in your vehicle.

We took a circuitous route back to Salisbury while avoiding main roads. I’m forever requested to turn onto a road after I hear “I wonder where that goes?” It was another adventure that would fill a page in the Journal I keep daily, especially my days with Harrison. I would get my buddy home safe, we would give his beloved Sylvia a recount of our day and especially our McRib adventure.

On this date, our last in the infamous 2020, I have only a few pages left to fill in my Journal. I remain vertical, as does my wife and all those close to me. Mask up my readers, be safe and I’ll see you next year.

Happy New Year

Don’t forget to check on the elderly.

Sam’s Corner / Remembering

 A Day of Remembrance by LT Samantha Davies, USAF


I was in 6th grade. My teachers kept trying to compare what had happened to the Oklahoma City bombing, which I was too young to remember. Classmates kept getting pulled out of class and all I could think of was when is my mom going to leave. When school finally ended that day, I walked out and my mom ran up to me and gave me a big hug. At the time I thought nothing of it. She explained to me what had happened that day and she was waiting to hear when she would be tasked.

I went back to school the next day, unlike a quarter of my classmates. As I was sitting in home room a friend came up to me and said, “I saw your mom run up and hug you yesterday. I just wanted to let you know how lucky you are and how I wish my mom would do that.” It took me a minute to fully comprehend what she had just said and I had no response for her. A few years later, that same girl came up to me in the middle of the school’s 9-11 ceremony and told me that my mom’s display of love and my not caring that she was hugging me at school was her memory of 9-11.

Every year on this day I remember that conversation. I am so appreciative of the family I was raised in and that we have no fear of showing our love for each other. Today we need to lose that fear and hug those we care about a little tighter.

The way we triumph over evil is through love and showing that love. I urge you all to go out and ensure those you care about know they are important to you. I also urge you to make someone you don’t know have a little better day, even if it’s just a smile or “Have a good day”.

The History of 9/11

(Sam’s mother retired as a Major from the United States Air Force. She was the EEO Officer for  512th  Airlift Wing at Dover Air Force Base, DE at the time of her retirement. The retired Major is presently a Doctor of Nursing Practice working in the Health Care industry.)

Thank you both for your service.