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Porch Time


With the family spread all over the place, ME, VT, NH, RI, CT, NJ, PA, DE, MD, VA, NC, FL, TN, MI, OK, OR, WA, AK & I’m sure I’ve missed a few, I am the Town Crier and aged Patriarch at the moment.

It is just so much easier to put out a blog from time to time, let the reader’s take what they want, and disregard the rest. Here I am retired, have so much I want to put into print and feel so often, I have such little time. My goodness it goes fast when you grow old. Don’t wish yourself into retirement. Fenrick Russell once said: “Until you find that work you enjoy, enjoy that work you find.”

I try not to pass up porch time, you see we solve everyone’s problems out there. We never speak them mind you, but boy do we have the answers. Seventy plus years of experience lends one to have the answers. They’re just nuts I’ll say, and herself will smile, nod her head in agreement, and we move on to the next item. On occasion we might take a sip of the Nectar of the Gods. If you see us on the porch, stop by, we share.

All this is accomplished while waving to those passing by. Besides the family cemetery across the street, they usually get rowdy the end of October, we have neighbors walking dogs in baby coaches, bikers, walkers, joggers, every kind of farm equipment known to man kind, golf carts, ATV’s and of course cars and trucks. Thursday evenings we have a train of bikers, on occasion as many as thirty. It grows exponentially the closer it gets to the “Seagull Century.” We have an MSU cowbell next to our chairs that we ring on occasion when the big trains go by. Perhaps we’re the nutty wavers?


“Who was that” she will say. “Bunny” I’ll answer,“ on her way home from the Bd.of Ed. I’ve been doing this for the past 13 years from this venue and every day the same thing. “51st Date” you say?

We missed this morning.  No Gym class tomorrow, we shall be on the porch early. Coffee, check, hand bell, check, Rotator Cuff loosened up check, WAVE!

Thanks for stopping by.

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